Shimano Tiagra Mach Road Wheels
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Shimano Tiagra Mach Road Wheels
Shimano Tiagra Mach Road Wheels
  • Shimano Tiagra hubs on Mach 1 700c road rims
  • Front & rear wheels available
  • Black spokes
  • Silver Hubs
  • Black Rims
  • Skewer included 
  • Rim Tape Not Included
Mr PriceExcellent wheel for the price
Dr MidgleyAfter returning to cycling after a hiatus of some 13 years I needed to re-fit and revive some of my old gear to get back on the road. I bought a Tiagra Mach rear wheel for a mid-00s 9 speed but wasn't sure what to expect at the low price point. Promptly delivered via one-hour time-slot courier along with other components. A great no-fuss budget wheel. After 120 miles I needed to tweak a couple of slightly loosened spokes, but now, with 230 miles on the clock, everything is running well without the need for additional adjustments. It's too early to predict its likely working life, but everything points to it lasting for a long time. It does everything I'd expect from a no-frills, no-fuss budget wheel . Very pleased.
PhilGreat price but unfortunately after the first ride I had to retighten numerous loose spokes that were creaking and loose (I'm 90Kg, so not too overweight). I will monitor them over the next few rides, hopefully they have now seated correctly.
Mr RobertGreat product and very professional company.
Mr dolanBought the front to match the rear, just as nice, rolls well and true. Both wheels for just over a ton, great value :-)
Mr dolanGreat front wheel to match the back. Runs true and is actually a few grams lighter than my old bontrager wheels. Quality is great at this price 👍
Mr logueGood quality for a budget option. Happy with purchase.
Mr AttardGood sturdy replacement wheel, however important for those new to wheel replacement that you will need rim tape for this! Otherwise the inner tube will expand into the holes and pop!
JAHExcellent quality wheels. Spokes are tensioned evenly. Hubs have quality bearings that will last many years.
Mr Hart32, plain gauge spokes and sturdy rims/hubs mean you won't buy these for racing or hillclimbing. However, for general use, light touring, Audax or, depending on your ability/aspiration, Club rides, these wheels will fit the bill. Even mid-range Shimano hubs will be durable and are easy to maintain, and these big-barrelled Deores roll nicely, and very quietly (made in Malaysia, but marked 'VIA', which is the Japanese guarantee of standards). Rims are narrowish by modern standards, not very deep, but 25 mm tyres fit well, and you could probably go to 28. Rear was true out of the box, but the front needed a little bit of tweaking. Don't come with rim tape, but with skewers and adapter ring. Usual excellent service from Merlin, and at c£90 for the pair, a steal.
johnbought these to replace some worn out wheels on my biannchi c2c great wheels strait & true done over 300 miles now & all good
Beast from EastChose it against rebuilding an old dt Swiss for training, front makes the deal, solid, good feeling on descents, and, surprise, tiagra hub as smooth as 370 hub.
Mr Launas true as they come. little bit narrow which makes fitting the tyre somewhat harder, but once it's on, no issues. obviously a bit on the heavy side but completely fine for 95% of recreational cyclists.
Mr grosickiWell build basic set of wheels, happy with purchase. Fast delivery from Merlin Cycles.
Bryan DonaldsonBought these from Merlin on Thursday morning and they arrived Friday afternoon which is superb.The wheels themselves are well made and quite light for the price. I would not hesitate recommending both Merlin and this wheel set to anyone.
DavidReally impressed with the quality of this budget wheel. I hadn't realised that they were built by Raleigh in Nottingham. I've only used this wheel on my turbo trainer, but the deep double-walled Mach1 rim looks bomb proof. The cup and cone Shimano hub rolls nicely, and the rim arrived perfectly true. The wheel was supplied with a spacer so I could fit a spare 10 speed cassette onto the 11 speed freehub. This is a great bit of kit for the money.
Mr taylorExcellent wheel. Smooth rolling and balanced ride.
JOHNRear wheel quite heavy but fine for use on my winter bike. Slightly out of true after 100 miles use but not enough to require attention yet.
Mr AllenSuprisingly lightweight for the price.
Mr LearnerAmazing value here; a set of wheels for less than $100. They arrived in great shape, round and true, and they ride very nicely.
LiGreat wheel, solid build, slightly heavy but seems very durable.
StereojBought these for the turbo, and they work a treat. Seem well made (haven't needed trueing, although I'd not expect to given the usage) and have lasted a few months so far with no niggles at all. I'd buy again.
Miss mcdougallFabulous training wheel at a great price, straight forward to fit,
Mr TurnerGood rear wheel, needed a cheap replacement for a broken wheel. Delivered quickly and has worked perfectly on my commuter since I got it.
Alan TCame quickly and was dead true. Quite narrow, 13mm, but fitted a 25mm tyre ok. Used it a few times now and no problems so far. A good basic wheel that rolls fine.
CraigNice solid pair of wheels delivered round and true. Quality shimano hubs look built to last the distance of a daily commute.
martinUse this wheel in my commuting bike. It's perfect. Currently using the spacer washer provided to accommodate an 8 speed cassette
LawsonFast delivery, a pretty good bog standard rear wheel to replace the one I wore out on my tricross. Should keep going for a couple more thousand miles. Nice looking wheel for very little money.
lacattReplacement front wheel for a hybrid commuting bike, completely happy with it.
Ben ClaytonBought this as the cheapest new wheel I could use for indoor training. After two 30 minute runs on the TT, it's performing fine.
Mr DonnellyNeeded a cheap set of wheels for winter. These seem to fit the job perfectly. Only one long ride on them so far but they seem smooth enough, not massively heavy and are straight.
Mr GreenBought this to use on the turbo trainer to save the hassle of swapping tyres around. It's heavy but should be pretty bullet-proof for what I am using it for.
Mr KettleboroughPerfect wheels for winter trainer/commuter bike and even the chain gang. Have stayed true so far (300 miles) and Tiagra hubs mean easy servicing. When the rims finally wear out, I'll just buy some more as the price is so good.
Mr BellBought this to use as a trainer wheel and for that its perfect and a great price, saves the faf of swapping tyres. No rim tape but I did get a quick release.
Mr. neutrinoBig old 32 spoke winter training wheel. No rim tape and no quick release but still about as cheap as you can get.
Mr LynchFast delivery, great cheap turbo trainer wheel or a cheap winter wet training wheel, heavy but smooth and bullet proof
Mr RussellGood components, good value and quick delivery. However the wheel had been very badly put together. It was true but the spokes were too loose and came completely loose within 100 miles. Bad enough that I could tighten them with my finger and thumb! I would buy one again, but check the spoke tension before use.