Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C24 Wheels - Pair
Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C24 Wheels - PairShimano Dura Ace 9000 C24 Wheels - PairShimano Dura Ace 9000 C24 Wheels - Pair
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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C24 carbon laminate road wheels, designed to meet professional road racing standards. 8, 9, 10 & 11 Speed compatible, sold as front and rear set.
WH-9000 Wheel Features:
  • Responsive acceleration with ultra-light carbon-alloy clincher rims.
  • Average weight 1387 grams a pair, yield incredible acceleration and responsiveness.
  • Wide flange hub with offset rim for maximum rigidity and power transmission.
  • 20 rear and 16 front stainless steel butted and bladed spokes.
  • 2-cross tangent, straight laced spokes optimises torsional rigidity.
  • Proprietary SHIMANO carbon-alloy composite construction.
  • High strength and lightweight titanium free hub body
  • Digital cone-bearing adjustment for smooth rotation performance.
  • Shimano angular contact bearings and oversize A7075 alloy axles.
  • 8, 9, 10 & 11 speed compatible.
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Awesome. Can really feel the instant power transfer and rolling speed up climbs!
Acceleration is very good, light and fast, perfect climbing wheels.
The Shimano Dura Ace wheelset is excellent. I notice very little vibration coming up thru the bike and I am feeling much more confident in my bike handling skills. I am now able to keep up on the climbs with other riders during our group club rides. I believe Merlin has the best price anywhere and it took just 4 days for the wheels to arrive in California. Thanks again.
Crazy light. Singlehandedly the best upgrade I've applied to my bike. I'm a horrible climber, but these wheels have helped up my game tremendously. The rear hub is near silent and the alloy brake track rocks. My only beef is that they arrived fairly out of true, but 30 mins at my LBS and $30 later they were right as rain. I'll recommend these ALL DAY LONG, especially for the price.
Got these from Merlin about 4 days after ordering them, a ridiculously short time across the pond. These were part of an overall 11-speed upgrade to my bike, so I had to wait about 2 weeks for the whole project to be ready. Put the first 40 miles on them this past weekend. They are insanely light. My bike felt a bit skittish for a bit, and it took a while to realize the angular momentum on the front is so much less than my old wheels, that is why it felt more twitchy. By the end of the ride I had adapted and things feel normal, but man, are wheels light. They felt solid on my hilly route and great over the mostly poor pavement. For the price, I can't possibly see how you could beat these wheels unless you are looking for a straight-up aero set. For everything else, you're nuts not to choose these.
Amazingly light weight and strong. I weigh 205 lbs. And the ride is perfect! The smoothness of the feel of the ride is quite amazing for the price A++++
1) The DA 9000 c24 wheels are awesome. They came nice and true and ride very smooth. They are great in the wind and climb well. You can't beat them for the price. 2) This was my first purchase from Merlin and I must say that I am blown away. I ordered them on a Monday and received them three or four days later. They came UPS 2 day from the UK to me in Hawaii with no shipping charges! Merlin is beyond great.
I love these wheels! only a bit over 100 miles on them so far, but they have already exceeded my expectations with regard to stiffness, responsiveness, and weight. For my riding, there has been a noticeable improvement in getting up to speed, climbing and even just coasting. Despite their low weight, they feel solid, and I expect they will serve me well for years to come.
Very light wheelset at Merlin's incredible price! When compared to a set of older Mavic Ksyrium Elite's, this wheelset spun smoother and longer. Aesthetically, I still prefer the Mavic's over the Shimano's. Weight wise: +1 for the C24's. Wheelset alone(no skewers), there were ~439 grams lighter. Only time will tell on the durability.
I ordered these wheels from the comfort of my home in the southern part of the United States one late Thursday evening. They were shipped Friday morning and I received them Monday. Ordered, shipped and received across the Atlantic in 3 days with free shipping. And, the wheels were lower priced than anywhere I had found them locally. The wheels have been a pleasure so far. They are slightly heavier than the American Classic Sprint 350's they replace, but they climb well and the rear hub is quieter than the 350's. I may eventually replace the spokes with CX-rays, but for now, these have been just what I wanted for my transition to 11-speed.
Very good wheels. Smooth out rough roads.
Bought these wheels as an upgrade to the stock aluminum wheels on my entry level cannonade six. Wow, do these make a big difference. I have done several rides in the mountains and one on a hilly route for sprints. These wheels spin up faster, climb easier, and have made a big difference to my times. PRs set for all rides. Merlin shipping to southern CA was great. No unexpected costs. Will buy from them again. Very happy with the purchase.
Merlin Cycles, best price after looking for a while. Free and fast shipping to US. Product in great shape, as expected. The wheels are as other reviewers say. Very light, very quiet hub, smooth, easy rollers. Looks are simple, not flashy, which I like. Definitely worth the price for upgrade.
Replaced by Easton ea90 with the C24. I love these wheels as they are a true all-round set, without breaking the bank. Strong, no noticeable flex and smooth as silk.
Upgraded from Fulcrum Racing 3's to these. Overall, very light and makes the bike turn faster and spins up to speed a bit quicker. Not sure if it's the carbon fiber material but compared to the Fulcrums, they seem more compliant and dampen the ride. No brake rub when I stand up to sprint and I'm 200lb's, so they seem laterally stiff as I need it to be. Only concern was a pinch flat I got that took the tire off the clincher. Hasn't happened again though.
Incredible wheels! Nothing but praising. I feel like I'm riding an entire new bike: light, smooth, comfortable but still rigid. Definite difference with uphill and downhill. I highly recommend these wheels
This is my second set of C24's Had the 7850 previously which I loved. When I went to 11 speed I decided to try something else. But I kept thinking about the c24's and wasn't entirely pleased with the other wheel set so I purchased the C24 9000's. Very happy with the wheel set. They are very responsive when accelerating. When paired with 25 mm Continental GP 4000s the ride is very smooth. Also great in cross winds. I have a set of hand builds for the bad weather but I have found myself grabbing these wheels for every ride. Also, the service from Merlin was prompt and wheels arrived in good shape and true out of the box.
Upgrading from the 'Bontrager approved' wheels on the Domane 4.3. Everyone knows the money is in the frame on this bike, and the first worthy upgrade is the wheels. What I hadn't banked on was losing just over 1kg of weight but even better than that the numbness I usually get in my hands has completely gone. Whether this can be put down to just the rims, or also probably a bit the Conti GP4000s I also fit at the same time (and highly recommend) either way it makes for a massive improvement. I set a little pace lap on a local 20 mile route, and despite being laid up with a cold for 10 days I beat almost every single Strava PB. Science? No. But definitely one of the best single upgrades I have ever made. And a great price and service from Merlin.
Don't know where to begin....the wheels are incredible, acceleration is superb and the difference in effort to sustain speed is amazing. I gained approximately 1.25 mph on my normal 18 mile ride. I bought another set for my wife because she was jealous. Well worth the fantastic price from Merlin Cycles. Shipping was blazing fast, ordered on a Monday afternoon and showed up in northern New England on Thursday. Wow!
The best combination of price, weight and performance out there. Outstanding quality.
I also have a set of 2014 Mavic Ksyrium Elite (Mavic since upgraded the design in 2015) so was interested to see how Dura Ace compare. After a few hard and fast rides I find them very similar - no faster, no slower. The wheetset weigh 85gms less than the Mavics - too little too notice. There is slight difference in feel that I noticed when going over bumps - The Dura Ace wheelset feel 'springy' in comparison to Mavics, which feel more solid in comparison (I prefer the more solid feel). Nice quiet hubs. They look a bit plain and cost more that the Mavic Elites. In conclusion I have to say I prefer the feel and look of Mavic Elites but the Dura Ace are nevertheless ok. I was VERY impressed with Merlin bikes speed of delivery.
Upgrading from stock wheels with 25mm tyres to a C24 with 23mm clinchers. It is my first wheel upgrade since I got my first roadie a year ago. While I am still testing / validating my thoughts about the wheels, my initial thoughts are the the wheels provide a very good feel of the road and quicker start. Although I have 23mm tyres, I do not feel any discomfort in my rides. I am very happy with my purchase thus far!!
Great price and speedy delivery. Items were shipped within 24 hrs of placing the order and recieved in the U.S. in five business days. The DA-C24's are a huge upgrade from my previous Shimano RS-10 wheelset. They are everything the reviews rave about; smooth, straight, spin up quickly and great braking performance. Could not be happier with Merlin or Shimano.
Great set of wheels. There is a noticeable difference with these versus the stock Bontrager wheels I was using. Ride is quick, responsive and quiet. If you're thinking of getting these wheels I highly recommend doing so.
Have really enjoyed these. Took a few hundred miles to break them in but I notice now that they spin up a lot faster than my old RS80s. Close but not perfectly true when they arrived - I waited until they were broken in to have that done. Excellent wheels now and they are 11-speed ready. Loved the Merlin price.
Wow. Just wow. I shod these with Schwalbe Ones in 28mm (Merlin also sells for the best price on the web) and replaced my winter wheels (Ultegra 6600) for the ride in to work this morning. This must be what skiing on butter feels like. Just wow.
Usual Dura Ace quality, a bit smoother and quieter than the C50's they replaced but otherwise really cannot tell the difference.
I like these wheels so much, this is my second pair. That's about the highest rating I can give them and at nearly half the price I can by them locally. Also had occasion to contact customer service re this order; they went far beyond expectations.
There are couple reasons to support my decision for this purchase. Living in a hilly area in northern New England, Light weight wheels is important. From everything I've read, I did not want carbon brake surface area. Price is a factor, and these wheels, I believe, are the best value for wheels at this weight. I have only had a chance for one short ride, and was amazed at the difference. These wheels are an upgrade from Shimano 6700 wheels, and while the difference is not earth shattering, it is significant. Merlin has earned a top spot for my bicycle components purchase for two reasons. First price, and second customer service. Due to customs, it took a while to get the wheels. Once I got them, I had a couple of questions. I submitted the questions and got a very fast response that was helpful.
As a Christmas present to myself, I purchased a dream bike without wheels - a Specialized Tarmac SL4 S-Works with a Sram Red Groupset. I needed wheels that were commensurate both in quality and lightness. I debated getting carbon wheels, but read about the dangers of overheating while braking down long downhills (I often do 3500 ft climbs and descents). The Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C24 caught my eye - the published weight was sub 1400 gms (similar to the Easton EA90 SLX which are on my older bike). My Eastons suffered from what I had read online - I have broken 4 spokes in a year and a half, so I wasn't getting another set of Eastons. Merlin Cycles had the Shimano wheelset at a great price, so I ordered them. No regrets at all. The sub1400 weight was confirmed by my digital scale. They are firm with no detectable flex. The ride is quiet. The workmanship is jewel-like on the hubs and rims. They aren't deep at 24 mms so they're not as flashy as carbon rims, but it's a subtle look that I have come to appreciate. In sum: About as light a non-carbon rim as you will find. Well made as you would expect from Shimano. That low profile will keep crosswinds from blowing you over.
Been riding Ksyrium Elite for 5 years and never rode anything else, the difference between these and the Ksyriums are huge. They are so much smoother than the Ksyrium Elites, not sure if I ride faster now but definitely more comfortable.
Incredible wheels. My 2nd pair. This pair was 1410 grams (with rim strips, no skewers) on my scale. Last pair was previous gen (10s) c24s--they are still true as an arrow after 3 hard seasons (of dry riding--the brake track goes first in the wet), and have never touched a spoke wrench. Gorgeous, unbeatable value too.
These are great wheels. I bought them to replace my 9 year old Mavic Ksyrium SL's, which were superb, but the C24's are brilliant. Lighter, stiffer and they roll like mercury on glass! Beautiful wheels!
Am in the US - received these wheels in 5 business days. Wheels were true out of the box. A definite upgrade from my stock wheels. Have done a couple of long rides on them and the hubs are silky smooth. Am happy not to have deep rims in cross winds. Also happy I don't need to use special brake pads. These wheels seem to be a great value. I was worried I wouldn't be able to tell a difference and it's not like you get to try them before you buy them, but am very happy with the purchase.
Very competent performers, bought these to take to the Alps istead of my Zipps. Wanted something that might brake well in the wet and climb like a climbing thing. Did both very competently and certainly gave me confidence descending off cols at mach stupid!! Good price and highly recommended
Awesome wheels. Great climbing, and acceleration quick. Love it.
This wheelset is fantastic, don`t think twice just buy and you won`t be disappointed. They spin up to speed or accelerate really fast and are really efficient at transferring power to the road. Great wheelset for climbing and quite lightweight. Really reliable hubs and well sealed bearings. Merlin is by far best on price and dispatch time.
I am very happy with the Dura Ace C24s. I put together a new bike very to similar to my 6 year old bike - Roubaix frame, Dura Ace group set, but went with these wheels in place of the DT Swiss wheels on the earlier bike. The wheels are significantly better. I did not know wheels could make such a difference. My bike feels 10 or 15% faster due to these wheels.
Highly underrated....these wheels are an amazing value that maybe aren't the best at any one discipline but do everything very very well... standard clinchers for me thanks, no tubeless!
Fantastic upgrade from my 3 year old Mavic Aksiums. They feel solid, responsive and nothing short of fantastic over the first ride which was 85 miles. A must for the sportive riders out there.
Fast delivery from Merlin as usual, Came from using Fulcrum Racing 3 , was looking for a lighter wheelset which the C24's are. Only major difference between the fulcrums and the C24's are on rough pavement the c24's are way smoother and they spin up quicker. Happy with my purchase and price paid..
Upgraded from Giant P-sl1's that came with my Defy Composite 1 bike. These wheels are great especially on hills. I feel they make a 2 gear difference on most hills and feel more lively in general. Overall comfort is about the same. Quality is good as you would expect at this price. A pleasing purchase.
Oh my God. Like most posters have commented, my average speeds have increased. Prior to this wheelset I was averaging 20mph on flats; my last flat ride was 22-24mph with an easy cadence. Climbs are a breeze too, as are sprints. The wheels are beautiful, and probably the best investment I've made other than my bike. If you're on the fence about getting them, GET THEM. I'm a 88kg rider and have OK power, these wheels have zero flex and 100% go. Confidence inspiring and stiff. For US customers: have absolutely no fear when ordering from Merlin. My order arrived 7 days after it was placed. Customer service answered my questions quickly and effectively. I was charged no duty or import fees for the wheels. Nothing but good things to say about this product and Merlin.
Upgraded from RS80s to this pair of C24s and have been really impressed with how much difference they've made on my Trek Madone. I rode them recently on John O'Groats to Lands End and they coped with everything thrown at them. They roll superbly and you really notice when climbing. With the price and service on offer from Merlin I would recommend.
I love these wheels. They are light and each pedal stroke is easily transmitted. It's noticeable.
Really nice set of wheels. They are light and fast. I've done some of my best averages with this set. My typical rides are usually only 1000 feet of climbing or less, but I definitely feel faster and lighter going uphill.
A big upgrade from the wheels (Fulcrum 5s) that came with my bike. These wheels are lighter and much stiffer than the Fulcrums. I was initially worried about this wheelset as I am 100kgs but so far they have been bomb proof. Wheels are still perfectly true and big mountain climbs are definitely more enjoyable. Merlin was by far the cheapest and shipping took a week and a half to the US.
These have been a significant upgrade for my bike. The wheels are super light and they roll beautifully, and they are very comfortable out on long rides. They are not cheap, but you are getting top quality wheels which won't need replacing for many many years. That's how I justified it to myself anyway...
I was looking for a wheelset for my Caad10 for about 3 months. I was looking into getting Zipp303 FIrecrest or Reynolds DV46. But I told myself why would I need deep dish rims if there are only hills where I live. So, I talked to some cyclist out here and they said that they used these rims for cyclocross and that they should withstand my weight on the road. Well, I live in Southern California and the rims only took 5-6 working days to actually get to my house, blazing fast shipping. Also, the wheelset dropped another 1.5lbs off my bike, so my Cannondale Caad10 Dura Ace now weights 17lbs flat. I am 180 lbs and these wheels have made me a lot faster then i thought and the decend like animals. I am extremely happy with this purchase!!
I used to ride with mavic elite wheels but wanted an upgrade on my bike. A friend recomended me to buy these. Found them here on merlin way much cheaper then in sweden or in germany depending on the pound. These are much lighter, lot of bling and they take me up the hills much easier and on the sprints they are much faster. Worth every penny!
These wheels are really smooth, roll great and are great addition to my scott foil bike, and you notice better acceleration when you want to go for it, also I found its easy to put tyres on these rims, as you know some are tough buggers to put on.
They look good, roll good, feel good and were a nice addition to my set up.
Excellent wheels. Shimano has really raised the bar again with the 9000 series for bang for buck quality and performance. On my scales these weigh 1420 grams including rim strips, and the QRs add another 128 grams. Were very true straight out of the box. Nice glossy finish to the carbon. So far seem very stiff and responsive. Braking surface is very grippy with 9000 brake shoes, at least compared to the Mavics I was running before these. Very pleased with this purchase...I just wish the redesigned QRs, which loook great, had titanium rods to shave another 30grams off the total weight. :o)
Excellent wheels. They replace D/A wheels of circa 2006 vintage and the difference was immediately apparent. They are so much faster - and the faster I went, the bigger the improvement! I am not a light rider (92kg) but they seem to cope easily with my weight so far (no worrying creaks over the 1st 3oo kms - and are still perfectly true). Braking surface also seems to be a big step up from the old wheels....
You only get what you pay for and these wheels are the best. Have bought them before and would not use any other product on my best bike. I must say that merlin cycles are just as good as the wheels, quick, responsive and value for money. Thank you
Stiff and fast even for 90kg.
Excellent wheels. Well balanced, great hubs and very light. Delivery next day and well packaged. Thanks
Wheels arrived in perfect condition. Less than two weeks from NL to Texas with free shipping and no additional charge. I'm totally satisfied with Merlins service and these wheels make my Wilier sing. The ride is incredible.
Upgraded from Bontrager Race Lite and very happy with the decision based on first three rides. Lightweight, comfortable and quiet ride. Clearly excellent engineering and materials. Debated between the DA and the Fulcrum 0s. Can't say whether these are better than the Fulcrums, but I have no regrets in choosing these.
Just fitted & ridden my new C24 wheel set, very light and smooth as silk, all my previous research and recommendations have been confirmed. Merlin Cycles had the best online price by far and delivery to Australia was hassle free.
Very happy with these wheels
Great deal on a great set of wheels!