Pair Vittoria Rubino 3 Tyres & 2 Vittoria Tubes
Pair Vittoria Rubino 3 Tyres & 2 Vittoria Tubes
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Special offer: Pair Rubino 3 tubes with Vittoria inner tubes
The Vittoria Rubino Tyre has been used by professionals at endurance races such as RAAM. The tyre is an excellent all-rounder that features 60 TPI nylon casing, dependable puncture protection, technical tread pattern and the lifelong tread compound Aramid Enduro. Available in a range of sizes and colours, the tyre is superbly rigid and has been built to last.
  • Pressure 100/145 psi
  • Dependable puncture protection for high mileage lifelong service
  • Lifelong tread compound Aramid Enduro
  • Technical Tread pattern Prima C.O.M Vector
  • Inner Tubes: 2 Vittoria Lite 700x23mm innner tubes, choice of 48mm or 80mm valve
Value for money tires and tubes combo. Highly recommend it. I know Vittoria released the Rubino G+ but I'm kinda wary of it and opted for this "obsolete" version and they are great.
I usually buy Rubino Pro's, but these are proving to have no noticeable difference in performance, which is top-notch for wear, grip, rolling resistance, and weight for a training / beating that Strava KOM ride. And for two tyres AND 2x tubes for that price?... it was a no-brainer. Kudos as usual to Merlin too - they have what I want in stock, and great service / price / delivery time (NZ). Cheers :)
I have bought this bundle in the past and its always great value and reliable quality tyres and tubes, recommended
Long lasting and smooth ride.
Very good in all conditions
Been using these tyres for a few years now on my winter bike, cheap and reliable and always a good deal at Merlin Cycles
Durable tires for all training purposes
I have a history with vittoria tyres and good experience of Rubino and Diamante. I'm a light rider at 150lb and decided to stay with 23mm which on a 17mm internal width rim gives plenty of width. The Rubino 3 has mild grip pattern, good puncture resistance and supple TPI over 100. The tyres weigh 240 gm each. Good fit, no bulging and a relatively low profile. the free tubes was a nice bonus. Good for all weather training and mid racing. I can run these at 90 psi with comfort and acceptable resistance.
One of the best tyres in the market with less rolling resistance and higher puncture protection as well.
Great value for the money, have not had chance to use them on the road yet, but the previous Vitoria Rubino tyres I have just replaced lasted for ages with no problems so can recommend them.
Unbelievable deal, plus these tires have low roll resistance and extended tread life. Win, win, win.
These are my first Vittoria tyres, but look and feel good so far. Just a few kilometer test ride and they roll smoothly, and grip in the wet is solid, a couple notches better than my old other brand tyres. The Merlin price is excellent - Highly recommended.
Sure, this is intermediate tyre. A good tire for bad roads. Durable, rolling resistance is not bad. It can be used on wet and dry roads. Usual Vittoria quality.
First time I have tried the Vittoria brand and really impressed. Great tyres and quality tubes. Noticeably more comfortable than my previous Bontragers. Excellent grip in the wet Great deal price made them even better! Highly recommended
After a couple of 40 mile rides the tyres have impressed. Roll nice and quick when pumped to 115psi and holding up well against the potholes of Manchester roads. Such a good price too.
I have read reviews on these and used Vittoria tyres before, excellent quality for the price, these can be run at higher pressures without compromising the ride and comfort. Great service and delivery from Merlin.
I used to run a bike shop (some years ago now) and all the roadies used to want Rubino pro tyres for their winter trainer bikes. These were a good deal and I was building a road bike. Light tyres, puncture resistant and wear well. Cheap too!
A good reliable tyre with very good performance
First ride out and these are very good budget tyres and tubes. Very easy to fit and are ideal for those changeable wintery days.
Solid and hard wearing but very hard to change in a hurry