1. Cycling Clothing

    Cycling Clothing

    Dry, comfortable and warm, the three main aims of cycling clothing whatever the weather. Loose clothing for MTB riders to help with a larger range of movement. Tight lycra for road cyclists improving looks and performance. Waterproof jackets and pants for the commuter who wants to get to work dry.
  2. Cycling Team Clothing

    Cycling Team Clothing

    Show your allegiance to your favourite professional cyclist or pro team by sporting a bit of their official team clothing. Or if you're not a specific fan of any rider, take your pick from whichever team's kit has the coolest design!
  3. Cycling Footwear

    Cycling Footwear

    Whether you ride road or MTB, Merlin Cycles have shoes to suit you. Cycling shoes are designed to be light, stiff and supportive.
  4. Bike Helmets

    Bike Helmets

    Your head is the most important part of your body because it holds the most vital organ, the brain. Your head is also very fragile. Taking a tumble when riding with no helmet could potentially be very serious.
  5. Sports Eyewear

    Sports Eyewear

    Cycling sunglasses provide protection from the wind, rain and debris, allowing you to focus on the stuff ahead of you.
  6. Casual Clothing

    Casual Clothing

    Even when you're not on the bike, chances are you'll still want to show your allegiances and show people that you're a cyclist.