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TRP Spyre Disc Brake is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 2nd August 2018.

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TRP Spyre Mechanical 2 Piston Disc Brake

Mechanical Two Piston Disc Brake For Road Levers

  • Weight: 146g (Spyre SLC) / 154g (Spyre) per wheel
  • Rotor Weight: 85g (160mm)
  • Pads: TK-BP-E10.11
  • Two piston movement evenly contacts rotors for optimum braking power and modulation
  • Robust carbon fiber or alloy actuation arms
  • Ramped ball bearings offer smooth pad engagement and precise modulation
  • Cable fixing position options optimize performance with 2.0 or 2.5 ratio levers
  • Integrated cable barrel adjusters
The feel of levers is very close to rim brakes but with a lot more braking power. There is one drawback - with my front Mavic Aksium Disc the caliper hits the spokes, there is no problem on the rear wheel but on the front I had to mount shims between hub and rotor to fix it. I think because of the dual piston design the caliper is wider and it caused the problem.
Easy to set up and a vast improvement in power over the tektro lyras they replaced.
These brakes are excellent. I recommend the use of compressionless cables to get the best out of these brkakes
The single piston caliper that came with my bike was a disappointment from day one. I never got the response from the brake as I did with rim brakes. The only improvement was when riding in the rain. Sadly the feel of my lever was mushy at best and nothing resolved this issue. Changed cables and housings to no avail. Once I installed the TRP dual piston caliper it eliminated the need to leave such a large gap between the pads and rotor - And hence eliminated the need for the flexing of the rotor for the brakes to function properly. I now have a firm lever, very little lever travel before the brakes engaged and the crisp, sharp response I've been trying to achieve for the last two years - since the purchase of my first bike with disc brakes. And without going hydraulic and no more rotor flex. If flexing brake discs were a good idea, it would be on cars right?
I bought these to replace Avid BB5s on my winter road bike - one of them died from corrosion and they were always fussy to set up and adjust. The TRP is dramatically better on all all counts. IMHO discs are a naked emperor and I won't bother with them again, but if you want a good mechanical disc, these are winners.
Better than BB7's in every way. More power, smoother action, full pad retraction, and adjusters that actually work. Superior in every way to the Avids.
Easy to install and easy setup. Much better than the stock disc that came with the bike.
This elegant component features disc pads that actuate simultaneously/bilaterally; this means even pad wear and greater ease of adjustability. Nicely finished...well worth the money!
I bought the Spyre to replace the front Hayes on my Croix de Fer as I always felt the original was lacking in power. The Spyre is a definite improvement, giving more bite and completely silent operation. Now I have some experience of the brake I shall order another for the rear of my bike, it's worth the money. There is one observation I should mention: after about ten days with the new brake it suddenly began chattering and vibrating slightly under heavy braking. Slowing and stopping were not affected but the sensation was a distraction. Googling the problem revealed that some users in the USA had the same experience and it could be cured by the application of a tiny blob of grease to the back of the pads. Apparently this eases the contact between piston and pad and it certainly worked for me. Overall I am happy with the Spyre and would recommend it.
Fantastic brakes for the price. Really well made, easy to fit and amazing braking! Love them
Brakes treated, finished well, small but powerful. Among the few mechanical brakes with dual piston. Excellent
Dead easy to set-up rub-free, great adjustability, good modulation and braking power. For a mechanical disc brake. Even though it does the job it still doesn't quite compare to hydraulics.
Easy installation and adjustment. Enough braking power, compact and very good looking!
Excellent brakes - easy to set up, no sticky pistons, good power and nicely made and finished. Really pleased with them :)
The Spyre disc brake with dual piston is a real improvment to my old single piston brakes.
These are lovely little mechanical disc brakes. I'm using them with 105 levers on a CX bike and they have plenty of power and control, both on and off road. They were simple to set up. My only niggle is that the supplied pads seem to wear down quite rapidly in mud, but they're a common design so cheap and easy to find alternatives.
Works great, installed on belt drive custom bike used for road touring. Don`t bother with the hydraulic kits, this works great (220lb including bike, rider, gear). Note that the TRP kit includes brake pads. Even the TRP site doesn`t actually mention if they come with the kit, but they do. Super easy pad setup, better than bb7. Quick shipping from Merlin. Thanks
I'm using these with 105 5700 levers. Excellent power and modulation. They are narrower than most other calipers, giving better heel clearance and not interfering with mudguard mounting.
Easy to set up, fast to bed in, loads of power. Excellent so far.
Just upgraded to these from my old BB5's, they're fantastic!
Bought one of these to try as an upgrade from a tektro novella cable brake. Looks good, works well with my oldish 105 STI levers. The brake gave great improvement in power. I set it up with minimal pad/disk gap which meant some adjustment req'd after initial bedding in.
Amazing brakes for the price. Lighter & better operation than Hayes or BB7. 5 stars