1. Bike Bottles

    Bike Bottles

    Big bottles, small bottles, insulated bottles, cover-capped bottles, twist-valve bottles, triathlon and aero bottles.
  2. Bottle Cages

    Bottle Cages

    Plain alloy cages, fancy plastic cages, superlight carbon cages, triathlon cages and spare mounting hardware.
  3. Hydration Packs

    Hydration Packs

    An essential item for mountain biking. Carry plenty of water in a comfortable and secure way. Camelbak are the inventors but there's other brands available too.
  4. Hydration Pack Accessories

    Hydration Pack Accessories

    Bladders, bite valves, cleaning kits, tubes and other spares.

Dehydration can occur quickly when cycling. It slows down the blood flow in your body and negatively affects your performance.
Your body sweats to keep your temperature down. Sweat then evaporates taking heat away from your body. However, your body wastes valuable salts in the process. In order to perform your best, you need to replace the liquid and electrolytes (salts) lost when cycling or training. As the guys over at Camelbak would say, “Hydrate or die!”