Italian company fi’zi;k, pronounced physique, began making handmade saddles in the mid 1990’s and were an instant hit with both professional and amateur riders. They are still as popular today with road and mountain bikers across the globe thanks to their use of the best materials and anatomic designs.

Although the saddle range consists of many different models for road and mountain, to help find which saddle shape is best for you they have designed the Spine concept. Depending on your riding style, flexibility and anatomical structure, each model is placed into one of three shape categories –

  • Snake is for those who move around a lot on the saddle over longer distances and with a   better range of flexibility making them better suited to racing.
  • Chameleon is for those who require slightly more comfort and move around slightly less.
  • Bull is for those riders whose main requirement is comfort as thee saddles have more padding and are slightly wider than the other types.

Ladies and time triallists are catered for with the Vitesse models which have more padding round the nose of the saddle to cater for the different riding position and the Ladies Life Vitesse Life which as the name suggests is female specific.    


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