Fulcrum Racing 5 LG Wheelset With Ultra Sport II SL Tyres & Tubes
Fulcrum Racing 5 LG Wheelset With Ultra Sport II SL Tyres & TubesFulcrum Racing 5 LG Wheelset With Ultra Sport II SL Tyres & TubesFulcrum Racing 5 LG Wheelset With Ultra Sport II SL Tyres & TubesFulcrum Racing 5 LG Wheelset With Ultra Sport II SL Tyres & TubesFulcrum Racing 5 LG Wheelset With Ultra Sport II SL Tyres & Tubes
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Bundle Deal Fulcrum Racing 5 LG Road Wheelset, complete with Continental Ultra Sport II SL 25mm road tyres and inner tubes. Wheels sold as front and rear pair with tyres and tubes fitted.

The same qualities that have made the RACING 5 such a popular wheel in the past combine with new elements to make an affordable but race ready wheel.

The new 20 spoke design in addition to the asymmetric rear rim profile offers notable performance increases in terms of both increased lateral and torsional rigidity as well as increased reactivity.

The new design allows for more homogenous spoke tensions and makes for a sturdier, higher performing wheelset that weighs in at over 100 grams less than its previous version.


  • Differentiated rim height - 24 mm at the front to provide optimal handling; 27,5 mm at the rear for transmitting all your power to the wheel.
  • New asymmetric rim profile - Asymmetrical rear rim profile allows for better balancing of spoke tensions between drive and non-drive side, giving better symmetry to an asymmetric component. Increased efficiency and reactivity are sure to be noted.
  • Double-butted steel spokes with aero profile - Enable maximum aerodynamic penetration.
  • Oversized hubs - Increase wheel stiffness and reactivity
  • High grade, top quality steel bearings with cup and cone construction - Reduce friction and ensure consistent performance over time.
  • Oversized flange on the drive side - Provides greater torsional stiffness, increases reactivity at each change in rhythm of the pedal stroke.
  • 11 Speed but can be used 9 or 10 speed
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Great deal with the tyres. wheels are mid-weight but like the extra rim width, they spin well, quiet freehub and look and feel solid. Good all-purpose and entry racing wheel
Excellent wheels and fitted them to the bike the day they arrived. Lighter and more rigid than the wheels they replaced (Rodi Airline 5), they are very smooth and I was able to increase my speed considerably over my usual route.
Arguably the best value wheelset for the amateur racer/gran fondo rider... that wonderful line between a solid training wheel and a competent race wheel, all for $250 with tires! Highly recommended.
"The wheels arrived perfectly true and are well balanced. The bearings are very smooth and free running and the wheels are quite stiff with no noticeable flex when climbing out of the saddle. I wasn't too sure of how the red spoke nipples would look as my bike is black and white with a bit of yellow but actually they look really good. The off centre valve hole may be thought a bit odd but that's what you get with an asymmetric rim. I've hit a few potholes and bumped over kerbs and they haven't needed any attention other than touching up a little scratch on the black coating which may be on the thin side. The wheels are claimed to weigh 1645g however they do not! It may be possible to get the Campag version down to that if you remove the rim tapes and the stickers. Mine which have the Sram/Shimano freewheel weigh 1732g. Road CC when testing found theirs weighed 1743g. Quite a difference if you are weight conscious. I can't claim to be riding faster or anything like that but braking is definitely more positive, perhaps due to the wider rim. I got them at a bargain price complete with Continental Ultra's and tubes cheaper than other big internet suppliers are charging for the wheels alone. I'm keeping the Ultra's for the summer, I replaced them with Continental 4 season 28's and the ride is really smooth. I've only given the wheels a 4 star rating simply because of the weight issue, maybe I'm being a bit hard on them but really they are not quite as described. I do believe however the Fulcrum 5's are excellent value and quality at this price point and I'd recommend them to anybody not wishing to spend a small fortune."
So happy with this purchase. They are the best wheels I've ever had and have transformed my bike. Great price too with the tyres and tubes all fitted for delivery. I couldn't be happier
Awesome wheels. Not only do they look good but they are lightweight and strong. Great wheelet for the price.
My second pair of Fulcrum 5s. Bought these to replace a set of Mavic Ksyrium's I had literally worn out. I was on a limited budget and could not afford a new set of Mavics. I've done a few hundred miles on them and just like my other set they are unbelievable value for the money. They are light (don't feel any heavier than my Mavics ~ which are 3 times the price) stiff and true. I love them and I doubt I'll buy anything any more expensive in the future.
Excellent value. Not the lightest but spin well and have added about 7% to my average speeds.