Shimano Zee Disc Brakes Special Offer Set
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Shimano Zee Disc Brakes Special Offer Set
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Special offer front and rear set of Shimano Zee Disc Brakes

The Shimano Zee BR-M640 Disc Brake Caliper / Lever set is ideal for Gravity riders that need to have full confidence in the performance of their brakes.

That's why Shimano designed ZEE brakes with a ceramic 4-piston caliper.

Differential piston diameters provide quiet and controllable power and for optimal brake control, the levers are equipped with Servo Wave action.

Only a little lever movement is needed to bring the pads in contact with the rotor and it's easy to control your braking power.

Special offer for a front and rear set, supplied box ready bled. Suppplied post mount fitting (160mm) front and rear, requires Shimano brackets to adapt to other sizes.

Lord Parker Great stopping power, easy to bleed, great price. Big upgrade over my Sram brakes
Timbo NZ Awesome brakes, saints are definitely better if you are wondering but still damn good. Swapped out some guides for these and now my bike actually stops!
Albert-OZ I upgraded my Sram guide T brakes on a Norco Sight VLT2 to these Shimano Zee M640 set.I also added the Shimano Ice Rotors while I was at it. These brakes transformed my bike riding. I realise now how poor the standard brakes really were. They modulate really well and have good power to pull up my ebike.The levers are light to use. The only downside is the cotter pin they use to hold the pads in. There is a thread in the caliper so I will be changing the cotter pin out for a threaded pin.
Nathan Best brakes especially for EBikes and great price, will do business again for sure.
Paul Berry Great brakes, although they come Pre bled they are the European way round so you’ll need to swap the levers around so order extra olives and inserts just in case
Paul Had these to replace my XTR on mountain bike and i have to say they are brilliant loads of stopping power with great modulation. Highly recommend them to anybody
Mr Freligh So much better then the Sram Level brake. Easy to cut lines and bleed. LOTS of power. Modulation not as bad as other reviewers had experienced. I will upgrade to the finned pads when the originals wear out
Mr Blackie Excellent product, so much stopping power. Love them
Mr perrin Wow these brake are amazing. Didn't know what I was missing out on until I purchased these brakes, able to brake later with total confidence. Easy to fit as I have never fitted brakes. Only bad thing I could say is brake lines are far too long but quick trip to LBS, all fixed.
G Ott Excellent brakes, very powerful and easy to modulate. Lever reach is easily adjusted (with an Allen key but does anyone ever change it once set?) and they come with the finned sintered pads. Easy to bleed and shorten the hoses (spare olives and insert in the box) plus they are only 40g heavier than XT. Merlin were cheapest on the interweb and they arrived in two days.
Glenn Hose shortened without a rebleed nice and easy, everything needed included. Performance compared to the M396 they replaced is like night and day - now single finger braking with excellent modulation.
Mr Jones Mint power. These brakes feel so powerful and bed into my rotors after a single run.
Mr Whyte Superb stoppers by Shimano and they were boxed along with the spare end caps, olives, piston spacer and hose clamp which made trimming the hose a doddle! Merlin were unbeatable on the price for these pair on the web by some margin.
Daniel Really superb brakes, I've had Avids and Maguras but the Zees were easier to set up and bleed, and then the modulation is amazing. There is great feel through the lever and the power just keeps coming. They have made my riding downhill faster as I don't have to worry about stopping, with only 1 finger there is plenty of power.
Brynalaar Amazing set of brakes, same price as Xt but with 4 pistons. Worth buying if looking for more stopping power on a bigger bike
Tuskaloosa So far there have been brilliant - on par if not better than my Hope V2's
Tony Leach Seriously awesome brakes, replaced Avid 5's with these...much much better feel, power and modulation.
Mr nolting These brakes rock! I went from mech brakes that couldn't stop me at all (yeah, I hit trees and went off course all the time), to these! What's really good about them is they are not like XT or XTR where if you grab too quickly, you fly over the handle bars. These act more like anti-lock brakes for a car. Since I'm more of a novice, they work better for me. For the price though, you can't go wrong.
Charlie T Used a set of Saint M820's at Whistler BC late summer of 2013 and fell in love. Truly effortless one finger braking, same power as the old Saints: enough to fully lock up on the gnarliest terrain even with this 100KG rider aboard, yet better modulation than I've ever felt in an MTB brake, and incredible heat management, absolutely fade free for the entire day of lift accessed goodness at the most iconic bike park in the world. The price for the Saints, however& leaves a bit to be desired. So, I did my research on the Zee. Turns out it is the same brake in every measure except tool-less lever reach (can still be adjusted with a 4mm allen) and bite point adjustment, yet you get 2 for just over the cost of a single Saint brake. Bought a set, and haven't looked back, and a second set is on the way. At the Merlin set price these are the best brakes available on the market $ for $. Grab them before they go up!
Rob S Awesome brakes! Had them paired with avid disks and were good but not great! Now paired with Zee rotors and they stop beautifully! I have them on a XC Full suss as I'm a "heavier" rider (c100 Kg) The feel is very easy to get used to and bleeding is a treat compared with my old Avids! Recommend them to anyone!
Tom Great brakes, huge amount of stopping power and lots of contact area means they don't feel at all grabby or sharp. I've fitted them to my 'downhill hard tail' and they make great match. I'm using them with a non-Zee rotor. My set arrived with a perfect bleed through on the front brake, but felt pretty spongy on the rear so I re-bled them - these use the new Shimano reservoir thingy that screws in to a bleed port rather than the older system where you just poured oil in to the bath on the levers.
Mr Ginis Freaking amazing!!!!!! Sooo much stopping power, why would you spend the extra and get Saints when these will pull up a raging bull. At this price, do yourself a favour and get a set for your whip.