We've assembled six different themed cycling gift guides. The idea being that you probably know the general sort of cyclist or person that you're buying a gift for but you don't know too much more than that. Our gift guides contain a good variety of stuff but they're each under a definite theme. Happy browsing!

  1. Under £20

    Under £20

    Super-useful category for those looking for a special little something for any type of cyclist.
  2. Commuter


    Reward the all-weather commuter cyclist with a gift that will make their early starts a bit more enjoyable.
  3. Gadget Geek

    Gadget Geek

    Pretty much all cyclists love gadgets. Computers, GPS, training tools, multi tools, smartphone stuff, organisers and much more.
  4. Mountain Biker

    Mountain Biker

    Filthy fun merchants. Kit them out with something useful or treat them to a new shiny thing, just because.
  5. Road Racer

    Road Racer

    Gifts tailored towards the drop-bar speed freaks out there. Performance pedallers will love this stuff.
  6. Triathlete


    Triathlons are getting more popular than ever and the cycling section of the sport has some really cool stuff to choose from.