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CST Ultra Speed Folding Tyres With 2 Free Inner Tubes - Pair
  • Excellent value tyre and tube kit
  • Ideal from communting and training
  • Foldable kevlar bead
  • 700 x 23mm
  • Low rolling resistant all weather compound
  • Kit includes 2 x tyres and 2 x presta vlave inner tubes.


Excellent service from merlin, the tyres- arrived quickly and they look an absolute treat on the ladies 1984 Peugeot road bike they were ordered for. Fitted easily and ride well.
Excellent value. No flats yet.
Nice rolling tyres, for a great price!
My second order, good for training
Bargin. Good training tyre. Keep the pressures up to avoid punctures. Same quality of tyres that are 3 times the price of these. Got free tubes with these too!
Haven't used this order yet but have used these tires in the past. Good tire, especially for the price. Wish red had still been available.
First time to CST. After two weeks I may say these tires are an excelent related to costs. The two inner tubes are a well received gift. Thanks.
Fantastic tyres for the money. They are fast and grip well but you must keep them close to the full 120kpa to minimise any punctures. This way they simply ping stones away as you ride the roads.
I wasn't expecting much to be honest given the price. However the tyres are very light and fast and the profile is tiny which is what I wanted as they are going on a Lotus 110 - there is not much clearance between the wheel and frame!!!! They fold easily and are compact enough to take as a spare. The fit on the rims is excellent. The tubes are tubes! They don't have removable valves but are great as spares. Absolute bargain
These clinchers are an amazing value tyre. Many tyre brands manufacture tyres under sized and are difficult to flick over the rim when fixing a puncture or replacing them. Not these. CST Ultra Speeds are perfectly sized for safe and fast tyre changes. I run these at the full 110kpa and they are fast and grip well wet or dry. A great all rounder that performs like a race tyre.
Ordered these to be delivered to the US and they arrived within a week, which was unexpected. Completed 2 rides of about 20 miles each with no issues. Due to it being the rainy season here, there was a decent amount of dirt, small rocks, and other road "junk" I had to ride through and there are no signs of damage/distortion on the tyres. Another couple hundred miles will be the test to see how these hold up, but based on the first two rides I have been impressed with their feel and durability.
Great value foldable tyres with tubes, tires roll fast and grip levels seems to be high. They come up nearer 25mm wide on my vision rims. The tubes are short valve, so no good on any wheel over 30 mm deep, still great value
These tires roll well, are puncture resistant, and are durable. Used them for several months with no punctures so far.
Just bough these and rode a few times on them . They are well made roll well and are exceptionally cheap they feel like more expensive schwalbe ultremos on the road.
Great tires for a very reasonable price, Excellent!