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    Mountain bike (MTB) suspension forks

    God bless Rockshox for inventing the modern suspension fork way back in the nineties. Forks have come on an awful long way since then! Not only have they increased in travel - the shortest fork we stock is 100mm travel and the longest is over 200mm - but they've become lighter, stiffer and have better damping. Modern forks have rebound damping, speed sensitive valving, compression damping and lockout or pedal platform damping. There are regular single crown forks with QR axles. There are long travel triple clamp forks with 20mm bolt thru axles. There are even forks that are upside down! Most riders these days however will be sporting a single crown fork between 140mm and 160mm travel with a 15mm bolt-thru axle. We stock Rockshox, Marzocchi and Fox forks.