Shimano PD-R550 SPD-SL Road Pedals
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Shimano PD-R550 SPD-SL Road Pedals
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Shimano PD-R550 SPD-SL Resin Composite Road Pedals including cleats.
  • SPD-SL road pedal for entry level use at a value for money price
  • Wide lightweight resin body provides large shoe contact area to maximise power transfer and support whilst reducing weight
  • Low maintenance sealed cartridge axle unit
  • The low profile platform with open design allows for easy access and cleat adjustments
  • Easy to clip into and release but with stable fit for maximum power transfer to the pedals
  • Wider cleat and binding mechanism for better shoe/pedal contact than traditional SPD systems
  • Includes SM-H11 cleats
  • Weight: 300 grams per pair
Mr Pagan Very durable and affordable
Mr Richards Prompt delivery and easy fitting. My first set of cleats and they work very well indeed. Highly recommend these.
Californian Cyclist These pedals are great! Right price, right fit, and easy to install. Also, my experience with Merlin was top-notch.
Mr Cabahug as a beginner and first time using this type of a pedal, it is a real treat that clipping in and out is that easy.
Josh These pedals are just the trick for a beginner road cyclist, easy to clip in and out of and really smooth under your foot
Mr Wainwright pleased with purchase may get a second pair for my other bike.
Lynne Am relatively new to road cycling and found these pedals to be excellent and good value
Chris Switched over from Look pedals and love these. Solid pedaling platform and easy to clip in/clip out. Glad I purchased these as a replacement.
Mr o'flanagan Excellent pedals, always my go to set.
Roy Bought these pedals to accompany the new bike that I’d purchased, excellent pedals and very good value, you can’t go wrong with Shimano products
Mr Nguyen Clips in perfectly. Lightweight, worth the upgrade from the R540 pedals
Luke Good quality pedals, all I need as I`m currently just a casual rider. Excellent upgrade from mtb pedals
Gareth Frost Always well made and good value for money. No need for more expensive carbon pedals, these will do the job just fine.
Micah Howard Lots of adjustments and easy to tweak. Stable and strong.
Mr Starr Okay, perhaps not as solid as ultegra but good starter pedal
Vu Best entry level pedals, worth the few extra bucks over the R540
Mr Olino Really good pedals at a very nice price. Would recommend to everyone.
Pepe Awesome pedals, very sturdy and easy to clip in and out.
Mr Ingham Absolutely fantastic piece of equipment. Great quality and easy to use. Looking forward to using them plenty over the coming months
Mr MUMFORD Great pedals for the non-racing minded. Easy to clip in and out.
Mr NAVARRO Perfect fit and easy snap-off when removed. A big difference from my first road pedals which really hurts my feet during unclipping.
Diego U They look like the 105 or Ultegra,. The difference is in its weight and materials. It's a really good option if you're on a budget.
Andrew Coveney Coming from using double sided SPD's these are taking some getting used to but I am slowly mastering the knack. Only done about 60 miles so far but all good.
Janne My first pedals, but so far very good. This was an excellent bundle with road shoes. Still using about the lightest setting on the tension and no problems!
William No complaints. The best part for these pedals are the springs. I am able to learn cleats from the lightest and slowly move to the tightest
Mr Assarsson Haven't got much to compare with, but easy to mount and easy to get in and out of.
Lukas After 2 years and 15000km it still works perfect. Very good price to quality factor.
Mr Bonham Amazing pedals, function no different to my dura ace version. Makes you wonder if you really need to spend the extra cash!!
Gaz1968 I'm switching from SPD to SPD-SL and so far very impressed with the difference, the pedals are easy to install, feel good quality and look great on the bike
Mr Barrera Got this with the 105 groupset and got a nice discount because of that. This pedals have a steel plate and are a little more heavier but I guess that this will make them last longer. They feel more tough!
Mr Parker Excellent value, simple to set up and use.
Mr Naisbitt Not as good as Ultegra (as expected) but much better than the clunky metal bodied R450's and at the recent sale price an absolute bargain. Easy to clip in/out and a decent, comfortable wide footbed. Recommended.
vandeGraaf Very nice pedals at a good price. Pedals are sturdy, reasonably light, run smooth, and look elegant. Clipping in is snappy and confident. The cleats are more walkable than other designs I've had over the years, without the need for cleat covers and such.
Mr Teran Excellent quality pedals. Solid contact surface smooth bearings. Easy clip in and off. Very satisfied with this purchase.
fcg Perfect NO-nonsense pedals. Pre-lubricated, ready to install. First time clip user, and no issues whatsoever. Perfect service and delivery from merlin.
Graeme Fish Reliable and bullet proof pedals, I've used these on other bikes in all weathers and they need zero maintenance no matter how wet or dusty they get.
Mr Gatt Amazing product... Its almost ultegra quality
Mr Bradley Bought these pedals to try and stop numbness I get on long rides and they have worked perfectly
Mr Ekberg Better feeling than my old 105:s
Chibuike Pedals have a good firm grip and will not disengage the cleats accidentally.
Mr Tucker High quality pedals. The tension adjustment is easy to change. They look really good and Merlin had the best price I could find for SPD-SL pedals. Not much else to say. Took about a week and a half to get to the US, which is really good for $8 shipping. Thanks Merlin!
Mr Sisson It's really hard to see why anyone would pay 4 times the price for the Dura-Ace version of these - these are plenty light enough and do a great job.
Mr Oliveira Fantastic pedals. If you are not a pro, this is more than you need for a good ride.
Mr Tomlinson Good pedals, my second pair.
Mr Steinke Great pedals. Can't tell the difference between these and a set of ultegra 6700 pedals. Not sure you can beat the price/performance ratio.
Mr Edwards Second pair of these pedals. Great value SPD-SLs
Barski Excellent value pedal with very good quality shimano bearings, the only downside being a slight weight penalty! Also the usual fantastic Merlin service and speedy delivery
ES Had two weekend 100k rides with those. So far, perform as expected. Excellent product. Excellent service.
Mr ME These are great pedals, and all you need. I've got Dura Ace pedals on my good bike and bought these for my training and TT bike. Once you are on the bike you cant tell the difference between these and the Dura Aces. The DAs are a bit lighter, but thats the only benefit and not worth the extra cost. I've won 4 crit races with these, including bunch sprints, so they are plenty secure enough.
Mr Merrill Great pedal for the price. Good to see the steel wear plate, should be a improvement over the PD-R 540's plastic.
Mr WILDE Great pedals at a great price. Easy to set up in fact no adjustment needed straight out of the box. Good firm cleating in and nice broad platform.
Mr Covey Love these pedals. I have been using look for years but wanted a wider pedal to help with numbness in the feet. Works great, very easy to clip in and out and the wider platform feels like it provides better power transfer to me.
Mr Appleton Much improved over my previous 105s. The best thing for me is that I find plastic body much easier to engage, especially in the wet. Incredible service. Ordered late Friday; arrived Saturday morning!!!!!
Mr Devriendt Nice looking pedal, wider, more comfortable and lighter than the old R540 replaced. Supplied with cleats.
Mr BR Fantastic value and super speedy delivery from Merlin. Slightly heavier than I expected but barely more than my old alloy ultegras. I was particularly chuffed that they came with an extra set of cleats as mine were wearing a bit low.
Matt Child Very quick to set up and use - include cleats so no problems with compatability
Mr Murphy Great product, easy to install, easy to get in and out of, previously used normal push pedals, these are a good upgrade for entry level cyclist.
Mr Roth Very well constructed, solid pedal, Very comfortable.
Callum I bought the Shimano PD-R550 SPD-LS Road Pedals, along with Shimano R088 SPD-SL Shoes and they are great. This is my first clip in shoes and pedals and they are fantastic. As ever superb service from Merlin. Thanks guys.
Mr Haywood Fantastic lightweight pedals, ideal for the beginner. Easily adjustable and comes with cleats included.
Vezza Why pay more for marginal gains? Unless you are an obsessive gram counter these pedals are superb value and provide all you would get from more expensive options. I upgraded from my old 540s and can't imagine needing to upgrade any further. A great buy
Mr Connor Changed from Shimano 105 (5600) SPD-SL pedals and have to say that these pedals are definitely equal in quality to the my previous model. The wider pedal contact surface is noticeable and adds a more solid feel. No problem getting enough spring cleat retention force either which is something that I thought might occur as these pedals are described as entry level. The only down side is that the resin body doesn't look quite as nice as the alloy body of the 105 (5600) SPD-SL pedal. Great price and quick delivery from Merlin Cycles.
Ade Awesome pedals!! So good I bought 3 sets, myself (for a new bike) and presents for 2 buddies
Mr Towers This is my first pair of spd road pedals and I can say that I am more than impressed! They can be difficult to get to grips with initially as they are one sided but really make a difference on good climb giving great power transfer. They are also quite light so do not make the bike too heavy. Overall well worth the money
Keith First pair of road pedals, so I don't have a lot to go on, but they seem good to me. Easy to fit, as you'd expect (they have spanner flats and a hex socket on the end of the axle). Definitely a more solid platform than mtb pedals that I am used to and no problem clipping in and out with the tension adjustment screws. Only issue is that whereas with mtb pedals, you can clip in on either side, with these you can only clip in on one side. I assumed the pedals would be 'bottom heavy' so they always presented themselves the right way up, but this doesn't seem to be the case, so getting the pedals upright can be a bit of a pain. This might become easier once the axles bed in a bit; not sure. Not sure if this is the case with all road pedals or not.
Mr Jenkins These are great value, look the same as the more expensive carbon in the resin (black) same cleat size and operating mechanism. Unless you want carbon weight saving, look no further for a great effective and well made pedal. Works faultlessly and loads of tension adjustment.
Mr Tilgalis Better than the old 105 pedals. Will buy again, or maybe upgrade
Mike DeRome These pedals are so much lighter than my previous R540's and more comfortable due to the wider platform. Merlin were quick to deliver with great communications. Thank You !!!
Mr Bonner Great pedals at a great price, unless you are a tour quality rider you really don't need anything else.