XLab is a triathlon accessories company. They make innovative and aerodynamic hydration, nutrition and tool storage products that are renowned as the best in the business. Where XLab lead, others follow.

XLab were first with two-bottle rear carriers that also held spares and tools. XLab were first with the horizontal bottle mount. XLab were first with the one-piece refillable horizontal bottle system. XLab were the first to design carbon bottle cages for specific locations on bikes.

XLab was formed in 1993 in San Diego, California by a family of ex-pat Brits. San Diego is the capital city of triathlon. It was pretty much invented there and the area continues to lead the way in all things tri.

Once established, XLab managed to secure the talents of aero wizard Craig Turner. Craig literally used to be a rocket scientist. It’s Craig who is the principal pioneer and innovator at XLab.