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Bundle Deal Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG Road Wheelset, complete with Continental Grand Prix 4000s II 25mm road tyres and inner tubes. Wheels sold as front and rear pair with tyres and tubes fitted.
New 2016 Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG Aluimium wheels front & rear set clincher fitting - 11 Speed
The New Quattro LG wheelset is Versatile and aggressive. A wheel created for riders who enjoy pitting themselves against a different type of route every day.
Rim -
New 35mm rim. Developed to strike the perfect balance between aerodynamic efficiency, handling and lightness. The 35mm rim profile increases torsional and lateral stiffness compared with a conventional profile, for improved high speed stability. 
Spokes - 
Double-butted steel spokes with aero profile enable maximum aerodynamic penetration. 
Aluminium nipples make it possible to reduce the peripheral mass of the wheel to the minimum, thus increasing its reactivity.
Hubs - 
Oversized hub body in aluminium provides a high degree of lateral stiffness and reduces the weight to a minimum. 
Adjustable ball bearing system in ultra high quality steel for reduced friction and maximum performance even after extensive use. Quick and easy to adjust. Aluminium axle reduces the overall weight of the wheel.
Oversized flange on the drive side provides greater torsional stiffness, increases reactivity at any change in rhythm of the pedal stroke.
Exclusive processing system of the 5 axis hub. This allows the spokes seat to be created perfectly in line with the tensioning line. This solution allows equal tension values to be obtained at every point of the spoke; it reduces stress on the rim and the spokes and keeps the wheel balanced.
Quick Release - 
New, completely redesigned and lighter wheel block. Steel spine and eccentric, lever with drill lightening and aluminum die. Eccentric-closure system allows cyclist to modulate the pressure necessary for heightened sensitivity to find the proper closure for the block. Easy to use, with a material resistant to wear and tear, rust, and pressure.
  • Rim Material: Aluminium alloy - Dynamic Balance
  • Height: 35mm
  • Braking surface: Turned braking surface
  • Spokes: Stainless steel - 16 (Front), 21 (Rear), Two-to-One pattern
  • Profile tech: Aero, straight pull
  • Weight: 1725g
  • Suppplied with Continental GP4000's Tyres
It is very good quality. Very good for riding on asphalt.
Decided to go with these as my first wheelset upgrade and I'm super satisfied. They feel great, runs faster and the value for money is hard to beat. I highly recommend!
Real value for money, more comfortable ride than the stock Axis wheels on my Tarmac plus weight and aero gains
Great everyday wheels. My daily ITT course was 1.5 mph faster on these wheels. Coupled with the tires they came with, you can't go wrong.
This wheeset has really improved my Specialised Allez Elite. I am now averaging around 17.4mph where previoulsy on my stock wheels I struggled to get above 16.3mph. Some reviews mention issues with crosswinds, I have had one ride so far in strong winds and whilst you feel it now and then nothing major. Even though heavier than say Fulcrum 5s going up hills are no problem. Fantastic would strongly recommend.
This is an outstanding wheel set upgrade! I really wanted to spring for some carbon hoops but my budget got in the way of that. I found these Fulcrum's, read reviews from other buyers, and decided to give them a shot. I was pleased with the quality of the wheel and instantly noticed the improved stiffness and smoothness over the stock wheels they replaced. Over rough Texas country roads they feel indestructible and roll smoothly over everything I've thrown at them. All in all for the wheel's, tires, and tubes this is a great all in one upgrade!
This wheelset and continental 25mm tyres made my bicycle have a very stable and comfortable riding feel compared to narrower rims and tyres. Couldn't try them on windy conditions yet, but they're very smooth and keeping the speed is also easier. Thanks Merlin.
These wheels surpassed my expectations for the price. They roll smoothly and very stiff. I brought them to replace the stock wheels for my new giant tcr. And the difference is noticeable. The bearing are incredibly quiet. Which I like. So excellent wheels and price. The wheels arrived with tyres fixed to rim. All I had to do was pump the tyres and swap the cassette over. Tyres are a great combo for these wheels. I recommend this wheelset
These are a great set of wheels and combined with the Conti GP4000 tires you really can't go wrong. The hubs spin well and the rear especially transfers the power greatly. A vast improvement over the Fulcrum 7's that came stock on my bike. I do however wish the hub was a bit louder while coasting as I've gotten used to the noise and find it quite soothing when I get tired and need to refocus for the ride. As I said in the beginning, in these are great wheels and tires and you will not be disappointed with them at all.
Brilliant product, fairly lightweight, beautiful design and came with tyres and tubes already on the wheels and inflated! Would recommend to anyone as a first wheel upgrade
Bought to upgrade wheels on Specialized Allez Elite. Feel lighter and stiffer than old wheels. Only done 3 rides, 150 miles, on familiar routes and already 1mph faster. Hey look good too. Wheels arrived as described in both contents and time. The wheels and tyres are excellent value.