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Easton EC70 XC Carbon Riser Bar is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Easton EC70 XC Carbon Riser Bar
Easton EC70 XC Carbon Riser Bar

This item was discontinued 24th August 2016.

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  • 20% stronger than previous Easton models and much stronger than other brands.
  • Composite TaperWall technology.
  • Reinforced stem and brake lever clamping zones. 
  • 9 deg bend 4 deg upsweep
  • Width 685mm
  • For 31.8mm stem
  • Weight 150g 
  • Low rise decals Grey / Black 
  • High rise decals Red / White


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Awesome bar. I've got the 40mm rise one, and it weights 164grams. Please take into account that the high riser is black with white and red text. The bar feels pretty rigid but it dampens more than the aluminium one I had; I can't compare with other carbon bars because it is the first for me.
I have used Easton bars since the first Monkeybar Carbon bars came out (In fact, I still have a set on one of the bikes). I wanted some wider bars for my full sus so bought these. Easton bars are light, strong and look great. A good price from Merlin too!
A superb handlebar at an excellent price from Merlin. It is fantastically light, feels good, looks good and is very tough. I have the high rise and it feels more refined and more responsive than the low rise I tried, as well as being more comfortable. Will keep telling my friends about this excellent bar and price compared to other sellers. Highly recommended.
Excellent light bar! You cant go wrong with this carbon bar. Recommended!
Great handlebar, lightweight, solid, good width for cross country.
Super comfy & light bars and really feel the benefit when fitted to a fully rigid fork, quality piece of kit.
A great light weight bar that's rigid, strong and nicely understated, no bling!
Always thought the buzz on carbon fiber was a way to justify its high price. Couldn't be more mistaken. This handlebar, apart from perfect size and rise, does dampen the trail chatter the fork can't cope with. At sale price it's a great, great buy. Can't recommend enough.
Nice bar at a great price on Merlin. I ordered a low rise version for the other half and a high rise version for myself. Surprisingly the graphics were different on each version, the high rise having red and white decals and the low rise having matt black decals. Luckily they perfectly matched our respective bikes. The bars rise is nice and comfortable and the carbon reduces the buzz on my hardtail.
Good width, nice comfortable, reduces trail buzz nicely
Best handlebar I ever had. Spot on sweep and rise angle. Light and superb damping. A must have.
Very light, seems very strong. Graphics very understated which I like but not everyone might.
Delivered fast enough to Finland. This is my first carbon bar, so I have no earlier experience where to compare, so that's why I shall give 5-stars right away. Before this Easton bar I had an aluminum riser bar (low rise) on same width. This carbon riser feels stiff, reliable and very, very lightweight. The 685mm width is enough for me, makes it easier to handle on narrow trails and go around trees etc.
Perfect bars, incredibly light. I love the way they help to smooth out the ride but leave you in no doubt that you are in complete control. Excellent service from Merlin as usual at the best price too.
These are a great value handlebar my last pair are still going 5 years on and they are so light and strong I really don`t know how Easton do it!
An excellent bar for x-country and trail riding.
Really nice bars. Extremely light but feel super-strong and stiff. They are an upgrade from some alloy ones on my cannondale jekyll. A massive weight saving,good price.
Purchased a couple of these bars, firstly the price was very good, secondly Easton carbon bars always seem to get good reviews and thirdly they weigh 150grams. I bought one bar for my full suss bike to try and shave some weight as the alu bars were pretty heavy compared to these. Width of 685mm is fine for me, being a bit on the short side I find bars at 700mm feel too wide. Liked the first bar that I decided the carbon hardtail deserved a bit more carbon as well and put one on that.
My Focus road bike (dubbed Excelsior; sadly no longer with me) had carbon forks and I was a huge fan of the way they stripped the road buzz from the ride. My new ride (a Cannondale Jekyll; dubbed Cthulhu)came with a stock alloy bar that was long and heavy, so I was very happy to swap for this EC70 XC: it's shorter (but not cramped) and weighed-in on my kitchen scales at 168g vs. my alloy's 350g. Despite the ludicrous floaty-light feel, it's stiff but not unyielding - you don't feel as if it'll snap in two when chomping up the rough stuff, but it's also kills buzz on roads, cycleways and tow paths. Only one tiny niggle: aesthetically, it's not perfect as there's a slightly ugly seam (or fold?) that mars the look. It's totally smooth and not a product flaw as such, but mine, at least, isn't visually seamless (literally). All-in-all though, a great bar at a fantastic price
The extra width of this bar gave me confidence in cornering. It is also very lightweight and has a good matt finish to it that doesn't seem to show up dirt/scratches like some other carbon products.
Really nice bars. Extremely light but feel super-strong. They are an upgrade from some alloy ones on my On-One carbon 456. A massive weight saving. They are super stiff but feel very smooth over tank track-rutted military dirt roads. Great.
After reading to many articles both on line and in magazines it was time to spend the money. The service from Merlin was fantastic and when I opened the product it looked just as good. The bars were really easy to fit and as a flat bar rider in the past the slight change in angle and rise make a huge difference. Money well spent on my riding position and im well pleased with the overall package.
Great Bars, Replaced the flats with these and straight away the bike can be thrown around a lot more. Subtle. Not all bling and carbon, you would have to look twice to see they are carbon. Plenty of room to hold lock outs etc. Nice high rise too, not far off my old Monkey bars.
Lightweight but strong enough that I don't worry about it when riding, the bend suits me too. Understated looks from a quality manufacturer go with the rest of the build.
These bars are the lightest I've ever felt. They`re Awesome!
Very nice bars, very light and superb price
Great service and fast delivery from Merlin Cycles. Very happy with the bars - great finish on them and a good size plus very light.
All you could want in a handlebar - perfect width, great shape, lightweight and a bargain price from Merlin.
I bought these bars recently to replace my stock alloy risers. I can honestly say that I am super impressed with the Eastons. They are considerably lighter , nice and stiff with a great look and feel. The rise and back sweep work brilliantly for me. They seem to absorb a little trail chatter also so all in all would highly recommend . Thanks Merlin.
I received my new Easton EC70 carbon bars within 24 hours of placing my order. They weigh less than the box they arrived in. Although the finish is a little duller than I expected I am very happy with them. They are now on my Kinesis XC130 along with a new stem and brakes and they look just right. Good width, stiff but I know there is some beneficial flex going on because on the trail the just 'feel' SO good! Once again, great price, rapid service from Merlin.
Replaced OEM 720mm Alloy bars on my Specialized. Good value and (at 685mm) the perfect width for me. Feel stiff in use and give confidence, with a noticeable improvement in comfort and assistance with climbing, not my favourite pastime! All the levers and grips fitted perfectly and thanks to the super smooth surface finish slipped on without catching or scratching the finish. Chosen after a disappointing experience with another set of carbon bars and overall very pleased with my choice of Easton.
Super light perfect width bars, great control on technical stuff and not to wide through the trees, As usual perfect service with a great price to boot.
Nice and light, great price
Excellent bars, ergonomic and the additonal width over my existing bars gives much more control,
This is a first for me after being diagnosed as "carbophobic". These bars are light..very light but suprisingly rigid. They appear to, noticeably, cut out minor trail chatter. At 685mm they aren't exactly "on trend" with the current "wider is better" train of thought but since they've replaced 640mm OEM bars I don't feel at any disadvantage. Good kit.
Very impressed light and good feed back through the bars.