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Shimano MX80 Saint Flat Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Shimano MX80 Saint Pedals

This item was discontinued 6th June 2018.

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Code: PDMX80
Shimano PD-MX80 Saint pedals, top of the range flat pedal from Shimano.

New wider (+3mm), lower profile (-8.5mm) Saint flat pedals replace the MX30 and come with an easy replacement pin system. They retain the same axle and concave ergonomic platform as before.

  • New lower profile design
  • Market proven axle durability
  • Replaceable pins available in two lengths
  • Two tone finish
  • Size: 9/16"
  • Weight: 492g (pair)


Perfect pedals for casual trail riding. The design prevents the foot from sliding out of the pedals. I use them on my fat tire bike and on my hybrid bike.
Excellent Quality. I have these on several bikes. Good grip without being too aggressive.
Nice feeling through the shoes, it also feels large under the feet. Pretty light for a DH
Great pedal, another quality product from shimano, light and wide, your feet never move around with these pedals
2nd pair of these pedals , absolutely bulletproof. Recommend removing the washers for extra grip
Exactly what I was expecting. Good packaging. Great pedals. Easy install. The studs aren't super aggressive until you remove the washers.
I was very impressed with these. Supplied with removable pins and a 3mm torx key, they were thinner than I imagined and not overly heavy, only had a little play with them so far but there worlds apart from my V8 Copies I previously had on my XC bike and looks like they will last a life time.
Awesome pedals and a value price. Light weight and adjustable pins are great for keeping the feet where they belong
These pedals are rock solid. I removed the washers from the pins for extra foot stability. I've ridden with these four times and they have already stood up to a beating with no sign of wear, aside from a mud bath or two. Would buy again if necessary.
Great set of pedals. Feels solid, looks gorgeous and pedals. It is 500grams , so shy away if you're building a rig under 26 lbs, but anyone else should give it a go
Grip well and make the ride more comfortable. Love the silver and black look.
Great pedals. Seem pretty heavy duty. You need to take out the spacers to get the best traction.
This pedals not only look good, but also are the most conformable pedals to use, I really recommend this product to all mountain bike riders.
Nice and comfy, look good, pins could be a bit longer, took out washers, definitely going to buy longer pins.
Great pedals. Solid build with adjustable grip levels. Not the lightest or thinnest, but they are rock solid!
Order arrived in NC, USA in 7 days. Installed and rode the next day with Teva Links shoes. Pedals were super grippy and held well through gravel grinding, single track ascending and downhill. Much better than my last set of flats and no pedal strike issues. Removed the spacers and added extra pins that were included as recommended. Very happy.
Spot on solid offering from Shimano, for freeride/downhill. The pins are supplied with spacers that allow fine tuning of the grip and a 3mm torx key is supplied to make this easier, the pins themselves are even supplied with locktite so they shouldn't budge for a good while! Amazing price for these pedals from Merlin and awesome speedy service as usual- arrived in less than 24hrs. Crazy good!
A couple of rides in and these are brilliant, a wee bit of adjusting of the pins got them perfectly comfortable and they grip like nobodies business. They also look fantastic, far better in real life than the pics.
This is top quality pedals, build to last. Grippy and smooth. And look cool! Comes with pins, washers and tool to install them. My advice, install pins without washers, it will give you even more grip. I use them for cross-country and downhill so far I enjoy them, it was a great investment.
Pedals are good, if you take washers out you will get perfect grip, they are a bit chunky/big but good for me.
Excellent product. This was actually my 2nd order. Will purchase again in the future.
Not sure if it is fair for me to review these since I am not a DH'er nor even an MTB'er. I choose them for a touring platform and couldn't be happier. Great wide base and for me the somewhat larger offset from the cranks was ideal for my 14 EEEE (US) shoes. Absolutely no problems, however, I don't go airborne nor do I wish to....Merlin's price couldn't be beat here in the states and included very prompt shipping.
Quality pedals at a good price. Great grip, very smooth bearings and look nice too.
I have wide feet and these are the only pedals I've ever found that my feet feel stable on. Excellent product and I would recommend to anyone.
It's like having clip in pedals! Only issue, if you crash, these leave a nice mark! I'm using shimano's AM41 shoes with these, they go together nicely.
I really like these. Good size and grip well. Look nice too.
The Saints are great pedals. Really well made, with a good surface area. I removed the spacers from the grip screws before fitting to make them longer. They are light, and super grippy, even in very wet conditions. Highly recommended. They are similar to the DMR V12 Mags I had performance-wise, but have a classier finish. They compliment the bike nicely. Don't hesitate to buy them!
Absolutely brilliant pedal. I thought I would need to remove the spacers to make the bolts longer, but even on the default length they stick to everything - trainers, shoes etc. I will probably lengthen them for the trail however.
Great product, this is the top platform pedal ever!
Nice wide platform with adjustable pins, if you remove the washers. They provide plenty of grip when matched with a decent pair of shoes (5ten's in my case). They sit further from the crank arm than most pedals reducing heel rub. Nice looking too.
A nicely put together product that after 2 initial rides still looks out the box. It also comes with extra pins to replace as originals get smoothed off from rocks and the like. Solid choice.
Excellent. Can't believe how much grip you get having come from clipless pedals.
Excellent DH pedals. Slightly heavier than my old ones, but sturdy and smooth to ride with.
Awesome pedals for the more aggresive rider can handle some hefty stone bangs
Excellent pedals, good grip, solid, well made, great two tone design. The pedals come with washers on the pins, most people will want to remove the washers making the pins stick out further and giving even more grip.
Great pedals. Have used DMR V8s in the past but these have the edge in my opinion - adjustable length pins and look better. Fantastic grip - I use them with a pair of Shimano AM41 flat shoes.
The standard in platform pedals. The pins are definitely on the short side as assembled, but they come with spares and you can remove the spacers/washers to make them longer.
Look and feel indestructible - great grip with what feels like quality bearings. Great price too.
Happy with these pedals. They have a quality feel & are large & sturdy. Used only once so far at Cannock Dog / Monkey trails with much more confidence than my spd's that have caused me to fall a few times over the years. Will remove the stud packing washers to get longer studs for extra grip.
Nice piece of kit. Rode the climachx at Machynleth didn't lose a footing all day. Look good too .
Used these pedals at Whistler last year on a rental and was super impressed. Great grip, low profile, but plenty of platform, and I didn't have to think about them one single time which is worth its weight in gold on big lines. Can't beat the Merlin price either.
Really happy with these pedals, they are wider than a lot of other pedals, which is good for those of us with big feet. They also have noticeably more grip than my previous pedals. I highly recommend these pedals!
Excellent pedals, great adjustability on the pins and a large surface area, they stick out a little more than my older pedals as well which allows me to position my feet better without hitting the crank, wish they came with spare pins though so top score, have another pair that I have used for a while as well and these ones were for my girlfriend because she liked the feel of them so much compared to her V8's
Great flat pedals, even come with spare pins and spacers so you can adjust the length of the pins.
These are my first flat pedals in years I've been using spd but fancied a change on my trail bike. The finish on these pedals is excellent. I was torn between these and the hope f20. I went for these purely for the lower cost and wasn't disappointed. I was surprised how light they are for such big pedals. I removed the washers under the pin bolt heads to make the pins a little longer. Good grip, light, look trick and a great price. Plus the usual first class service from Merlin.
Excellent pedals for the money. Nice platform design , support good , pins do need washers removed for best grip... Just watch your shins though! Spindles and bearing turn well, should last being Shimano. Next day delivery from Merlin as usual. V. Happy!
Great pedals. Stable platform, the slightly concaved shape is very comfortable and secure. The grip on the pins is very good and the pin length (and grip) can be increased by removing the washers. Although I have not found this to be necessary. I am still using the earlier version DX pedals on my very old bike and the bearings are still smooth, so I expect the MX80's will also last a long time.
Nice pedals and I like the adjustable pin height. Only negative is the axle creates a bit of a lump at the centre. Good price though!
Awesome pedals! If you are a flat pedal guy like me, I couldn't imagine a better pedal for the money. Great fit / finish, the included replacement pins are an extra cherry on top of these delicious pedals.
Top notch pedals - good grip and feel well built. The saint pedals are spot on (you just need to undo the pins and remove the washers to get more grip, (only takess 10 minutes). Arrived quickly - all good. Cheers
A great product. I will never go back to clipless now that I have this pedal and some sticky rubber shoes. i can climb and jump better than ever. Its more fun as i have more confidence and more control. Just jump on and give everything a go. Well built, designed and priced
Bought the MX80 Saints to replace inferior stock pedals on my new Trek District. Perfect, in that I wanted a more generous pedal with good grip. Colour matches the District, also, so I am a very happy chappie!
These are the second pair of these pedals that I've bought after owning the first pair for only a week. Seem to be a really solid pedal which work well with 5.10's good size platform too. My tip it to take the spacer washers out straight away to make the pins a little longer for more grip.
These pedals are great. They're not too heavy, very smooth running, have adjustable hight pins and look fantastic!
I've used superstar pedals for years, thought i'd try something different. At the price these looked like they were worth a go as there's little difference in price between superstar pedals and these Saints. They look the part and have a good size platform which seem to work well with my 5.10's. What I also like is the fact that the axle is a little bit longer, which keeps my feet well clear of the cranks.
These pedals are very grippy and great for my all mountain bike. Out of the box it is a pain to remove all the extra washers to extend the pins. Alot of people complain about weight, but I find that these pedals are not heavy at all and the durability offered is far better than buying super light weight pedals that are machined to the limit. Price wise, these pedals are great value. Merlin offers the best price including shipping and I am satisfied with the amount paid. If you are looking for a good quality pedal with a great price and are not super concerned about weight, these are right for you. They also come in a pretty cool box which is a definite plus.
Quality built/ finished pedal, wider footbed than a V8, comes with tool to remove the pins, all the pins have washers on that can be removed to increase the pin lengths and all pins have thread lock so they shouldn't come loose (esp if you dont remove them to discard the washers as this obviously will remove some of the thread lock) Overall, quality pedal that you wont be disappointed with for the price
Nice flats. Came with some extra pins & bearings look to be well sealed.
Amazing pedals for the great price. Top notch gear and quick delivery.
Beautiful padle ! The best price in the EU!!! Thanks! Merlin !
Great pedals Best price on the internet Fast shipping to the US
Awesome pedals. Not only do they look good but they're super grippy and tough. I smashed one into a rock on its first outting and not a mark! Much better replaceable stud design than most others. Comes with spares which is a novelty! It's all about Saint gear!!
Great pedals at the a great price. I put these on and it completely transformed the feel and control. No more sliding off. The only thing that you should be aware of is if you do manage to slide off one pedal the other one will come around and stab to in the loose leg. My daughter has similar pedals to these and has the scars to proove it.
Great pedals and at the lowest price anywhere even including shipping to the US! I will definitely check these guys out again.
Awesome pedals, removed the washers on the pins straight away to achieve more purchase, they are nice wide pedals and feel like solid platforms for bigger feet. DMR V8s feel small to me, aesthetically they look really good, and they have almost a concave feel to them so you get good grip at either end of the Pedal, unlike some which make you ceel perched on them. Highly recommended and at a great price off Merlin cycles
i wasn't too sure whether i had chosen the right pedals for my hybrid. these seemed to have all the attributes i wanted personally so i gave it a go. absolutely delighted with them. high quality, excellent grip and they look the business on my white and black bike. my concerns about the size and weight of them were unfounded. whilst they are heavier than the recommended hybrid pedals, i dont notice the difference. if nothing, i feel more confident in accelerating quickly. they are also bigger than the cannondale ones that came with the bike but after a couple of days, i got used to them.
Waited for a while to post a review in order to get a decent amount of riding time on these pedals. Now used for approximately 20 hours. Couldn't be happier! I received them without the outboard pins installed, and I immediately installed them with the supplied spacers. Appearances are deceiving, as with the spacers installed the pins seem rather short... But I have yet to slip a pedal and they provide plenty of grip. No need for me to remove the spacers, but I have yet to get them muddy (desert-type riding here in SoCal now). Nice concave surface, smooth-spinning bearings, and no discernible wear yet. Good-looking, top-quality product, and Merlin provided fast, economical shipping to the USA with excellent customer service and feedback when necessary. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again Merlin!
Excellent bit of kit. I bought these for my cyclocross bike - I'm using it for a bit of touring and I didn't want the hassle of carrying around an extra pair of shoes for clipless pedals. These are very grippy, light and have a good platform for stomping down on. It's also incredibly easy to change pins and adjust the height, and therefore the bite, of the pins too. All in, I'm very impressed and happy. They also look fantastic!
An excellent pedal, really grip the shoes with the added pins. Also very smooth rolling with a good big platform, highly recommended.
Well made, very rugged..
Awsome flat pedals. Came with spare stud scews. Very large surface area and look tops.
Excellent Service, great price and high speed delivery. I will for sure return soon for more orders. Got a highly satisfied new customer.