Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset With GP4000s II Tyres & Tubes
Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset With GP4000s II Tyres & TubesFulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset With GP4000s II Tyres & TubesFulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset With GP4000s II Tyres & TubesFulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset With GP4000s II Tyres & Tubes
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Bundle Deal Fulcrum Racing 3 Road Wheelset, complete with Continental Grand Prix 4000s II 25mm road tyres and inner tubes. Wheels sold as front and rear pair with tyres and tubes fitted.

2015 Racing 3 wheels are ideal for both racing and for everyday training.

  • Differentiated rim heights – 24mm at front for optimal manoeuvrability; 30mm at rear for optimal power transfer
  • Oversized hub body in aluminium, painted white, gives strong lateral stiffness while reducing weight.
  • Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheel, double the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel. 16 straight pull aero spokes on front wheel, 21 on rear.
  • Fulcrum Dynamic Balance keeps the Racing 3 wheels perfectly stable but is achieved in the rim milling process rather than spokes in the Racing 5.
  • Milled rim to reduce the peripheral weight of the rim, increasing reactivity.
  • Weights: Front 670g, Rear 885g
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These were a replacement for my original Giant wheels, which had begun to show cracks. They shaved about 490g off total weight. I've had my first ride on them, & the first thing I noticed was the tire profile made the bike drop into a turn rather than roll into it. I included some rough road surface, & the slightly wider tyres definitely took the edge of the vibration. Particularly through the wrists. Don't know if they made me any faster. I did put in a good pace (for me) despite the wind. But that could have just been some renewed enthusiasm because I've got some shiny new kit. I do like the sound they make as they roll along though.
Great wheelset! Excellent for climbing, super light and stiff. I really recommend this wheelset.
Lighting fast delivery. Upgraded from Mavic Aksium/Yksion combo - only shaved 200g but pleased with how easy it is to climb hills.
Excellent bundle of wheels and tyres at a fabulous price. I bought these as an upgrade to my Mavic Aksiums and have already noticed speed improvements on both hills and the flat. Also appreciate going from 23mm tyres to 25mm.
First, the Merlin customer service is excellent, they resolved an issue quickly and simply via email. The wheels were delivered to Washington state, USA within a week and arrived in good order. Wheels were true and hubs felt correctly tuned. I switched the very good tires they come with to another bike as I wanted to use 23s on the Fulcrums and they fit fine. These replaced Ksyrium Equipes and I saved about 350 grams. Was concerned about 16 spokes vs 20 on front wheel but the wheel is stiff without flexing on climbs under my 175 pounds. Very nice solid ride and much quieter wheels.
My bike came with Ultegra 2way fit wheels. I had so much trouble fitting tyres and pinching inner tubes that I got fed up and tried the Racing 3's. As expected, being clincher only, they are a very easy wheel to fit tyres. What I didn't expect was that they would make a difference to the feel of the bike. It feels a little livelier and lighter. I feel a bit quicker going upwards. I have Campagnolo Zonda on my other bike and the Fulcrum wheels are every bit as good. I would recommend either set. Good deal from Merlin, tyres and tubes included. Next day delivery with good communication too.
Awesome wheelset with some really high quality rubber means this is a great deal. I had previously put GP4000s on my stock RS11s and noticed a big difference but moving to stiffer and better rolling Racing 3 wheelset like this, it moves the game on yet again. I had seriously considered going for the Mavic Kysrium wheelset as an alternative to these but I'm glad I went for the Racing 3s as they perform exactly how I wanted.
What a great deal, I chose these over the equivalent Mavic wheel mainly because of great online reviews and the price. They have made a huge difference to my Giant Defy 0 over the original wheels both smother and faster. I have mavic mtb wheels and the quality of these is right up there. They have so far done 300 miles of rough cornish roads in some horrible weather and nothing has needed adjusting, the freewheel also has a nice sound, not too noisy like a hope, just right. Thanks Merlin
These fulcrum 3 wheels are fantastic wheels. Strong, stiff and light. Perfect for all year round. These have sealed bearings which are excellent in the UK and the GP4000II tyres are the perfect addition to the wheelset. I haven't shopped with Merlin before but would do so again. The cost of this bundle with next day delivery was so much cheaper than elsewhere. One of the best upgrades possible for a road bike.
Great wheelset. Solid, smooth rolling and reasonably light for everyday riding. Great value with the tyres and tubes included!
Very good deal as a tyre tube and wheel combination. Best price on the net. Wheels are excellent, used them for the recent tour of Cambridgeshire and they were excellent. Using 25c tyres was also a first and they were a comfortable ride. I have used Merlin previously and will continue to do so.
Hard to beat these wheels & tyres as a combination, but at the price Merlin offers it, with fast delivery halfway around the world, it is bordering on silly. What more can I say. The wheels themselves are a HUGE step up in performance from the those that were supplied with my wifes bike. Not only do they spin SO much better, but they have shaved over 800g off the weight when combined with an Ultegra cassette. The tyres that came were GP4000SII, and as a bonus, they were 25mm, not 23mm as advertised. I would recommend this combination for training to all but the most fastidious of cyclists. For double the cost, you could buy the Racing Zeros and save a further 100g and increase stiffness for heavier riders (which I purchased - second hand), but if I was buying new, I wouldn't look any further than the Racing 3s, and the current wheels/tyre deal from Merlin is impossible to beat, particularly in Australia. Recommended in a heartbeat - I would buy them again tomorrow without hesitation. I was so impressed that I have put a couple of friends on to the deal as well. Thanks Merlin Cycles.
Great set of wheels, love them they are light and fast would recommend as first upgrade to any bike. Tyres are excellent too
Fantastic wheelset at a great price. I upgraded the stock wheels that came with my bike and I'm amazed at the difference it has made. When freewheeling downhill, I immediately accelerate past my cycling buddies and I can feel the advantage on uphill sections too. A very worthwhile investment.
Wheels are a nice upgrade to my standard Mavic CXP22 rims with Felt hubs although there was really no complaints with those either. I did manage to reduce the weight by approx 500g with the Fulcrums. I am 6"1' (185cm) and 77kg and have found some flex in the rear as I get out of the saddle. The rim rubs on the brakes but I have remedied that by increasing the gap between the rim and pad. The wheels roll nicely with the GP4000s II tyres but 25s instead of 23s would be more comfortable on country roads. The Fulcrums also give a feel of forward propulsion with every pedal stroke. The spokes are the flat kind which can give a whirring sound when speed picks up. Overall a good first wheel upgrade at a good price.
Very pleased with these wheels which have made a significant difference to the hills. Recommended.
Great value as always from Merlins. Super smooth wheels that are superb to ride. Low noise, very stable and with top notch tyres, I couldn't resist buying.
Great wheels, agree with the other reviews here. Noticeably lighter than my previous Mavic CXP-22's, and cope well on country roads even on damp/wet rides. On short, out of the saddle climbs you need much less effort to go at the same pace. However, the biggest difference I've noticed is that they are much better at holding your speed - on longer rides my average speed is about 1-2mph faster for a similar effort level. Tyres really good too, hold their own even in the wet.
Fantastic wheelset and tyre combo from Merlin Cycles. I bought this wheelset to replace the entry level Shimano's that came with my carbon road bike. I've ridden them for over a 1,000kms now and can't fault them at all. Excellent hub, spokes, rims build quality and look great. The GP4000's are the best for grip and low rolling resistance. Previously I was getting a lot of punctures but since changing to this wheelset - no punctures (touch wood)! They are noticeably faster up the hills and in aggressive acceleration. My normal riding buddy was surprised that he couldn't keep up with me on burst of speed away from the lights. That was without really trying. Really good wheelset. Good fast delivery and service from Merlin. Best package price from the online majors. Some people have complained about difficulty keeping the white hubs clean. I don't find that as an issue. With regular cleaning they are easy enough and look good when clean.
These wheels were recommended to me by a Merlin Cycles representative and I am very, very pleased. Along with the new GP 4000s II tires, these wheels are light, fast and comfortable to ride. It's like I have a brand new bike.
Amazing deal! Wheels quite light for what I need without getting into the world of mega bucks! Wheels roll great and feel very responsive with the GP4000s. Very happy with them :-)
Massive improvement on my aksiums. Feel really stiff and noticed the difference on the climbs. The biggest surprise was how well the braking surface performs. Top notch tyres as an added bonus. Looking at the rear spokes though it will be a bike shop job if you pop a spoke. Just done 192 mile coast to coast and bashed a few cattle grids with 104 kg through em still tight and true. BARGAIN
Superb wheels. Nice and stiff for climbing but not so stiff that it is bone-jarring. The weight is good for the price and the deal with the tyres and tubes was a bargain. I have a set of Racing Zero's which are lighter but these Racing 3's are a good deal at half the price of the zero's.
This is the second pair of these wheels that I have purchased, & have been using the first pair for a year now. At this price, with tyres they are an absolute bargain due to their weight, build quality, & the first pair has stayed true, & the bearings are still silky smooth also they still look as new after a years hard use. Add to all this that they are also tubeless ready, which is why I gave them a top score. !
Very lightweight wheels for this price, but to include tyres and tubes the price is fabulous!! The wheels run very smoothly and true, with equal tightness on the spokes. The freewheel is not silent but is not as loud as Hope freewheels.
Second set of these, brilliant wheels. Reckon as good as you can get before paying big money. Roll well and the free hub is quiet to start but does get a little louder. Come in at given weight, and i got the tyre deal and 10% off which made them cheapest anywhere, and that is just for the rims.... so free tyres!!! I have used Merlin for years and they always have the best wheel deals on a regular basis.