Wolf Tooth Tanpan Shimano Adaptor
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Wolf Tooth Tanpan Shimano Adaptor
Wolf Tooth Tanpan Shimano Adaptor
This Wolf Tooth Tanpan enables you to run 11-speed Shimano MTB rear derailleurs with your 11-speed road shifters ideal if you’re looking to convert your drop bar set up to 1x. With the potential for a greater gear range and better chain security, endless exploration awaits.
The Tanpan works by amplifying your road shifter cable pull, giving you the potential to run a mountain bike rear derailleur. If you’re looking to run a single chainring up front but with the gear range of a double  or want to retain a double and run super-low gears for ultra-steep hill mountain climbs, this is the upgrade for you. CNC machined in-house by Wolf Tooth in their Minneapolis HQ, this is a premium-grade component.
  • Compatible with a wide range of road, gravel and cyclocross bikes
  • If your rear derailleur cable is routed internally through the chainstay and exits at the end of the chainstay above the axle or past the axle, you will need to use the inline version which is also available. This is because the Tanpan barrel adjuster end sits too close to the frame for the internally routed cable to exit the frame and enter the Tanpan barrel adjuster.
TimThis part is amazing , It got my gears working immediately