Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Fulcrum R-Torq RS Chainset is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 29th December 2017.

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Code: 1880
Fulcrum R-Torq RS carbon chainset, choice of rings and crank length
  • Racing Torq RS Carbon 10s
  • Available sizes: 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
  • The Racing Torq RS has been conceived for competitive racing at the maximum level and uses Fulcrum hollow crank technology, which allows cranksets to be made with arms with an internal cavity and therefore achieve weight while maintaining the structural quality intact. 34-50 or 39-53 chain rings
  • Fulcrum hollow crank technology composite crankarms
  • Light alloy fixing bolts and nuts
  • Integrated ultra torque semi axles
  • Requires racing torq BB overboard cups (or Campagnolo Ultra-torque cups)
  • Weight: 699g
  • All cranks are carbon with the option of the Fulcrum logo in different colours as listed.
Awesome crank set! Super stiff, light and a big upgrade from alu cranks. Excellent product and incredible price.
Light, stiff, highly recommended
I bought the item to replace my compact 105 crank with something more stiff and of larger diameter. The item comes with the bearings pre-installed but you need the cups. It is super light though it feels like it doesn't flex that much under pressure during hill climbing. One interesting feature worth noticing, is that it actually manages to transfer less road vibrations increasing comfort. Photos cannot depict how beautiful they are. In case you consider switching to 53T think twice. Especially if you like going uphill like myself. The crank rings cannot be switched with compact ones. For that price I could get two sets.
Excellent bit of kit. Also have Carbon Super Record & Carbon Record chain sets on other bikes and I am delighted to report that this item is every bit as good as both of the above. Visually it is a perfect match for my Ridley Helium with Fast Forward carbon wheels and carbon Centaur group set. Although the rest of the group set is Centaur the Chain visually picks the whole bike up. Performance is perfect and as good as Record. Can't fault it.
These were lighter than my alloy Campagnolo Athena chainset, they look pretty good too but the chainline is different for some reason? I also did have chain suck on my road bike once but unsure if that was due to this chainset? The chainrings don't shift quite as nice as my previous cranks so might update to Stronglight CT2's at some stage. Otherwise great value!
If its not Campy then Fulcrum is a more than passable alternative and about as compatible as you are going to get. At the asking price these were hard to pass up and the weight and quality seem on a par with comparable Campy offerings selling for substantially more. Mine are destined to sit in a box waiting for the right project so they are unlikely to get road tested until its too late for me to make any complaint about them but they should go very well with any Campy Carbon 10 speed groupset that is in need of a matching chainset.
Beautiful carbon component. I bought two!
Nice looking chainset. Very stiff, smooth bearings and straight running chain rings. Can't go wrong with a Campy-backed up product.
Item was exactly as described. Shipping to Hawaii took just over a week. Terrific value for an item of this quality. No issues installing and it works flawlessly, stiffer and shifts better than the alloy record crank that I replaced. I did not have to make any adjustment to the front derailleur either, which greatly simplified the install.
Got the dark graphic option and it's the real deal. The whole crankset's cheaper than a Campy big ring! Got three of them for different bikes. Wish I had bought 4.
Looks great. Works well with my 10s Campag group. Slightly lighter than the Shimano Ultegra it replaced. Note: Need a torque wrench to fit properly.
I bought this chain set to replace my campagnolo 10 speed power torque chain set to avoid buying an extra tool. I went with the dark graphic option and I couldn't be more impressed. The chain set is stunning at first glance, it has a black on black finish which gives it a high end finish. I haven't spent too much time using it since it's set up on a spare bike but so far the chain set is very stiff and light weight. I ended up rating this product 5 stars because it was better than what I expected for this price. Also if anyone was wondering, this chain set requires a campagnolo ultra torque bottom bracket.
Awesome value for money. No compatability issues with 11 speed. You can always upgrade the rings later. Looks amazing!
This is a great Campagnolo crankset that uses Ultratorque bottom bracket, not unlike Chorus, Record, or SuperRecord cranks. Great crank for the price while it's on sale.
Great price for a top quality component! I bought this to upgrade from an Ultegra 6700 compact. I wanted the bigger rings and the hollow Shimano big ring is annoyingly noisy when pedaling the small ring. The noise is why I decided not to go with their std double crank as replacement (same price for the 105/5800 chainset). These are quiet and shift lovely with the Ultegra mech. As a comparison, this is equal to or better than the FSA SLK/Light chainset I own for 1/3 the price.
Excellent value, fast delivery, very light and high quailty. Uses standard Capampagnolo UT BB cups.
Campy record 10 crankset at a discounted price. Nice piece of kit, and you can later use it with 11 speed if you pick up an 11 outer ring. 135 BCD and ultra torque...need to order bottom bracket, but it does include bearings already installed.
Good Point: Durable, Attractive, Comfortable, Adjustable, Lightweight, Good Fit. Although absorbing small vibration, solid feeling. Easy to install, attractive design. Light weight enables rapid acceleration, these enable the comfortable riding with the long distance.
Fantastic value, and (dare I say it?!) nicer looking than their Campagnolo equivalent. Lower profile, and more pared down. 10 speed only is the only drawback.