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Shimano Ultegra WH-6800 Clincher Road Wheelset is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 12th July 2019.

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Code: WH-6800
Based on technology from Shimano's top level Dura Ace wheels, the Ultegra WH-6800 Road Wheels offer a similar level of performance at a more affordable price point! The Ultegra 6800 Road Wheelset is sold as a front and rear set, and is 8-11 speed compatible as well as being compatible with UST tubless tyre systems.
  • Ultegra 6800 groupset styling in matt grey.
  • 8,9,10 and 11 speed cassette compatible.
  • UST Tubeless and Tubed rim compatible.
  • Supplied with skewers.
  • Features tool-less adjustment for the cones, no need for any cone spanners.
  • Spokes: 16 front / 20 rear stainless steel bladed spokes.
  • Size: 700c.
  • Tyre Type: Clincher (Tubed) or UST Tubeless.
  • Weight: 1640 grams a pair.
Lai Meng Very satisfied with these wheels as it transform my road bike with stock wheels into a much more exciting and responsive bike. Pick up is better, climbing is easier, and less effort to maintain momentum. Makes riding more fun with my mates, and helps maintain a better pace. Al in all very happy with these set of Shimano WH6800 wheels.
Fair Jr Sincerely impressed with this product. I put these on my cyclocross bike and set them up with tubeless tyres. These things can tolerate a lot of stress and have done so while staying true the entire time. When you combine the weight, tubeless comparability, along with the legendary smooth rolling hubs, I would buy these wheels all over again. All the bang for your buck.
Mr Hopkins I have Ultegra wheels on another bike and for the money I think they offer the best fit against cost, weight and quality. Keenly priced by Merlin, speedy delivery.
Mr Roper I think this is one of the best wheel sets I have ever owned. They are high quality, good looking, light, smooth as silk, strong, stiff and a bargain. Usual quick and well packed service from Merlin for the best price I could find. The only way you could criticise these wheels would be if you were a Campagnolo enthusiast that a) Wouldn't buy them because they are Shimano or b) couldn't fit a Campagnolo cassette on the free hub. I would recommend these wheels to anyone.
Mr rendahl Massive upgrade on the stock wheelset. Tubeless tires, Hutchinson Sector 28, mounted easily.
Mr Drake These rims are a work of art. Light. The tubeless tires mounted easily first try.
Rugman Agree with other reviewers: recommended upgrade for standard wheels on mid-range bike - strong, stiff, nice appearance.
Mr B Good, solid wheelset. Light enough, reliable enough - you aren't going to win any scale wars, but they don't feel like they're going to break at the first sight of a pot-hole.
YOUNG Can't get any better value wheels than these. Tubeless tires are a VERY tight fit, but seal perfectly using a track pump. I need levers to get them off, just gloves/towel to roll them on. The levers have never caused any problems getting an airtight seal again afterwards. Decals/stickers could be better (previous model was painted on, not stickers), but who cares about looks at this price! Nice quiet ratchet on the hub as well.
Mr Chochon Paired with Specialized Terra Pro 2Bliss tires and Bontrager sealant. Floor pump to max pressure to seal! 15 cyclocross races and no problems.
Frazer McVinnie Upgrade from RS21's after getting T-boned by a moped pizza delivery boy with a death wish. Was surprised in the difference, spin up very quickly and are rock solid and that's coming from a 100kg muppet who doesn't deserve these wheels. Quick delivery also.
Mr Collins Great wheelset so far - had to get the back wheel trued within a month, but overall great performance. Fast and light, very good value from what else is out there.
Oliveira Acceleration also is better. I feel the road more, which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Everything about this wheelset is top quality.
Mr Murphy Have been out on them a few times now and I love them. They are an upgrade to my last set and what I notice at this point is they are lighter and faster than the last set. I have wanted these for a while and I am glad that I finally got them.
Mr Loughry Not a flashy wheel, but the quality of the wheel and the ride are outstanding.
Hudgins Love the feel of these wheels. Surprisingly comfortable considering that they are so inflexible in the corners. Highly recommend. Merlin got them to me quickly, safely packaged and in perfect condition. Thanks!
Mr Funk This wheelset is a workhorse no matter if you're racing or gravel grinding. Smooth rolling, light, stiff. Highly recommended.
Mr Pearce Really nice wheels. Solid and a massive upgrade on the stock wheelset. I have already set pb's in poor weather so looking forward to some windless days. Comes with axles and spacer for 10spd cassettes.
Paul Watson Excellent light wheels make bike look and feel amazing. Why wouldn't you want them?
chikai I purchased these to match the Ultegra 11 speed groupset. The wheelset rolls very smooth and has lasted incredibly well so far. Rode them constantly for about a year and couldn't ask for more. The tires took a bit of effort to get on, but since they've been on they have not budged. Shipping to the US (Seattle) was fast and effortless. Have been buying from Merlin since 2014, and happy with the price and reliable shipping.
BC_Dog Great wheel set! Very stiff and responsive. I've been using it for 5 months now and it's still perfectly true and bearings super smooth. Have been using tubes but with many flats recently due to slivers of glass, I think I'll try these tubeless with my next set of tires.
Klotz First and foremost, Merlin did a great job with lightening fast shipment to the US - major kudos for that alone! As for the wheels, they do everything as advertised. I bought them as a replacement for my stock alex race 28 wheels that came on my Scott Speedster. Took them to my LBS to have them swap the cassette and put a new set of 23c Conti Gatorskins on them and make sure the wheels were true. I took the bike out for a 100 mile ride later that week and what a difference they made in my ride. They do great on flat smooth roads and withstand the pounding of rough potted holes extremely well. Once up to speed, they roll fantastically and keep speed well which was quite a change from my stock wheels where I had to work pretty hard to keep speed. The wheels are stiff and snappy when getting out of the saddle and solid in the corners. Climbing was certainly easier than on my stock wheels. You can certainly find lighter wheels out there, but for this price, you'd be hard pressed to find anything better. The fact they are tubless ready is an added bonus should I ever decide to go that route!
Mr Figueroa Best pair of wheels I have ever owned. I wanted to get back to cup & cone hubs, in my opinion they are the best you can get. I wanted to build a set of wheels using an old Shimano hub set and while looking for rims I came upon these wheels at Merlin Cycles. I looked up the reviews on them in several sites and liked what I found. With the price being so low, and free delivery, I gave up the idea of building my own and sent for them. I was surprised when I found the box at my front door 2 days later. Shipping was super fast and it they could not have been packed any better. I have only ridden them 3 times, but, after the 2nd time I new these were going to be my favorite wheels. I really should buy another pair (I have 7 bikes. The price is right, no tax, and no shipping charges. What more can you ask for?
Mr Duke So far so GREAT, nice upgrade from RS10's that came standard and had nearly 6k miles on them. Mounted easily, rolled smoothly, great price, and ordered on Saturday afternoon, delivered following Thursday, what more could I ask for!
Mr krebs These replace the original Aksium race wheels that came on my bike. They seem to roll faster and are stiffer. Acceleration also is better. I feel the road more, which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Weight was a little off, 1680g instead of the advertised 1630g. Still almost 300g lighter. All and all a good deal for the price.
Dr Lewis True out of the box, easy to mount schwalbe one tubeless tyres. Only criticism is that valve cores are not removable making putting in sealant more messy.
NG Well built with a smooth inner rim (no need for rim liner). Highly recommended if you plan to build your bike with the Ultegra 6800 group set.
Andrew Crabb I love these wheels! I have a 10-speed pair I have been training on for three years, they are still completely true. They roll so round - sounds ridiculous until you try them. Perhaps it's that the tubeless tyres can seat better. For whatever reason, they feel so very round. Merlin Cycles provided top service - and for US buyers, they still ship by the mail so you'll avoid the import problems we've been having with the parcel carriers. So my Merlin buying experience was great, shipping was easy (and free!), and I now have tubeless wheels on both my road bikes. One last word: Friends don't let friends ride tubes! I've had have one non self-sealing puncture in three years of 8,000 km a year. I don't carry a spare and pump any more, I'll call for a ride in the once-every-few-years event I get a flat. Five enthusiastic stars.
Mr Artho Everything about this wheelset is top quality. The one small annoyance is the valve stems are not removable to add tire sealant. Easily fixed with a set of Stans tubeless valve stems. So far a great value.
LA Rider So far so good. Stiffness out of the saddle and on downhill is vastly improved over stock alx 220s. Perfect upgrade for daily ride and can't beat the Merlin price.
Mr Austin These are great wheels and this is my 2nd pair. The first (6700) pair survived some pretty hefty abuse and lasted 3 years. I eventually bent both rims , but they were truable and are still usable, but the spoke tensions are uneven and I thought at this price I might as well get a new pair. Merlin had them to my house in the US in 3 days (I did pay for the 3 day shipping) and even with the added shipping expense they were dirt cheap.
Jason S. Speedy delivery to the US and a great price--kudos to Merlin! The wheels lived up to billing once on the road, but I do have a gripe with Shimano. The front hub bearings were super tight out of the box. However, no instructions included on how to adjust. Couldn't find anyplace online, either. The dealer manual from Shimano's own site was not informative. I finally found a helpful Youtube video, but geez Shimano, if you're going to tout the "digital adjustment system" in your marketing, how about at least telling us how it works. After seeing it done, I realized I probably could have figured it out myself if the end cap wasn't torqued so tightly it prevented the ratchet from turning. Anyway, love the wheels and the whole 6800 group in general--just fantastic.
Mr Chan I got this as an upgrade from the original wheelset on my Trek Madone. No need to adjust the tension or trueness out of the box! Rides and looks great as well.
Toby Johnson Amazing set of Wheels! The first thing I noticed about these Wheels was how snappy and responsive they are, second was the stiffness, you will feel every speck of sand you roll over. I also noticed how much easier it to maintain speeds I had a hard time with before. I bought this set as an upgrade, and they were highly recommended by just about everybody I asked. And "YES" bike is also noticeably lighter! No way of going wrong with this set!
Dan Purchased to replace Bontrager SSR wheels on a Trek bike, 500g lighter overall and a greatly improved ride with 25c tyres. (Michelin Pro4) If I can I will update this review following a 100K ride on the 10th May, hopefully my initial impressions will remain :) I've not been far yet, however I'm pleased with the wheels and the excellent service received from Merlin.
Mr Poole Excellent service from Merlin as always. Only ridden on the wheels a couple if times, but daft lighter than those they replaced, so must be faster, right ?!
Matteo Great set of wheels. Tubeless, quiet, plain and extremely reliable. They do what they say. They are worth every penny.
Mr Jenkins Really nice set of wheels, true from the box and weigh in at stated weight. They spin smooth and having a tubeless option gives great future proofing (not enough tyre choice in tubeless yet). Shimano quality and if looked after, as posted before, they will last years. Shimano stick with cup and cone and adopted tool free adjustment for the hubs. I know the choice is cartridge these days but Shimano know about bike equipment and they stick with this system through to Dura Ace, so good enough for me, and a time proven hub. Great pricing and delivery from Merlin, despite loads of research I never find better wheel deals.
Mr Harrington These were an upgrade from R500 and are fantastic. So much stiffer and responsive.
Radioman A real bargain. Very light . Super smooth bearings on 6800 wheels come new Allen key disc cone adjuster so no need to fiddle with cone spanners. They look great too and come with 10 speed spacer so fine on 10 or 11 speed. They are tubeless compatible but I use standard tubed tyres as choice in road tubeless tyres is limited plus you would still need to carry a spare tube even when running tubeless tyres in case of puncture. The fact that they are tubeless means no rim tape needed. I have noticed they hold air when using tubes better than non tubeless wheels. Shimano performance and quality at a great price.
Mr Decker I've put probably 20,000 miles on my current set of these wheels and they are still going. I liked them enough to buy this set as a backup.
Mr H Great wheels, very firm. Really thrashed these on some of the more broken roads in Sydney, potholes and bumps everywhere, still remained true. Added bonus for weight and tubeless design.
Mrs Peiffer Great product, very light and stable!