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Shimano SLX M675 Disc brakes,Complete front & rear set. Ready bled, ready to fit.
  • The new Shimano SLX Disc brake, consisting of brake caliper, right brake lever and hose.
  • The hydraulic disc brake (BL/BR-M675) provides huge progress in braking, control and heat management.
  • The new compact caliper with oversized one-way bleeding 22mm ceramic pistons is combined with a lightweight lever.
  • The lever is lighter than the current version, yet provides more brake power!
  • Brake lever with Servo Wave technology, adjustable reach and great ergonomics. Servo Wave for quicker engagement and up to 20% more stopping power. The brake levers are I-spec certified, this means I-spec shifting levers mount directly to the brake lever clip.
  • Brake cylinder with opposed ceramic-pistons: High brake performance in a lightweight construction.
  • Supplied finned pads
  • Front & Rear Set, excludes rotors and any additional brackets
  • Please note - Hoses may need swapping from left to right on levers 
SLX brakes are pretty awesome, these come with heaps of cable. Only took me a few minutes to shorten the cables and swap the levers over, all without bleeding the brake. Comes with olive and barb for shortening the cable.
Rugged, durable and worry free brakes that are easy to service. When it comes to hydros, it's Shimano SLX every time.
Received these brakes this week and have today finalised installation, (on a Corratec Dual Suspension MTB) fairly easy job included shortening hoses, swapping levers and bleeding. Excellent brakes as good as XT and a little better than the M 615 I have on my Giant Anthem. Very quick delivery again from Merlin at a great price point.
Great product. Huge upgrade compared to what I had before. An awesome upgrade for the cost! Highly recommend them!
Brilliant value and as usual for Shimano they perform well .. they have in fact taken over from a set of 4 pot brakes from another top company and work better. These are the previous model but many people tell me little has changed as far as performance goes, if you can still find these ... get them!
Excellent brake for all round use that offers plenty of stopping power and drag free running. Highly recommended for reliability by a friend who is a team bike mechanic.
This is my second set of SLX M675 2 different bikes. I really like their performance, great controlled stopping power. Excellent service and delivered half around the world in 9 days. Good one Merlin!
I have bought two sets of these brakes, that says something, I replaced the brakes on on Cannondales and couldn't be happier, all the best bits of the XT brakes with the fluff, very highly recommended.
I switched from the older version of SLX brakes with the larger, two-finger brake levers. These are a significant improvement. Tons of braking power. Installation is easy after watching a few videos on youtube. Make sure to buy the bleed kit as well.
Excellent braking performance, quite progressive,
Major upgrade from what I had (cable operated) ..these units really stop! Easy to fit with a minimum of fuss ...
Bought a pair of these based on reviews on other sites, these are the best brakes at this price point, using trickle down technology from the xt and xtr brake designs. The bonus with this purchase from merlin was the brake kit came with pads with heat sinks - contrary to the description at sale. Easy to mount, pre bled and look fantastic on the bike. Great modulation, reach adjustment and great build quality.
Perhaps less modulation than with the Avid Guide brakes, but really good for the price.
Quick delivery as usual from Merlin, hoses came up very long for my hardtail, but extra barbs and olives provided to make shortening them easy, no need to re-bleed if you're careful. Overall they just work.
Yet another set of brakes that defy their price. Light, powerful and very easy to fit. SLX worth the extra for the simple to use span adjuster. Brilliant value and excellent performance.
First set of hydraulic brakes I've had, so I cannot compare with others, but these look so cool and stop - I mean STOP!!! Paired them A2Z Teppan Yaki SP5 rotors from Merlin and they not only match the colour of my bike, but make my 12 year old Stumpjumper look bang up to date. Very quick service from Merlin as always, and set up was a doddle after thorough online research. You will have air trapped in the master cylinder after cutting the hose no matter how careful you are, I had a Shimano bleed 'cup' with plunger and spare oil to finish the job - you just attach it with a bit of oil poured in and pump the lever a few times, giving the hose a few taps at the same time - job done. Oh- what a price! How do they do it? Must be giving them away!
Highly recommended! These have a nice firm lever feel with loads of controllable power. Buy these and spend the money you saved by not buying the remarkably similar XT versions, on the XT disc's to go with these brakes, you won't be disappointed! Each brake came with a spare olive and hose end barb, should you need to shorten their hoses.
Awesome brakes upgraded my other bike too :-)
Best brake I have ever had for the money. Actually prefer them over the M785 XT's as far as modulation. They have a much better feel than the instant on of the XT's. Great stopping power for the resin pads too. I am a die hard metal pad fan but these surprised me. I am using a 203F 180R combo so that makes a difference. But still very good power even in the classic Pacific Northwest weather.
The SLX is the way to go in my opinion. Performance wise its on point with the XT but at a better price point. Easy to intsall and bleed.
Excellent product, I had XT Brakes before and they constantly squealed, just changed over and the Modulation and braking is top drawer.
Incredible stopping power and incredibly easy installation. Fit onto my avid adapters and rotors. Only issue was I did not realize EU does moto style levers, meaning the front brake is on the right side and rear on the left. Not a big deal to swap the levers though. Great brakes, great value!
Functional, a million times better than sram, quiet, powerful, performance of brakes worth three times the money. Awesome. Great price from these guys too.
These brakes are exactly as advertised, solid, effective and a great value. Huge upgrade form my old Hayes-Nines. I would recommend these to anyone wanting top-self performance at an affordable price.
I was reading Bike Radar's review of disc brakes when I ran across these, mentioning that Merlin had them on sale at the time, so I checked them out. Not only was the price amazing, but Merlin's shipping was extremely fast and FREE even to the states! Thanks for that. I have the SLX brakes on my Niner Ros 9. LOVE THEM! The SLX includes tool free reach adjustment that has been super simple to figure out and set up. The stopping power is phenomenal. I'm running these with 180mm rotors and set up was easy. I'm not a huge weight savings guy (I'm riding a steel frame!) and I don't know (or care) about the weight specs between these and the XT brakes, but for the price and the value, I don't think you can beat these. Thanks Merlin for hooking me up!
Spectacular performance! I had Tektro m330's, on my 2013 Rockhopper, that I was happy with until recently. They just didn't work as well as they used to. I bled them. Put in new pads. Thoroughly cleaned them. I finally decided to buy these Shimano's. After "bedding in" one brake applied stops me better than both the Tektro's. Both applied are phenomenal.
Replacing my old SLX brakes that got nicked; these do esxactly what they say on the tin. Run a 203 rotor at the front and a 180 rotor at the back and the braking is smooth and extremely responsive. If I were to change one thing it would be the bleed method and the cable length.
I am absolutely amazed at these brakes. I fitted them the day before a 100km race, the clamps can be fitted without removing your grips. I had absolutely no shudder or fade which are problems I was experiencing with my previous non Shimano brakes. The hoses can be shortened without bleeding which I did myself. What more can you want?
I bought these brakes to replace my 8 year old Tektro brakes that had completely died. The Shimano's are fantastic, simple to fit and light weight. The hydraulic lines will need to be shorted but this is a simple process, and mine did not need bleeding again. For the money you can`t go wrong, I'm confident they will last me for many years :-)
Bought these to upgrade from some Elixir 3 brakes that came with the bike. I was able to replace them very easily onto the existing mounts and rotors, but without the additional positioning washers that come with the Elixir brakes (in between the mount and calliper). Took about an hour. These are far superior brakes at a great price from Merlin. I'd recommend the upgrade any day.
Superb modulation, easy to bleed and a cracking price. Whats not to love.
Brilliant service as usual, brakes really are amazing. Front brake needed bleeding out of the box but didn't worry me as needed to shorten it anyway, and bleeding was so easy! Excellent upgrade, well happy
Great price & service from merlin. Arrived quickly, easy to setup & great braking from the start. Easy to shorten the hoses to length without bleeding & came with all the parts you need to do this. (I have no experience & managed it!) You won't regret buying these to upgrade your cheap stock brakes.
I have both XT and SLX. I can't tell the difference in term of braking power. Easy braking with 1 finger.
Shipping to Northeastern USA only took a week. The brake speaks for itself, amazing, read the reviews for SLX. Effortless power and tons of it. Beats all of the brakes I have owned including Formula RX, Avid DB3, Avid Elixir, Hayes Stroker, etc.
I've had these brakes on a number of bikes and they have always performed faultless apart from needing the odd bleed. Can't see the reason to go for XT when these are as good as they are. Only negative for some might be the short length of the levers, but this is personal preference.
Excellent high powered braking system even without the Ice-tech rotors, simplified bleeding setup and brake pad changing with the split pin access, all in all a great buy once again from Merlin
Bought these to replace my ever faltering Avid Elixir 5 brakes. I had the SLX on my old bike and loved them, so bought these. Wow what a transformation! Great firm feel with super strong stopping power and for the price it was rude not too buy a set! Easy to cut down the hose to your size with the supplied fittings. And easy to bleed. I certainly recommend these.
This was my first experience with SLX brakes and they have been great. Excellent stopping power and just as easy to service as all other Shimano brakes!
I use SLX gear on the majority of my bike builds. It has all the technology and engineering quality of the XT and XTR range and is good and solid. For me Merlin continue to be the most competitively priced supplier and coupled with a great sales service make it a bit of a no brainer.
Great brakes, much better modulation and stopping power than my old Avid Elixir 5's. The only snag is the cables are too long and will have to be shortened when I get a chance
When I needed a new brake set to replace my old Magura MT4's that were coming to the end of their life, I went for the Shimano SLX's after reading countless reviews and friends accounts of how good they were. The brakes are top drawer, very impressed With the feel and the look of the brakes and at a very good price. Cannot recommend These brakes enough.
Amazing price. These brakes will astound you. Better than my Avid Trail 7's and 1/3 the price
Got these on recs from XC racers - and they were right! Outstanding value and performance so why pay a premium price for other more blingy brakesets?
Excellent brakes, regardless of low price. Good power and modulation.
Great stopping power in all conditions even after prolonged use. Great brakes compared to the avid Elixirs I had before.
I have been mountain biking for over a decade. On a previous bike I had XT which I remembered being just spot on. The set of SLX for my Cove Hustler was to replace some that I picked up for around the same price of these but just didnt inspire confidence on the rough descents of the Peaks & N.Yorkshire. They come with really long hoses,so as most other reviewers I had them cut down and bled them anyway which by the way is easier than most other makes I have tried. After a brief bedding in period these SLX brakes just came on song with a very positive firm feel, plenty of power and modulation. As good if not better than XT was on a previous bike a couple of years ago. They look great too. All for an unbelievably good price. Very Happy. :-)
I bought these to replace a set of Tektro Dracos. the Dracos were good hydro brakes, but, after installing my new shimano SLX brakes, it's like night and day. Excellent stopping power and great modulation for a great price too.
As a mid-range brake set, these get 5 stars. The worksmanship is very nice on the levers and calipers. The set included items for service like the hose clamp blocks, bleeder block, and a replacement olive/barb to re-size the hoses to suit. The included resin pads are quiet, yet still apply generous yet linear stopping power.
These brakes seriously out-perform all competition in the same price range, and many higher priced models. I think these are the best brakes on the market considering price and value.
Good value, good performance, can't fault them
Absolutely awesome stopping power, much superior to my old set up.
Easy to fit, good power, fab finish, only niggle is the length of the hoses! seriously shimano only a firefighter would be happy with those!
These are excellent and very bitey for my xc needs. I've had to bleed them to reduce the amount I was pulling the lever, but since they are Shimano brakes that's very easy to do and meant I could cut the hoses at the same time. Brilliant brakes for the price.
Excellent brakes, much better than my Juicy setup
Great product, looks good, performs well. Good consistent braking with a nice feel.
Quality shimano , great stopping power, easy enough to fit, shame shimano supply with excess hose length, so a little technical know how required to cut down the hose length, but found easy shimano guides online and olive and nipple supplied in box. Great price Merlin, keep up the good work
Great set of brakes, replaced a much more upmarket set of avid elixir cr, don't know what Avid do with the extra cash as the shimano are just as good.
I had a lame set of Hayes Strokers on my x-country/race-ready 29er, because, I figured, brakes won't make that much of a difference in the kind of riding I do. Wrong. These Shimano SLX are significantly better, and feel every bit as powerful as my XT's on my other bike. Truly a great design. Merlin has some of the best prices around. Period. Solid, fast shipping. Great product. Solid retailer.
Very happy, super quick delivery. Brakes are awesome, very powerful and dead easy to bleed at home, I would go so far as to say the easiest I've ever done.
Best brakes for the money! Great feel and same as the XT with minor differences.
These brakes are fantastic value for money, easy to fit, one finger operation, pads are easily removed too. Four of my mates are riding them now after trying mine out :)
Excellent brake set. Very easy to install, stacks of power and adjustability. I would recommend them to anyone
Really good product. Bought it to brake with 180mm discs on my 29er. Gives enough stopping power on xc racing. The only issue was that the brakes were on different sides that I'm used to. I use front brake on left side. So it might be that you have to change lever side.
These brakes are the best value on the market and, in my opinion, the best brakes on the market at this price point. The uupgrade to XT is not worth the money since the only major differences are chrome master cylinders and a few grams. The best price around combined with free shipping and no tax for US customers, means I couldn't be happier. Installation can be very quick when not taking one's time and shortening the hoses with the instructions at the bottom didn't necessitate a bleed, even for a first timer.
Fantastic, powerful brakes without the issues I've had with many other brands. Took a while to bed in but just make sure you don't ride to the top of a big hill forgetting to bed them in and then launch down it. Oops. Postage was quicker than the competition and the transaction was hassle-free.
If you are looking for a powerful, maintenance free braking system then these are it. The feel at the lever is always the same, plus they're the best bargain in brakes you can get. I run them on every bike.
Excellent brakes at a very reasonable price; bags of power, lovely, smooth modulation and supremely easy to bleed. At least 90% as good as XTs for considerably less outlay.
Absolutely great brakes. Just come back from the 9 days in the alps and they did not miss a beat. Cannot fault them
The usual story goes: "came from Avids. These are much better." No different in my case. I'm sorry it took me so long to switch. I am a US customer. was concerned the hoses would come moto-style. they didn't. The brakes arrived ready for installation using whacky US-style brake hose routing: left-front, right-rear. I did have to shorten the hoses quite a bit. Easily done without a bleed kit using this guide:
Promised myself I would get these next time my Avids failed. Not disappointed - great brakes to use, and time will tell on reliability but I doubt they will be worse that the Elixirs they replaced. Proper bargain price too.
I have used my old faithfull Hope minis for 11 years now with no complaints on my Soul but a change of wheels meant a change of caliper but these were a cheaper option, once bedded in with smaller disc's they are just a better brake more powerful with loads of feed back. Bottom line worth every penny I will be getting another set for my single speed. Enough said
High quality good looking brakes, really light compared to cable set up. Easy to fit and easy to shorten hoses.. Fast delivery too
These brakes were to replace Avid Elixir 5's on a Specialized Demo 8. They are more powerful and modulate much better than the Avid's. No more spongy braking!!
Excellent upgrade to my Avid Elixir brakes. Superb stoppers, great reach adjustment. Only downside is I had to trim both cables (& then bleed them) - the bleed process is so easy though and way easier than Avids. Make sure you take the pads out & the wheel so you don't contaminate anything when bleeding - Overall the best brakes I've used
Great upgrade from my Avid Elixir 1's. Simpler to look after and more powerful. The cables can be shortened without bleeding however there are no instructions included so you will need to do some googling. Simple process which took around an hour from removal of the old brakes to fitting of the new. I re-used my 160mm rotors and everything is fine. I ordered these from Merlin at 1pm Friday lunch time and they arrived Saturday morning and there was no cost to delivery. Amazing!
Excellent replacement for my Avid Juicy 7's, more reliable. Light weight, positive action.
What an amazing product . So much power and when they came it was a case of just fit and forget . So if your looking for a brake at a great price "Get these in your life"
Easy to fit, look good, perform great and feel fantastic in use. Awesome value for the money.
Brakes hard to bleed? constantly rubbing? wobbly levers? Like me, you are probably fed up with your Avid Elixirs. These Shimano SLX brakes are in a different class altogether - well-engineered, easy to set up, easy to bleed and all the stopping power you need. Not forgetting - fantastic price and very quick delivery from Merlin.
I have never used or had disc brakes before and these are a breath of fresh air. Easy to setup and great to use. Great stopping power!
Bought these to replace the old SLX brakes which developed a leaky caliper. Read a few reviews and these seemed to rate highly at this price point, have to say first impressions are that they are powerful enough and perform well after the first few rides. Fitting was easy, even trimming the hoses was easy and didn't require a full system bleed, which was nice! Delivery from Merlin, as always. faultless. Highly recommended!
Great quality item, well packed and quickly delivered. These were really easy to fit and offer considerably more bite than my old calipers and pads. The lever is a great shape and nice to use.
Very pleased with these brakes, they've have great stopping power.
Lacks some of the nice finishing touches of the XT/XTR brakes (they have a split pin to hold the pads rather than an allen bolt/circlip), but work identically - brilliantly. heaps of one finger power and control.
Bought these as a replacement for my Clarks SX and they are in a different league. First ride was scary as the organic pads that come with these overheated and had massive brake fade even with 203/180 rotors but after swapping to sintered pads they are spot on. Easy to fit and all the parts to shorten the lines but yet to do it.
Upgraded from Avid Elixir's and not disappointed - easy to install and having broken them in the brakes are silent. Only draw back is having to bleed these at some point and shorten the hose. But will do this when I upgrade my forks!
These brakes represent excellent value for money. The lever feel is superb with good braking progression, rather than the on/off nature of some. The Servo Wave works superbly as well eradicating the rotor drag that my bike was bad for prior to fitting these brakes.
Already running a set of these on another bike, nice feel, plenty of stopping power and usual Shimamo quality.
The Shimano SLX M675 disc brakes are exactly as I expected; easy to set up with strong and reliable braking. Each brake came with the neccessay fittings to allow the shortening of the brake line to the correct length for my bike; I was able to shorten each hose and did not have to bleed the brakes afterwards. The brakes themselves have been strong and easy to control; I use 160mm rotors at each end and find the braking perfomance more than enough.
Great brakes, just as powerful as my XT version, but cheaper which can't be bad.
Sweet product for a sweet price!!!
Excellent disc brake. Easy to fit and centralise calipers. It will take a bit of getting used to the levers as they are only really intended for one finger braking (As opposed to other brakes) The only dissapointing bit is that you have to order the bleed kit seperately and that only includes the funnel not the syringe before you can cut the brake hose to the correct length.
Absolutely phenomenal brake! Previously was using Formula K24s which were good but leaked all the time which was a pain. Then bought a second hand pair of Juicy 7s which had semi decent power but had the feel of a block of wood. Been wanting to get these for ages now and the right deal came along so I bit the bullet and purchased these. So glad I did and it transformed my bike and the power is mind blowing. I'm even using them on superstar rotors as I`m too poor to afford the shimano ice tech ones but I can report and say that they work fine. Just buy yourself a pair
Had heard so much about these brakes so decided to give em' a go....They are super easy to fit and required very little fettling to get right. They seem unusually powerful out of the box which is refreshing after the painful bedding in periods of other systems I've owned! They look great and do a sterling job...allied to the usual super fast and reliable Merlin service, excellent!
The brakes themselves needed no bleeding and fit to my current disc brake mountings and (narrow) Shimano rotors fine. The handy knobs are great for reach adjustment, although I feel once you're dialled in, there's not much need for this, so an innocuous allen bolt would have sufficed. The braking itself is superb. A step up from my fairly old, and battered XT brakes. I really feel like I can sense the pads latching onto the rotors through my fingers. And to change the pads in the future, a simple split pin removal will be easy. The pistons are ceramic, which might help with corrosion and smoothness, but keep a metal screwdriver off them when pushing pistons out for readjustment. Can't wait to test these out on a proper hill soon.
Picked these up to replace a set of aging Elixirs. So much better. The pistons retract much further so there is greater clearance around the disc, so less squeal in muddy water. Well controlled in use and very powerful. Fitting involves opening the clamp fully which involves using a small tool poked in the release hole - a bit fiddly but only needs doing once. Also came with the finned metal pads, as in the picture. Most other 'discounted' sets come with the ordinary organic pads.
Fantastic brakes, feel great in every way. They give confidence in your braking and feel great on the fingers, adjustable levers make for comfortable braking, the split lever clamp meant I could fit them wwithout moving grips shifters etc...Fantastic value
I bought these brakes for front and rear in replacement of my 6 years old Hayes Stroker Trail. I am using them with 180mm disc in front and 160mm rear that are not shimano. First Impression : I was thinking it wasn't braking, low result at the blade application and very low resistance at the lever (low effort needed to action the lever). After some short brakage to set the pads : After several miles, the pads really started to operate properly and the braking power appeared. The low effort needed on the lever remained. After 40kms : The feeling I have is a sense of control. Easy to apply the right amount of braking Easy to brake with one finger and a very good feedback on what is going on at the wheel. I am very pleased with these brakes... good value for the spent money
Replaced more expensive Formula RX front brake with Shimano SLX and I now have confidence that I will actually be able to stop going down hill. Top brakes, all the stopping power that I'll ever need and powered by mineral oil rather than Dot brake fluid which is a bonus. Good looking little fellas too. Very happy.
Great service, super quick postage and fantastic product. Would definitely use again and will recommend to others.
Great service, quick turnaround and delivery, no problems what so ever.
These brakes are superb. Ive only just fitted these to my bike after having the hose cut to length and even with out bedding in the power, feel and modulation is out of this world. Ive used Juicy, Elixir and Tektro and non compare. Also the weight of the brake is good as well. If you are looking for new brakes you will not go wrong buying these. And to cap it all off Merlin had these to me the next day, after ordering them three working days before X mas.....GR8.
Great brakes. Phenomenally strong. Easy to install and set up on the bike. Did I mention they are REALLY strong. !!
Much more power and better feel than the standard Deores fitted easly and the shortening kit with the included olives so simple to do all without having to rebleed the system couldn't be happier Thanks great service
Amazing brakes heaps more power than my old Hayes stroker trails, such that I've had to put cheaper pads in the rear to stop me locking up all the time!
Top quality brakes. Changed from juicy 3's to these and they are in a different league. Running with 160 and a 180 rotor on the front have noticed no fade even in the recent rain! Short time to bed in as well. Rear hose was perfect length but the front is a little long for a 5" fork.
Amazing brakes!! Fitted front first, then saved for rears. I can now stop when I want to, not when the bike wants to! Highly recommended easpcially at Merlins prices.
Excellent set of brakes for the money. I brought them to replace a set of Elixir 9's on my hard tail that were giving me grief with trapped air and rocky trail (lever to bar). So far they have lived up to the hype and have given me no problems! I would say that they are on par with the elixir 9's in terms of max stopping power, but the SLX's apply it differently. The SLX's seem to reach their max power with less effort. I've found this to be a bonus in twisty single track, where a cheaky pull on the brake allows me to scrub enough speed quickly to then whip round a turn. With the elixirs I found that I would sometimes drag them. Since switching I have also found it ridiculously easy to lock the rear wheel, so much so that I've down sized the rear (Hope non-floating saw) rotor from 185mm to 160mm. Maybe with patience I would have learnt not to, but stopping power is still great with the 160mm. In terms of what I got in my brake pack, I got non-ICE-TEC pads and no spare olives. I did get all the bolts I need and the rear 160mm IS mount. Can't comment on pad durability, but the weather is horrible again now so not very long I expect (though they have survived several rides and an 8hour race so far)
These are great. Replaced old Hayes Ryde brakes with these. Alot more feel and more power. Could only afford front ,now saving for rear.
excellent brake,won't let you down, highly recommended!
Great bit of kit for much less money than other outlets. Delivered to my door very quckly and fitted within 48hrs of ordering. Highly recommended!
What a great price! fast delivery as usual. As you'd expect, the slx brakes work brilliantly.
These brakes are brilliant. I originally wanted to get XT's but they were out of my budget so I chose the SLX set and I am by no means disappointed. They were extremely easy to install, although I did take them to my LBS once fitted to have the cables shortened since I've not done this before. Lovely little short levers, no rattling, beautiful action and feel on the trail. Still bedding in the pads but they already outperform my old brakes. I have no qualms about buying Shimano kit on line- I just know the quality will be great. Super price and delivered the morning after my order was placed, all good!
My first experience of Shimano disc brakes and a very positive one at that. Compact, powerful with an excellent lever feel. Brilliant value considering the quality of finish and overall performance. As with most brakes I have owned the rear cable did need trimming down but everything you need to do the job, new olive, hose grip and barb are supplied. Cable shortened and no need to re-bleed....that is a first for me. All indicators suggest these are going to fair well in the coming winter.
Very powerful with good modulation...effortless braking in all conditions. These are perfect for trail riding! Good price too!
Great set of brakes, they just stop you dead. Impossible to tell the difference in performance between the XT brakes and these. I haven't set mine up for Ice Tech, but it is reassuring to know i can if i want to.
Wicked brakes with amazing stopping power & modulation. I own some 2012 XT's as well - barring the cosmetic differences these brakes are just as good! Also come with olives, pins & bleeding blocks for trimming the hoses. Best price on the net, and fast postage as usual from Merlin.