Refine By Clear All

    Glasses should be thought of in terms of protection. Yes, that can mean protection from glaring sun but it should also include protection from loads of other things. There’s the obvious things like protection from debris, road spray, trail muck and rain. These are all well worth protecting your eyes from. But what about wind? The invisible enemy of all cyclists. It’s great when it’s on your back but it very seldom seems to be. Eyewear protects your eyes from the wind. It’s not that the wind is going to harm your eyeballs. Wind will impair your vision though. You don’t have to travelling very fast to have the wind buffeting your eyes. This affects your focus clarity – not to mention making you screw up your face, leading to tension and ache. Riding with some eyewear on removes all this grief. You’ll see things more easily, earlier and much clearer. Eyewear with high optical quality lenses actually improve your clarity of vision even when you’re not moving. They cut out glare and they add contrast. Things appear sharper and clearer – particularly in your peripheral vision. We stock big style brands like Oakley, POC and Smith Optics but we also stock great glasses from Uvex and BBB.