1. Bikes


    We love bikes here at Merlin. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, explore your local area or get to work or the shops, or even just have fun, a bike can provide a low-cost, healthy transport choice. We have a wide range of bikes at Merlin, depending on what sort of bike riding you want to do.
  2. Bike Frames

    Bike Frames

    Complete bikes are not for everyone. Whether you want to replace a damaged frameset or build a bike to your own custom specification - choosing each component yourself, framesets are the central component of a bike build. With framesets available for road and off-road, there are plenty of options available for most bike riders, whatever type of riding you do.
  3. Bike Frame Accessories

    Bike Frame Accessories

    Frame accessories are important little bits and pieces that can keep your bike working properly and looking good. Replacement gear hangers are essential if you have damaged the hanger on your frame. Frame protection is designed to keep your bike looking like new with protection for the parts that suffer from scratches or cable rub. Electric bike spares include components to keep your bike working as it should.