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    Mountain bike (MTB) seatposts

    Seatposts used to be one of the forgotten components on a mountain bike. You either had a bog standard alloy one or you had a fancy lightweight carbon one. As for adjusting them, you either kept it at full height all the time or you stopped and manually lowered or raised your saddle as the terrain dictated. Since the introduction of the Rockshox Reverb things have become a whole lot more interesting - and expensive. Dropper seatposts used to viewd with suspicion by tradiionalists but these days they are becoming a common and standard sight on mountain bikes. Once you've ridden with a dropper post such as a Reverb or a Thomson Elite Dropper or a X-Fusion Hilo you'll not want to be without one again! We also stock static seatposts from the best brands in the business such as Easton, Race face and Ritchey.