Sub £100 – 5 ⭐ Road & MTB Upgrades

Looking for that extra little something to improve your riding experience? Check out our relatively cheap upgrades which can improve your comfort, practicality and even speed. These products all have 5 Star reviews on our website from customers who purchased from Merlin.


New road tyres can reduce the chance of a puncture and improve grip and handling – yes, new tyres can work wonders! MTB tyres can offer more grip, better power transfer and improved ride qualities.


⭐Michelin Lithium 2 Tyre £11.75

⭐Pirelli P Zero 4S Folding £39.59


⭐Schwalbe Nobby Nic Plus Tyre £28.99

⭐Maxxis High Roller 2 £34.99

Torque Wrench

One tool which can prove priceless for the home mechanic is the torque wrench. Fit components to manufacturers torque settings to avoid causing damage to the part or your bike.

⭐Topeak Combo Torque Wrench £13.00


Riding with specific shoes and pedals can transform your ride. Reliable, hard-wearing Shimano pedals combine great value and a long service life.


⭐Look Keo Classic 2 Pedals £25.99

⭐Shimano 5800 Carbon Pedals £65.99


⭐Shimano M520 SPD Pedals £21.95

⭐Shimano MX80 Flat pedals £49.95


Fixing and looking after your own bike gives a greater understanding of how the bike works as well as saving workshop costs and reducing time when your bike is out of service.

⭐Bikehand Toolkit Shimano £39.95


Specific clothing dramatically increases comfort whilst on the bike. Great value, high performance clothing is available to meet all price points.


⭐Merlin Castelli Short Sleeve Jersey £80.00

⭐Altura Womens Synergy Gilet £12.50


⭐Troy Lee Design Ace 2.0 Gloves £22.75

⭐Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet £89.99


Specific shoes can really transform your riding experience, both on the road and mountain biking. We stock the biggest and best names in cycling shoes – here are some true 5 star bargains!


⭐Sidi Kaos Road Shoe £99.00

⭐Spiuk Rodda £44.99


⭐Giro Terraduro Shoes £89.99

⭐Spiuk Rocca £35.95

Bar Stem

Stem and handlebars control comfort for your arms, neck and back, aswell as making sure that the controls for braking and gear changing are close at hand.


⭐Deda SuperZero Handlebar £53.99

⭐Deda SuperZero Stem £44.95


⭐Easton Havoc Alloy Riser Bar £54.95

⭐Renthal Apex Stem £71.99

Brake Blocks Pads

Braking performance is largely governed by the performance of the brake pads and blocks. As they wear down, they can get foreign objects lodged in the surface, which can lead to the grinding down of the rotor or rim. Once bedded in, new pads vastly improve braking.


⭐ BBB BBS-02 Brake Pads Cartridge £15.95


⭐Shimano Resin Brake Pads BR-M775 £11.69


Everyone has different size sit bones and different requirements from a saddle. Contrary to popular belief, more padding doesn’t always mean more comfort.


⭐Fabric Scoop Radius Elite Saddle £40.45

⭐Pro Turnix Ti Saddle £19.99


⭐Astute Mudline VT Saddle £64.00

⭐Charge Spoon Cromo Saddle £16.79


Worn cleats can lead to accidental unclipping and painful knees through the excessive extra movement in the pedalling action.


⭐ Look Keo Cleats £9.50


⭐ Shimano SPD Cleats £8.99

Cassette & Chain

The drivetrain on your bike will wear through regular usage. Check chain wear regularly and replace chains when needed to avoid having to change the cassette and chainrings too.


⭐Shimano 5800 Cassette £33.95

⭐KMC 11 Speed Chain £17.99


⭐Shimano SLX HG81 Cassette £28.99

⭐KMC X10 Chain £17.50

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