From their earliest products Kinesis UK have created bikes, bike frames, wheels and components for road, cyclocross, adventure and mountain bikes that excel in UK riding conditions. All Kinesis UK products are designed to be dependable all year round, perform at a level beyond their price point and to help people have fun on their bike.
With UK riding constantly at the front of their minds Kinesis have built up a fantastic amount of in-house experience, talent and depth in their team. Their knowledge and expertise at selecting the best materials, the right components, design, construction, and engineering has seen Kinesis flourish and grow over the past 20 years and using some of the best international elite cyclists across multiple cycling disciplines to test all of their bikes and cycling products means that each Kinesis product has been well-proven before it goes on sale to the public. Kinesis produce a wide range of bicycles and framesets for road, cyclocross, and adventure riding as well as mountain bikes, other dependable components include wheels, saddles, chainrings and bash gaurds, seat clamps and bicycle forks.