Garmin is the world leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The American company has been making GPS devices for the aviation, marine, outdoor and automobile industry since 1989 so their progression into the cycling market brought with it a wealth of tried and tested product knowledge. From basic handheld devices to wrist or bar mounted versions, there’s a Garmin GPS that’s suitable for your hobby.

Most of the cycling GPS units have a wealth of features and are much, much more than a navigational aid. The ability to record and download training sessions and routes, as well as upload routes on to devices via a computer, can be done very simply with a minimum of fuss. Not having to worry about attaching wires or calibrating devices means you just simply attach the unit to you or the bike, turn it on and off you go, no matter what kind of bike you are on.
The result is an excellent range of cycling products with excellent after sales service and a dedicated website for you to record your training and routes on.



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