Shimano SLX M675 Double Chainset - 10 Speed
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Shimano SLX M675 Double Chainset - 10 Speed
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Shimano SLX M675 Double Chainset - 10 Speed
  • The HollowTech II Chainset features hollow forged crank arms which are both lightweight and rigid whilst being incredibly strong and durable
  • HollowTech II integrated bottom bracket design uses a wide bearing placement with a large axle diameter for increased stiffness, efficiency and added durability
  • Triple version comes with a drilled steel and carbon composite construction middle ring for excellent rigidity and durability
  • 10-speed Dyna-Sys chainrings
  • HG-X chainring with patented spike pins give smooth and fast gear shifts under load
  • We recommend that the bottom bracket is initially installed by a bike shop to ensure perfect facing and fit
  • For use with 10-speed HG-X MTB chains only
  • BB not included
Eduardo GRX still does not get down enough without super wide cassettes. The older XT/SLX double chainsets build great Gravel and Tour drives, set up with 42/28 or 40/28T. Brilliant.
Mr Flannery Very nice crankset which was purchased to convert to 1x10 drivetrain. Matched up with Hope 32t retainer ring -- also purchased at Merlin (and 2mm spacers to allow chain to clear spider). Stiff arms make noticeable difference when pedaling under power. Mix of silver and black on arms is quite resistant to heel scuffs. Great sale price and quick delivery to USA.
Mr Robertshaw These are very nice looking cranks. I wanted a one by ten but the two by ten was all Merlin had in stock for this price. No worries though, because as I'm not using a chain-guide there is plenty of clearance for the granny ring bosses to not get in the way once it was removed. My Superstars oval chain ring then directly replaced the larger ring that came with the cranks. People often mention stiffness when reviewing cranks but in all the cranks I've ever owned or ridden I've not been able to tell any difference in that department. Very light though, I love 'em!
Gander This is to replace the Sram unit fitted on my bike, the replacement rings being almost impossible to find. It offers a lower gear ratio and options for shorter cranks which help improve pedal to ground clearance.. With a BB included it's fantastic value.
Mr Walton Really good value chainset, not quite as light as the XT but perfect for the type of riding that I do around cannock chase etc.
Bill Dunn Excellent reasonably priced crankset. Comes with an extremely smooth XT level bottom bracket. Smooth pedaling. Just as nice as the XT Crankset but at a significant savings.
Dave I Well made and makes it easier to keep the chain out of the dirt and provide forward motion.
Mr Corwin Great cranks, the arms seem even more durable than the XT arms. Ships with an XT level bottom bracket. The rings don't have the same level of finish or bling factor as XT, but can be upgraded. Can't find a better value than these cranks, performance as good as XT for an amazing price.
Mr velosa Awesome. I replaced my 3 rig cranks for these and love them so far. Nice size rings (38/26) provide all the gears I need for my trail riding.
Mr Winkelman Very nice crankset and easy to setup as a 1X system.
Gavin. Beautiful quality chainset (cant help but think that this generation of SLX is the best all-round Shimano groupset at the moment in cost/design/durability/performance terms). To my eyes (anyway) theyre better looking than XT and with only a minor sacrifice in weight in comparison, which for me is more than offset by SLxs more durable and superior finish. Im running mine with the single 38t ring, having removed the 24t one, and it runs sweetly, utterly dependable and with a chain retention so good its almost spooky. Great price and next-day delivery service from Merlin, also, it is worth noting (for those that care about such things) that my orders from Merlin are shipped in their original Shimano packaging unlike some other well known online bike stores that ship their products wrapped in bubble wrap.
Mr Disser Beautiful crankset at an amazingly low price! I like this better than the last XT set I had. Arms look solid as a rock!
Mr Ginn Replaced some SRAM cranks with these works of art-look superb, always dependable and shift perfectly.
Mr Muller This is great quality chainset and nothing beats the shimano method of attaching the non-drive side crank arm. Bought the 26-38 option which is perfect for how I ride.
Clark Amazing crankset for the money, almost the same weight as the xt cranks without rings. I love how the finish does not wear off with shoe rub due to the silver finish on that part of the cranks. You cannot go wrong with the SLX!