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Energy and Nutrition

  1. Energy Bars

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Energy Bars Energy bars are an excellent solution for what to eat during exercise. The bars are easy to digest and are packed with all the necessary ingredients to keep hunger at bay without leaving you feeling bloated. A range of flavours are available with different amounts of carbohydrates and other essential ingredients to fuel you before, during and after exercise. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of energy bars from brands including High5, ZipVit, Beet It, SIS, PowerBar, Clif Bar and Torq.

Energy Gels Energy gels are one of the most convenient and efficient ways of supplying carbohydrates to the body fast. These scientifically formulated gels are easily absorbed while exercising and contain all the necessary ingredients to fuel you quickly. A wide range of flavours means there’s something for all tastes including different levels of caffeine as well as carbs. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of energy gels from brands including ZipVit, High5, Torq, SIS, Clif and PowerBar.

Energy Drinks Energy drinks are an ideal way to get fuel into the body as well as hydrating. Specific powders are available that are for use before, during and after riding depending on your needs. Simply mix in the correct amount of powder to your water and that’s it ready. There’s a wide range of flavours and powders are available in individual portion sachets or bulk tubs. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of energy drinks from brands including SIS, Beet It, PowerBar, ZipVit, Torq and High5.

Energy Supplements It can be difficult to include all the necessary nutritional elements needed to help you remain in good condition in modern diets. Luckily there are vitamins and minerals supplements available which can be taken to make up for any deficiencies in your diet. These capsules are a convenient alternative when the real thing is unavailable or lacking sufficient quantities to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Merlin Cycles stock a range of energy supplements from one of the best in the business, Zipvit.

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