Shimano MTB Wheel Sale With Free Rotors
Shimano MTB Wheel Sale With Free Rotors
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Selection of Shimano 650b (27.5") and 29" wheels with free rotors or 6 bolt adaptors - Now Only Left with XT Wheels at this price..

Shimano Factory Mountain Bike Wheels

Choice of MT15 29" Q/R Front and Rear , MT55 29" Q/R Front and Rear, MT66 29" Q/R Front and Rear and XT M785 27.5" (650B) 15mm Front / Q/R Rear

All wheels are centre lock disc fitting

Choice of 6 bolt adaptors to allow the fitment of any 6 bolt disc or choice of 160mm or 180mm Shimano RT64 rotors

Q/R Skewers included where required

Rim Tapes included.

All 29" wheels are Q/R front and rear

XT Wheels are 15mm front / Q/R rear

Image shows XT wheels, others will differ

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Good mid range wheels, bombproof, tubeless ready but a bit on the heavy side for racing. Suits narrower XC tyres well (~2") given fairly narrow rim.
I fitted the XT M785 27.5" wheels to my hardtail (Schwalbe and Maxxis tubeless tyres both sealed perfectly on them) and gave them a couple of hours hard use in the local woods - plenty of rocky rooty stuff and lots of loose sticks on the trail thanks to high winds over the few days before I went there. Thankfully the lower spoke count didn't make the wheels noticeably more prone to picking up sticks as I rode over them. They still snagged a few though. After the first hour on them the front wheel was dead straight, but the back was about a mm out of true. I'd put this down to the debris rather than poor build though. The previous wheels I was using were 26" (I use a Pipedream Sirius with a X-Fusion Velvet fork which are compatible with both wheel standards) and heavier than these, so they feel better than the previous ones to spin up and in rolling. This is not a lightweight wheelset though, nor is it a very wide rim, so Shimano's aim with these is to make a set of wheels that will run reliably for years of XC and trail use, not really for DH style riding. I'm not a light rider, but I still expect a bare minimum of 2-3 years of trouble free use (2-7 times a week) from these. One thing to watch is that both wheels had loose swarf in the rim from when the valve hole was drilled. I shook it to the valve hole and took it out with a tweezers to keep the wheels rattle free. The rim also has small holes every so often in the sidewall, probably to vent gas from the brazing process used to attach the plates holding the spoke nipples in, which will collect mud and water over time - cover them with tape if you'er worried about this. The wheels came with 2 spoke keys as the nipples on these wheels are 6 sided and not compatible with normal spoke keys. The other end of the spoke key has a slot for holding flattened spokes to stop them twisting (Presumably for other Shimano wheelsets, this wheel has round spokes). The spokes are straight pull and can be replaced but the nipples are brazed into the rim and are not replaceable. They are more substantial than standard nipples, so hopefully it won't be an issue. The brake rotors were slightly contaminated out of the box - water beaded and ran off them rather than wetting into them, so I gave them a quick scrub with sandpaper and washing up liquid before fitting. Superstar organic pads with Shimano Zee brakes bite beautifully on them, even while wet (They perform better than the more expensive Superstar Kevlar ones I was using on the previous wheels).
Fantastic value wheel-set with free rotors. This is the first time I've used splined rotors; they're brilliant. I love the magnet that holds the rotor in place as you tighten it home. Shimano are not my favourite manufacturer for nothing; solid engineering & quality as always. Not the lightest wheel-set ever but for this price who can complain, not me.
A great quality product from Shimano that is fantastic value with the disc rotors "thrown In". Tubeless ready tyres easily fitted with a good seal.
For the money with the free rotors, these are a steal. Not a bad weight for the price and they look great plus you get Shimano reliability.