TRP HY/RD Disc Brake
TRP HY/RD Disc BrakeTRP HY/RD Disc Brake
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TRP HY/RD Hydraulic/Mechanical 160mm Front or Rear Disc Brake

The power and modulation of hydraulic disc brakes compatible with any cable actuated lever system, sold as singles - one for each lever

  •  System Weight: 195g per wheel
  •  Rotor Weight: 89g (160mm)
  •  Pads: TRP-BP-B20.11
  •  Hydraulic system self-adjusts for pad wear
  •  Self contained caliper incorporates master cylinder
  •  Cable actuation means compatibility with all mechanical road and CX brake levers
  •  Composite pistons isolate heat better than steel
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Great Brakes! Easy set up and amazing modulation!
Easy to fit with just a single allen key, I had my old mechanical brakes replaced in about 45 minutes. Fitting the supplied rotors to the wheels took a bit longer, but that was mainly from trying to find the right size torx bit. Once set up and adjusted, they provide excellent stopping power, even for a fat lad like me. The only thing that I think could be improved, would be the addition of a couple of cable end crimps in the bag, as the originals had to be removed.
I bought these to replace the awful cable discs that came on my Cannondale caad x. So far they've been great and stop just as well as the SLX brakes on my mountain bike. They're very easy to install too.
Impressive performance improvement over the previous mechanical discs. These hydraulic units were relatively simple to fit as a substitute. The only difficulty being that the actuating arm on the calliper blocked access to the mounting screw under the seat stay at the rear. Once fitted however , these provide excellent braking performance, even from the hoods, with much reduced effort. Recommended..
Good as my old BB7's were these are way better. A very worthwhile upgrade. Not as good as full blown hydraulics but the braking is positive and modulation from the levers much better than before. I have ridden only three rides so far so they won't be fully bedded in so I am expecting them to perform even better than they do at present. Two BIG bonuses with the callipers is that the pads are compatible with Shimano and they are really easy to fit. Depending on where your callipers are located new cables may be necessary, but that's no problem.
I replaced my BB7s with these - a huge improvement, in both power and modulation. People who like "instant on" brakes won't like them, though, they need a fair bit of level travel before they engage. They are also tall, which can be a problem for small frames with wheelstay brake mounting...
I have these disc brakes on my winter bike, a Whyte RD-7 and love them so much I had to buy some for my summer bike. Modulation is great with the added bonus of far better stopping in the wet. They look good too and don't rattle anywhere near as much as my Avid 7's currently fitted.
For this review note that I run 1x10, SRAM Rival levers on my cross bike. As huge improvements in mechanical interface braking goes, TRP have made the leap that makes upgrading to full hydro for most of us irrelevant. The additional available power and modulation over cable actuated discs makes the small downsides with HYRDs, principally being their agricultural appearance and rather sumo-like weight, redundant considerations. Adjustment wise, where these brakes win out is, like MTB brakes, dual piston movement, self adjusting for pad wear. No more got brakes at the start of a cross race, got no brakes at the end. That, and their ease of setup. Took about 10 minutes. However, with setup, TRP really ought to include the actuating arm grub screw adjustment in their instructions. If you don't use that, you are not so much blessed with instant power, as spongy powerless lever feel. See YouTube for much better instructions that TRP give out. If you're running Avid BB5 or BB7, I'd also stick with their G3 rotors. The TRP ones are ok, but squeal like hell with the standard TRP pads. And speaking of the pads, the TRP ones which arrive with the brakes are ok, but just about. Good job then, they are cross compatible with Shimano. Change them out as soon as they wear, which won't be long if you race in mud. Or the sun as it turns out. Anyway; Shimano pads. Do it. These brakes are great value and great performance. If you're holding back on hydraulic because of upgrade component cost, or just don't quite trust it yet, dive into these as an excellent halfway house. TRP have got it right here, and these will outlast the settling in period of the big groupset manufacturers with hydraulics, when you can get into a groupset cheaper and easier, most likely.
Set-up: Fitted on both Front and Rear Road Bike Commuter Disc Brake. Rider is 65 kg and the total bike weight is 12.5 kg. Bike usually travels with pannier bags and probably weigh 25-30 kg most of the time. Bike is ridden in both dry and wet weather on a sub hilly terrain with long descent. The goods: - Considering how much braking power it gives to your road bike, they are cheap! - Good look is a bonus. Ordered the silver pair and they match perfectly with the titanium frame. - Lever feel is so positive. - Cable used is Shimano. TRP recommends compressionless but I have no problem using it with Shimano cables. The bad: - Only comes with a direct mounting M6 screws. Those washers that came with mechanical Avids will work better if you have a slight imperfection on your disc tabs. My frame and fork disc tabs are OK, so it only takes me about 15 minutes to install them. Other: - May not be as good as mountain bike hydraulic brakes. But come on, these are designed for road bikes.