Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Shimano SLX M7000 Front And Rear Disc Brake Set is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Shimano SLX M7000 Front And Rear Disc Brake Set
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Shimano SLX M7000 Front And Rear Disc Brake Set

This item was discontinued 23rd February 2021.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

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Shimano SLX M7000 Front And Rear Disc Brake Set
  • Ergonomic and powerful Servo Wave hydraulic disc brake levers offer exceptional control and modulation
  • Short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism for quick pad engagement and more power for aggressive riding
  • An increase in pad clearance at the calliper has enabled Shimano to use their proven Servo Wave technology. As the brake lever is pulled a cam linkage enables rapid pad to rotor engagement, at the point of contact the cam moves across multiplying the leverage ratio and increasing the stopping power
  • Tool free reach adjustment for custom lever feel and position
  • Forged alloy 1.5 finger brake lever for optimum strength and reliability
  • Mineral oil brake fluid is non-corrosive and less hazardous than conventional hydraulic brake fluid
  • Hinged clamp for quick installation
  • I-spec-II compatible
  • Front or rear wheel use for International Standard or Post mount with adapters (not included)
  • Oversized 22mm ceramic pistons optimized for heat insulation, lightweight and stiffness
  • Opposed 2-piston design reduces leading effect and optimal pad wear increases braking control
  • Increased pad to rotor clearance reduces the chance of rotor drag in muddy conditions
  • One way internal fluid circuit makes bleeding easy


Please Note: Supplied are standard not finned as pictured. 


Brakes may be supplied either Euro (left front, right rear) or UK style (left rear, right front)

Gary Great product at a great price , hoses cut & swapped easily
RNC This is the second set of SLX brakes I have purchased from Merlin. Great price ! Never had an issue with the SLX. Best bang for your buck. Brakes have always performed well. Best of all this came with the finned brake pads.
RobertW I find these to be more reliable than XT or XTR. They're on all my bikes. It came from Merlin with everything in the package.
m Performance of XT with an acceptable lesser quality finish for the price.
Munn Shimano's SLX brakeset is among the very best in terms of price-to-performance ratio. Merlin Cycles has the best price and quick delivery.
Mr Fernandez Firstly, the item was delivered quick and well packaged considering I am from overseas. I am very satisfied with their service. Now regarding the product, installed it on my xc mtb which originally came with Deore, you could definitely feel immediately the improvement on the stopping power. Hassle free installation. It's like a plug n play product. Many thanks for the great deal.
Jeff Perfect fit .
Mr Revell Great brakes and easy to set up. I did have to switch the front to the right handlebar. Wasn’t to difficult and the kit contained spares to shorten the rear line if needed. You will need a bleed kit though to remove air bubbles.
Mr Young Great price and quick delivery. Overall a pleasant buying experience.
Robert Great brakes, easy to install and shorten lines.
Mr Robb Great brakes at a great price
Mr Hallett Great value and performance from these reliable brakes.
Ms McKendrey excellent product. Great price. They did arrive set up for Europe ie Left front brake, but pretty esy to change over. Great service
Milton I bought this brake set to replace the standard M615 om my mtb. I am very happy with the price and performance. It was a worthwhile upgrade.
Mr Howe Great set of brakes. Be prepared to have some basic mechanical skills though as in my set I had to swap the levers around (front & rear) and bleed the brakes. Brakes perform great, fast and efficient service from Merlin Cycles. Would buy again.
Mr Cook Awesome, very easy setup, came with a spare olive and insert for shortening the hoses. I am still bedding them in but so far I love them!
bryan Just used one lever so far to replace XT item - fitted up and working sweet.
Vincent You cannot get better brakes for the money! The only functional difference between these and XT and XTR is ease of customizing settings (and some material choice) They function the same! Great stopping power and great shipping from Merlin. I'm in the US and have no issue buying from England! I've bought many items from Merlin.
Mr Jenkins Great set of brakes.. More powerful than the Mt2 I replaced them for.. Nice small levers and a lot easier to bleed.. Great and efficient service from Merlin too.. Thanks..
Paul Don't know why you would pay more for the XT's, I have both and can't tell the difference. Would go for SLX time and time again.
Alan the mouse I upgraded from the stock components to this SLX set up and found it to be an excellent option. Great power & feel. Recommend
LJ Great brakes at a great price, and very easy to fit,. The hoses are pretty long, but a quick search on the web will show you how to shorten, but again very straightforward.
David Complete and ready to install, will need to bleed the rear after cutting the hose to size but it's minor. Work great and easy to install.
Stephen The brakes did require cable trimming so I had to order an olive and an insert for the front. This wasn't that straight forward and after adjusting the brakes they needed bleeding so I had to get a shimano bleed funnel and fluid. I ended up bleeding the rear as well as that came unconnected to the lever. Now the brakes are on they are a great improvement over the Avid mechanical discs on my fat bike. I recommend these brakes but they are not bolt on , you do need bike building skills.
Kirby Haines Good brakes for the price, easy to fit and bleed. Levers were opposite of what I wanted (as supplied RHS was rear brake) but they were easy to swap around. There were no instructions in the box on fitting and bleeding which would have been useful, because there are a couple of things that aren't obvious. So had to find them on the Shimano site myself. Just a tip on this, you need both the brakes dealer manual and also the "General Operations" dealer manual to get all the information you need.
Brookland A fantastic set of brakes for the money! Easy to set up and modulate but like a lot of Shimano brakes the factory bleed is not the best so might need a mini bleed before you hit the road/trail Silent braking straight out the box unlike my older but more expensive xtr! Great value for money.
Mr Holmik The ordering menu does not seem to allow for left and right selections for front or rear. No big problem as it is easy to swap them over and re bleed the brakes.
Mr Downing The brakes are great - they stop me, work silently, with good modulation. Great price and delivery, and they are fairly straightforward to fit. BUT you must order an insert/olive for a BH90 hose as you WILL need to shorten the hose. Customer services did not know this when I asked them for advice. So you will also need cable cutters and a bleeding option (syringe or the shimano funnel thingy) if you don't already have them. The bits all work really well together, and once you've had a go once you'll be an expert, but it was a shame Merlin couldn't advise better. Good result in the end though...
david Excellently brakes kit, levers came separated from the callipers so you can configure your brakes to your own liking. Would highly recommend.
Mr Hill Exactly what I wanted ! Easy to set up, comes with barb and olive, plenty of cable length too.
Disco Swapped these in for some Sram brakes that came stock on my bike because these are no effort at all to bleed, and no need to worry about getting Dot fluid over the place. They arrived promptly, well packaged, and with an extra barb and olive to trim the length of the hoses, making them a really quick and easy fit. After a few weeks of use they are proving to be a solid brake. Reliable bite and good power; they're not as powerful as the big hitting brakes of this world, but I've no qualms that they are more than sufficient for the usual lakeland descents and laps of Innerliethen that I ride. For the price, they're stellar.
Mr McDonald I would say in the performance:value analysis these are the best you can get anywhere. Great stopping power, nice fit and feel and look good also. I don't see why anyone should consider anything else. Excellent pricing from Merlin also.
Mason Exactly as advertised. Easy to install and hoses were plenty long to fit my size large hardtail. Great brakes.
misterdun Now, I wouldn't say I have tried that many different sets of brakes but of the lot these are the best, everything is just right in terms of looks and performance, I won't pretend that I know how to describe modulation etc but they do the job and do it very well!
Mr walker Excellent service. Brakes superb, good modulation even under hard braking. Usual Shimano quality. Ready to go out of the box.
Mr Moore Excellent brakes, easy to install and bleed
Richie Bikelane Fabulous stoppers. Got these on a tandem with 7 and 8" Icetech rotors, quiet, no overheating and false teeth losing power!
Mark in Cyprus Very fast and efficient delivery especially as it was overseas. Easy to fit and worked a treat first time. First used on a 13km decent with no fade or variation in the bite point.
Chicken Fabulous, 1 finger braking in the wet, big improvement compared to my v-brakes on the other bike. Very good brakes, easy set up, fast delivery from Merlin.
laurence Super set of brakes. Replaced the Avid Elixirs that had become very draggy despite being properly bled. Shimano's choice to use mineral oil instead of dot 4 brake fluid means they need bleeding much less frequently and are less prone to piston seizure. I had to cut down the hoses as they were way to long for my bike, but that was easy to do with the spare olives and inserts supplied in the box. Brake levers are easily adjustable for reach and the brakes are very powerful and well modulated. Price from Merlin was much better than any other seller! Many sellers asking the same for one brake as Merlin were charging for the set!
Mr Berard Much better feeling compared to my Formula Rx! You should note that it's a UK version, I had to switch levers.
Mr Caine Easy to fit. The brakes worked great from the off. Great price and service from Merlin Cycles
Mr Chalmers Based on two rides over a week, these offer good, powerful braking at a reasonable price, as you`d expect from Shimano, with better modulation than previous SLX brakes.
dean Great brakes, easy to fit and setup and a bargain price the boot!
Rob K. The price was brilliant but the factory bleed was a joke as both brakes needed bleeding and quite a bit of brake fluid to work as they should. They pull up really well but the bite point is much closer to the bars and will take some getting used to after having had Deore brakes which didn't have much free stroke before sort of working.
Michael I Bought for mainly XC. But this brakeset should be adequate for all but serious downhill bikes. They look good too.
Mr vincent Very capable brake with plenty of stopping power at a fraction of the cost of other brands.
Mr Pearce Excellent. Almost gone over the handlebars a few times. Need to work out how to adjust slack on levers though information is limited.