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Shimano WH-RS81 C24 Carbon Laminate wheels, designed to meet the demands of professional and amateur road racing. Carbon / Aluminium clincher rim construction for the perfect balance of weight and rigidity. 8 - 11 speed compatible.
  • Successor to the RS80 C24 Wheels
  • 8, 9,10 and 11 speed compatible
  • 16 spokes front, 20 spokes rear
  • Weight: 1537 grams pair, ex skewers
  • Supplied with, Spoke key, skewers, rim tapes and 10 speed spacer
  • Rims, Carbon Alloy
  • Spokes, Stainless black
  • Hubs, Alloy black
Dave Lawson 4th or 5th set of these wheels for me and great value. Most of my riding is in Yorkshire or Lakes, all year, so tough conditions - up/down hill, rain, snow, grit... They last me about 6000 miles - usually the rim goes before the bearings, but not always. I love climbing and descending and these fit the bill for both.
Mr Bell Nice upgrade to the stock wheelset on my Emonda. They spun up faster and I immediately noticed a smoother ride quality than with the stock wheels. Had them on for an entire season and very happy with them.
Mr VARGAS Love this wheelset! Light and stiff for faster climbs.
Mr Shimojima Wheels arrived well packaged. Look very good on my TCR. I ridden a couple of times for a hill climbing and felt better accelaration with smaller momentum. Very highly recommended.
Mr Davis Merlin had the best price I could find online for these wheels. I've done over 30,000 km's on the earlier RS80 wheels, excellent quality product. I'm hoping these newer RS81's go the distance. Wheels arrived all the way to Australia in perfect condition and in good time especially considering I ordered between Xmas and New Year's. Very pleased.
Dr Kessel These are nice light wheels dispatched quickly to the US. I already own a set of the predecessor RS-80s and I wanted a set of these before they became unavailable. Quick spin up. Great for climbing. Good brakeing surface. Highly recommended. Great wheels for the price.
Coleman First impression very good. Look absolutely stunning with the black carbon finish!! Very light and feel solid on the road.
Mr Trinkoff Good product. Front wheel arrived slightly out of dish, but that's not uncommon. Purchased to replace a set of RS80s that had too much brake track wear after over 9000mi. They feel very similar, except that the front wheel is slightly shallower but actually a good bit stiffer too. The only reason I knock off a star is because the rear wheel isn't all that stiff, especially while climbing. I have them on a very stiff frame (Scott Foil) so any flex anywhere is pretty noticeable. However, the light rim weight does a good job keeping the speed up, and at $415US I really shouldn't be complaining. They're excellent wheels given the price, and if your intended use is for mountains you won't find wheels that are substantially better without spending at least 2-3x as much. I run 25s on these but as they are more of a traditional rim width I would not recommend going any wider than that.
Mr Angry These are awesome wheels with built in comfort and great ride feel. They have completely transformed the ride on my CAAD12 !! The c.500g weight saving from the wheels it came with helps....
Marky D These wheels were a bit of a gamble in that I wasn't convinced they'd be much better than the Axis 1.0's that came with my Specialized Rubaix SL4. However, my wife and I participated in a very hilly sportive at the weekend over 70 miles and she runs the standard Axis 1.0 on her Spesh too and it was evident very quickly how much better these wheels were. I had also upgraded my tyres to some Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II's, but you could noticeably see they rolled better, they were faster freewheeling, made climbing easier and I felt less tired than I thought I would at the end! Of course, some of this could be psychological but If you're looking for your first upgrade from a standard factory wheel set, and don't want to spend 4 grand a piece on some Zipp full carbon wheels, i'd say these are a great buy. I'm very happy with them.
Jean from Texas Bought to replace stock the Mavic CXP22's that came on my Specialized Ruby. Straight out of the box, I had to adjust the front hub which was too tight. Thanks to Shimano's "digital adjustment", this was a quick and easy task. The wheels are laterally stiffer (for surer/sharper cornering) but ride just as smoothly as the Mavics. Due to the noticeably lower weight, the wheels accelerate more easily - YAY! Great wheelset...
Mr Girvan Very good wheels at this price point. As a retired 62 year old recreational cyclist riding 5 days a week, these are an upgrade to my existing ultegra wheels. They are more than responsive enough for my needs and climb well.
Mrs schaeffer Love love love these wheels, came packaged nicely, so light and roll out great. You will not be disappointed.
Mr Hansen Great value wheels. The best I could find without breaking the budget. Much lighter than my other rims and they roll smoothly along rough surfaces and have assisted me riding in both crosswinds and up hills.
Paul After a lot of research and hesitation I decided to take the plunge on a new set of good wheels, replacing the stock Shimano RS10 on my CAAD10 (2013). I was sceptical that it would make the difference you often read about upgraded wheels. Believe the hype. Smoother, faster, more comfortable, I feel like I have a new and improved bike. If you're thinking about it, I'd say do it! Got a very good deal through Merlin, better than other more well known online shops
Nick Finally got to use these last weekend, covering 100 miles of very hilly stuff. I'd kept my old Bontrager XXLs on through winter with 23mm tyres and Crud mudguards. The switch over was easy, 10 speed block used with provided spacer (not used with 11 speed block), gears perfect, no adjustments needed. New brake blocks, calipers needed opening for new bigger 25mm Conti GP4000 IIs. The RS81 rims are also wider than the XXLs. The XXLs are light wheels so no weight difference but the RS81s roll really fast, so fast my mates commented on how they had to pedal to keep up on fast descents when I was freewheeling. The new 25mm GP4000 IIs are known to have very low rolling resistance which will have helped but there is no doubt the RS81s are very quick. As mentioned above we headed out to the steepest b**stard climbs around us training for a very hilly sportive and these wheels felt very responsive, strong and true when pumping out the saddle going up and very steady when flying down the other side and round hairpins. It's also very nice to know you've got perfect new braking surfaces, the old XXLs were getting properly dished through wear. I used my old QR skewers as they are titanium and lighter than the supplied Shimanos. I imagine over the next few hundred miles they'll get even quicker as they run in. Very pleased, money well spent on great quality wheels that look good too without being flashy. The carbon laminate has a lovely deep gloss about it.
Mr Tutmaz They were true out of the box and ready to rid, and they were delivered to Turkey in 11 days, which is really fast as the package was checked for the customs fee. Merlin customer service was quick to answer my questions before and after the order. As for the wheels, they are light and stiff. I had a mavic kysrium equipe wheelset before this one. The Rs81 set is 250 grams lighter and a lot stiffer. With mavics I used to lose pace whenever I climbed standing and continued sitting. Therefore, it was almost always an effort in vain to gain pace. With rs81s I can increase my speed uphill and I am able to keep it when I am back on the saddle. They are accelerate fast and retain speed well. I have ridden about 800 km/500 miles without any problems. I have been attentive to the braking performance as I read some negative reviews on forums by some users having braking problems (pulsing brakes etc.) because of the braking surface, but I haven't noticed any irregularities with the braking. They have been reliable without any issues.
mamichaelme For an entry level training or beginners race Wheelset, these are not only great vaue, they're well built. Look after the hubs with quality grease and they'll go forever.
Pete They are lighter than the stock wheelset on my Specialized Allez. Installed Ultegra 11sp and I've ridden maybe 40 miles on them and so far, no issues. Surprisingly, they feel lighter than the zipp 60 I was looking at. Overall, extremely happy with my purchase.
Murray B Love these wheels. Light weight and spin up to speed well. Are strong and take the bumps well.
Ko Great wheels! The wheels are super smooth and light. These wheels gave me the confidence to tackle corners and climbs much faster than before. I highly recommend these wheels to anybody who is looking to upgrade. The wheels are super stiff but comfortable so I can put a lot of power down. Besides that, Merlincycles is awesome! I received my shipment within 3 days across the country. Best shopping experience by far.
Mr Mathews Very nice wheelset for the money. Light weight yet feels strong. I like having the strength and lightness of carbon combined with the alloy braking surface. I replaced stock Bontrager wheels on my Trek Domane and they really brought my bike to life.
Mr Thornton Good light wheels, similar to the dura-ace wheels, a fraction heavier but half the price. Fantastic value!
Mr John Great price anyway from Merlin, then an extra 10% is sweet. Great delivery. Wheels true out of the box. Looking forward to losing some weight over my Mavic Aksiums. Also other reviewers on other websites have said how the carbon makes for a more comfy ride, but the alloy braking surface means there's no loss in braking power, as with some carbon wheels. Very happy .
Jezza I bought these primarily as my new 'best' hoops and particularly for a hilly sportive. However, I'm now using them permanently. These are great wheels; they are light, solid, roll well and are relatively quick. They appear hardwearing as they survived a hard fall on their first day out. Given the recent rain, I have appreciated the improved braking that you wouldn't get with full carbon. I have only done a few hundred miles in them so far, so it is too soon to comment on their reliability.