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Rockshox Reba RL Forks - 26" OEM - 2016 is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Rockshox Reba RL Forks 2013
Rockshox Reba RL Forks 2013Rockshox Reba RL Forks 2013Rockshox Reba RL Forks 2013Rockshox Reba RL Forks 2013

This item was discontinued 11th May 2016.

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Code: RS-REBA-RL-16
  • Travel 26": 120mm,
  • Weight 26":  From 1499g
  • Damping 26": Motion Control
  • Available Springs: Solo Air
  • Adjustments: External Rebound / Low Speed Compression to Lock / Air pressure via single Schrader valve,  
  • Steerer Options: 26": All are 1-1/8" aluminum (Standard)
  • Crown Forged: Hollow AL66 TV Aluminum
  • Upper Tubes: 32mm, 7000 series straight wall aluminum
  • Lowers: Magnesium, post mount disc brake
  • Maximum Rotor Size: 210mm
  • Colour Options: Black, White
  • Crown lockout
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Fitted to my Santa Cruz Heckler, smooth and progressive fork and a lot lighter than my old Pace forks.
Pretty light and works well. Bought it to replace my old Reba Team 2008 - new one is almost 100 grams lighter and looks better. Price is also remarkable.
These forks were an upgrade for my sons full suspension bike. Delivery taking just over 48hrs from ordering to delivery. Fitting, which included trimming the steering tube was easy and only needed a sharp hacksaw. Performance has significantly improved riding confidence, with my son taking on obstacles and jumps I avoid. Heavier riders may notice and be prone to the flex observed, but this is to be expected with a 9mm skewer. Overall good performance, great price and swift delivery, ideal.
I've had these before and sold them with a frame. That was a mistake. I'm taking these forks to the grave! They're perfect for XC but they're only getting 4stars because this version defaults to locked out. Unhooking the return spring will fix it though.
Excellent set of forks. And at this price ....unbeatable. Remarkably light and compliant. Soon bed in and deliver very good performance, they track very well too especially with the 15mm maxle. They punch above their weight and can be used for much more than XC!
Rockshox Reba RL Fork 15mm - 26" An excellent XC fork ultra reliable and easy to service, this fork is stiffer than my Fox float so not as plush with small bumps but is better at dealing with heavy impacts.
The Reba RL are fantastic forks, light and strong. They've got a great feel and are so easy to tune to suit the trail. Using them on a race bike and they've been perfect every time. Highly recommended.
For those who live in the U.S and are on the fence about buying internationally please don't be because I live in Cali and my order arrived with no problems. This fork was bought to replace my 2013 Fox Float 32 CTD that just felt too stiff and wouldn't go through all its travel. This Reba is very smooth and plush and really light too for the price. It felt stiff at first too, but that has gone away after about two rides on technical terrain.
Easy to cut down to required size for my whippet HT and fit remote lock out. 15mm maxle tracks well 120mm travel confident on technical forest descents. Fork is a bit stiff as it is new.Easy to set air pressure but running slightly lower pressures than recommended for my weight to achieve correct sag. Fork is smooth,and supportive and very controlled.
Simple to setup solo air, light and robust fork which is great for XC work
Great forks, you don't need all the gadgets on forks, just these set up right. Great price too and usual Merlin service
Good lightweight, surprisingly plush and feels robust enough for some mini dh as well as other general trail and racing duties. A great upgrade from my sons "shocking" forks. Great service from Merlin( as always)
Really impressed with these. So much better than my last Reba fork in 2009. Also find crown lockout and compression adjust better than poplock. Getting full 120mm travel which I never did with my old set.
Although at the low end of the price range for decent forks, these are proving to be top class. Running at 100mm travel (80 and 120mm also seem to be options, according to scales printed on the right stanchion) they're very supple, soaking up more small bumps than the 140mm Pikes on my full-sus, but staying composed on bigger steps too. Weight is good (helping me build up a 22lb carbon hardtail) and the remote switch is more useful than I ever imagined. To begin with it would seem to get stuck, but loosening the collar around the top cap a touch cured that. There isn't an easy way to run without the remote though - it's possible, but requires disassembly and unhooking a spring internally.
Great upgrade to my Trek 3900SE Disc. These Reba RL's outperform the OE forks by leaps and bounds. The ride is buttery smooth and they were easy to set up to my weight and riding style. I only have a few rides on them but I can already tell that they will hold up to my demanding climbing and trail riding. The added confidence when riding with these forks is irreplaceable. Great buy, great looks, great performance.
Don`t stress over all the choice, if these bad boys fit your budget they will change your ride for the better, they`re super light, smooth, and iron out the bumps with no sweat at all. There`s only one valve to pump up, you will need a shock pump, about 30 quid, if you`re a big lad like me 15st, whack 110psi in and your away. There`s loads of tweaking you can do with em, but I haven`t found it necessary. In short shocks you don`t need a phd to set up, get em on and ride!
Unbelievably good forks. Buttery smooth on the trail with a solo air fill. Very light too and the pushlok is easy to use on the bar. Would definitely recommend.
An incredible upgrade for any entry level mountain bike, and at a bargain price. These have transformed my Carrera, weighing 1.2kg less than the forks they replaced and offering plush, well controlled bounce.
Great fork, transformed my hardtail into a different beast. Great stiffness and the remote lockout works well.
Absolutely fantastic forks for the money, loads of tuneability for my 10st weight. ordered at 13:00 and delivered before 09:00 the next day. Brilliant service thanks Merlin :)
So far so good. Soak up punishment well although they are a little bit flexy. (Probably a consequence of being so light.) Overall a massive improvement over the original forks they replaced on my 2004 Rockhopper.
Excellent price, swift delivery and great communication from Merlin. These forks are the business and have transformed my bike. Easy to install (took about 30 mins), using a decent tube cutter and file - just remember to measure the steerer twice and cut once. Great that it comes with the Poploc remote, just a shame that the Poploc mechanism can be a bit temperamental, but to be fair a few drops of lube has sorted that out. Highly recommend these forks, they're incredibly light, bomb-proof, easy to maintain and you most certainly won't regret buying them.
Brilliant, light and good rebound
Good kit. Easy setup, better than previous Rebas with dual air, first ride good and looking to be good out of the box. Good price from merlin and light too.
Really smooth, pop locks great on the climbs! A great set of forks for the money
Excellent forks, massive improvement on my old darts.
As always my Merlin cycles experience was first class, best price, great communications and arrived quickly. My reba RL airforks were all part of an upgrade from coil spring forks. My 2012 rockhopper is my daily commute as well as my hobby so the the last three weeks with the new rebas has been a great deal of fun experimenting and setting them up for different terrain. The general performance is a great inspiration for building riding confidence, really like the remote lockout which is very simple and works well. But I have to say the most impressive feature for me personaly is the 15mm axle!!! Only ever been used to 9m qr before and the difference in rigidity and feel is amazing!!! I`m 57 and worryingly starting to ride like a 17 year old again?? hahaha I blame merlin's ??
Superb forks. Great price. Amazing service - ordered 3pm, they arrived by 9am the following morning.
Excellent fork, so much easier to set up than the dual air from last year and still super smooth... deffinitely one to purchase
After doing a bit of research into replacement forks for my Orange Evo6 that was running on it's original Rockshox Tora 312's, I decided that these would be the perfect replacement. The Tora's were adjustable 80mm - 130mm but I have always run them around the 120mm mark so these were ideal. The biggest difference so far has been the weight saving, the Reba's shaved over 1kg off the total weight of the bike and this was noticeable just lifting the bike back onto its hooks in the garage. The other most obvious difference is being able to adjust the Air Pressure in the forks, there was no such adjustment on the Tora's (spring pressure only!). Fitting the forks was easy enough for anyone with a little bike knowledge, it required removing the 'fork crown bearing race' off the old forks and fitting on the new ones and then measuring the old fork stem and cutting the new stem to match. I have not done enough rides since fitting the fork to comment about how much difference they have made to my riding, but I have high hopes for better all-round performance from me & the bike. Plus, A great price & fantastic service from Merlin as usual.
Great fork, except for the remote lockout arrangement. Previous model year REBA I have bought defaults to not locked out, which as I run the bike without the lockout lever is ideal. However the 2013 model defaults to locked out, so beware if, like me you don't necessarily want to use the remote lockout - you will end up with a rigid fork ! You can get around this by using an old brake cable to lock the fork 'open' on the fork crown.......... Great service and best price from Merlin Cycles, as usual.
Awesome forks, nice plush motion and THE best price around!!!!
Great fork at superb price. Light and very plush action. Excellent upgrade for stock recon. Merlin's service second to none - very positive telephone advice and delivered to the door under 24hrs! This fork is super plush and really light for a 120 also comes with poploc remotes too -easy to set up and use - recommend.
Ridiculously light, thought the box was empty untill I opened it ! Pushlock is easy to fit and easy to work I have only ridden them once in the local woods as a test and initial thought are good, lightweight nice looking well performing fork, I switched from Marzocchi's and so far I`m not disapointed.
Superb forks. Will go nicely on the Rocklobster!
Product easily fitted to bike including remote lockout and worked great as supplied with no extra setting up. Not yet had chance for tweaking air/rebound but I am very pleased with performance so far.
Fork is awesome! Nothing else to say about it. Stop thinking about it and just buy it. You will not find a better price than here either.
Not the top of the range rockshox product but these things will handle almost anything you throw at them. Once you set them up correctly, they handle very well in the tight twisty singletrack and respond well to surface changes and the bigger hits. Smooth operation, choice of black or white is a good thing for the bling bandits out there.
Superb fork, excellent value and looks great.
Superlight forks! These have mae a real difference to the feel and handling of my Merlin Malt 4. The forks on my other bikes are dual air so I did wonder whether this single air fork would feel inferior but it doesn't and there is much less faff involved with the set up, aided by the graduated sag scale printed on the tube, taking the guesswork out of the eqation. I've got the 120 version with poploc which is perfect for xc. Brilliant price from Merlin, as usual. This upgrade has made my bike perfect.
Can't believe how much weight I've taken off my bike with these forks. Just finished my first ride with them fitted and they are a huge improvement on the factory fit forks that came as stock on my bike. Highly recommended!
Firstly the delivery was amazing being 23 hours from placing the order to delivery half way across the country. Really very very keen price which made changing from my old Fox Talas forks that needed servicing to new forks the best option. They are really nicely finished and the after a my first 40 mile ride I am really pleased with them. The Pushloc works very well and was easy to set up on the bars after shortening the cable - note if you do shorten the cable the feral at the end of the cable is not reusable and is the large one from brake cables. I find the Pushloc very good on climbs when standing to stop the bobbing when pull on the bars. To get 25% sag I had to set the pressure low at 55 psi which is way lower than the guide pressures but I am only 65 kgs. The Maxel lite works well once you understand the instructions! and my hope Hope pro II hubs fit nice and securely. I have Hope Mono Mini brakes with 160 rotors and they just fitted on to the post mounts with no adjusting. The ride is nice and plush and is a great improvement over my 7 year old forks.
Not fitted yet, but look good, well build, and very light (compared to the RockShox PIKE coil sprong forks I'm replacing)