There are plenty of reasons why you may be looking for new components. Sometimes you will be replacing a worn out or broken item, in which case you'll be interested in items with improved durability. Other times you will be looking to upgrade and improve the performance or shave some weight off your bike with a new modern shiny component. Sometimes you might just feel like a change, just because. We have an extremely wide selection of road components to choose from but with our side-menu check-box system it's easy to filter it down to the stuff that you're looking for and the items that will be compatible with your existing set up.

  1. Gears & Drivetrain (Road)

    Road Bike Gears & Drive Chain

    Everything to do with making your bike go. From individual jockey wheels through to complete groupset deals. We're famous for our drivetrain deals and well priced componentry.
  2. Brakes

    Bicycle Braking

    From modern dual pivot rim brakes through to the emerging road disc brakes sytems, we have a vast array of big brand brakes to choose from.
  3. Cockpit


    This is where you'll find the majority of finishing kit for your bike. Front end stuff, seat post stuff and pedals. Cockpit and finishing kit is where you can really put the personal touch into your bike build.