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Shimano SLX M675 Shadow+ Rear Derailleur
Shimano SLX M675 Shadow+ Rear Derailleur

This item was discontinued 3rd October 2017.

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Shimano SLX M675 Shadow Plus mountain bike rear derailleur. GS & SGS model
  • Tough, aggressive and light weight Dyna-Sys 10-speed SLX rear derailleur using revolutionary features from XT and XTR at an affordable price point
  • Shimano's new Direct Mount Rear Derailleur system gives more space around the rear frame dropout resulting in easier rear wheel removal but also allows frame designers to shorten chain stays, increase axel sizes and move suspension pivots
  • Shadow Plus features a super low profile design that reduces the risk of damage from trail side hazards
  • Single tension spring prevents contact with the chainstay resulting in a silent ride
  • Shadow Plus uses a chain stabilising switch that when on will reduce chain bounce in rough terrain
  • Direct cable routing prevents snagging from any trail side hazards
  • Alloy and steel construction leads to lower weight
  • Two fluorine-coated link pin bushings aid slick shifting
  • High rigidity wide outer link braces the pulley body to increase pivot joint rigidity
  • Strong return spring for a positive shifting feel
  • Improved cable pull ratio provides a more accurate shift action
  • Dyna-Sys 10-speed compatible only
  • 43T capacity SGS cage
  • Top normal spring uses the spring to select higher gears
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Brilliant clutch derailleur. Silent in use, no dropped chains with 1x10
Usual quick delivery, never had any problems with SLX gear, and this is no different, personally I wouldn't pay the extra for XT
This is a superb upgrade. For anyone looking to upgrade from 9 to 10 speed or just going from Deore to SLX. At this price you can't beat it. Shifts a crisp and buttery smooth and the clutch technology is an added cherry on the top virtually eliminated chain slap on my bike. Awesome product and awesome price.
This derailleur is very well made. Functionally seems on par with XT, the difference is in the weight. Only snafu, is that the SGS is too long for 1X systems, which I did not know until I installed this thing (no fault of the derailleur, simply my mistake). This makes it less smooth that the med cage would have been. I intend to run a RADR cage from OneUp to smooth shifting out, which seems to be a good choice for improving the function of MOST derailleurs running 1X (including the med cage) .
I'm usually sceptical of new technology, this mech is fantastic though. Stops chain clatter, keeps the chain taut and makes for more precise shifting. Doesn't weigh significantly more either.
Clutch is a great feature and my drivetrain is noticeably quieter. Shifting is firmer but fine.
Nothing but praise for this thing, the clutch eliminated all chain slap, and it runs through all 10 speeds without flaw.
Great mech this. It really changes gear you know? I mean, almost on a spiritual level. It works well with my 40 tooth dinner plate too. Lightening service from Merlin as always and a great price.
1st time I've ever used a clutch system mech and I really should have done sooner, its simply that good. Can't recommend it enough.
Fit and forget operation, second one I've had from Merlin at a great price, last about 2 years at moderate use.
Top quality and value for money mech, the clutch mechanism is flawless and a great idea, no more chain guide with a narrow wide front ring. However the jockeys didn't last long at all probably a side effect of the clutch system. Easy enough to replace though so didn't bother me.
Only done a few rides but so far the chain hasn't come off once even over very rough terrain running singlespeed up front with no chain device. Best point is the clutch seems to completely prevent any chain slapping making rough decents quiter and kinder to the frame
I originally bought one of these SLX derailleurs for my wifes bike, but was so impressed that when it came to replacing the 3 year old XT on my bike, I bought another SLX shadow plus. The weight is close to the old XT, but the clutch mechanism has meant that I've been able to ditch the chain retention gadget on my bike this has saved weight and the drivetrain is quieter. This latest generation SLX shifts just as well, if not slightly better, than the previous generation XT. IMO, it's price-performance ratio can't be beaten.
Longer lasting rear mech than XT! Having mangled two XT rear mechs one in heavy mud and one on a root I replaced them with the more workmanlike and sturdy SLX versions. At least with these you stand some chance of having the jockey wheel plates back to get you home....XT alloy ones just snap! Great value, only a couple of grams more and same accurate gear shift every time.
This for me is the best rear mech on the market in its class. I have been running one of these for nearly two years. So I had to get a spare one for my trip to trails outside of the UK. Best price online.
Brilliant, smooth clean gear changes and dramatically reduced chain rattle.
Great price on this clutch mech. Clutch is great at keeping the chain under a bit more control, long cage is a bit prone to getting knocked on rocks, but that's the price you pay to run a triple. Quickly despatched by Merlin - thanks guys!
An excellent derailleur providing precise gear changes & eliminating chainslap via the clutch mechanism. But spring tension causes noticably stiffer down changes compared to a M781 XT derailleur. Possibly too stiff for some people.
Great rear mech, no chain slap or chain drop, great price and you don't need more than this unless you are a pro.
This is a quality product. As with all shimano stuff it works, simply. Slx is a great level - unless you're a weight weenie there's no need to look anywhere else
Very happy with the M675 as it works very well. Shifts like a dream and the clutch stops all that nasty chain slap. Merlin got this product delivered in a fantastical fast time so I could fit and get back on the trails !!
Decided to convert my hardtail from 2x10 to 1x10. Used a wide/narrow chain ring and this clutch rear mech. Performance is great and haven't dropped the chain once. Hard to justify paying any more for a RD, great bit of kit.
The clutch mechanism works a treat on even the most rooty descents. Love it!
Crisp action, easy installation and tuning and the clutch almost eliminates chain slap. Be wary of the plastic lever to engage the clutch, it's not the strongest.
Fantastic. Buy one. I can't understand why Shimano are even still making non-clutch mechs anymore. I've just replaced an XT shadow mech for this SLX shadow + model, SLX is slightly rougher in finish than XT, but who cares for a rear mech? I'm now running 1x 10 with a narrow-wide chainring and a Hope 40 T-Rex extra ring, best set-up I've ever had on a bike.
I bought this as a temp replacement for an XTR shadow that has gone back to Madison under a warranty claim. Apart from being heavier and not having blingy gold bits on, it performs just as well in my opinion. It has made me realise that the XTR wasn`t worth almost 100 quid more. In fact if Madison replace it, I`m just going to sell the XTR unit when it comes back to some other vanity fuelled fool! As usual ftom Merlin, they had it in stock, at the best price with very fast delivery.
Firstly, price was good & delivery was quick. Re the product, the only difference I can see between this and the XT version is in the looks. I would think the XT would be slightly lighter & it has forged or maybe cast alloy parts where the SLX has pressed parts in one or two places. The clutch on these 'plus' models seems to be all it's cracked up to be. I'm running it in a 1x10 setup & I haven't got round to fitting a thick/thin chain ring & there's no chain guide. So far it hasn't lost the chain at all, so the extra tension seems to be doing it's job. All in all, very recommended. Although I might have gone for the XT if budget hadn't been tight I really have no complaints at all.
Brilliant. I bought this to replace my XT shadow mech and was considering getting the XT Shadow+ but couldn't justify the extra cost. I definitely made the right decision! The SLX mech is top quality and the clutch works brilliantly, with no need to use a chain device as chain slap is non-existent and much quieter running too.
Having replaced my old xt mech with this slx one i am more then impressed. The clutch part makes a difference for me, running with a triple up front I was not sure if it would work well but it has. No more jumping chains and hasn't dropped off yet. The extra tension seems to make the gears shift better but that could be imagination.
I find Merlin's website so easy to buy from, prices are very competitive and delivery is rapid. The Shimano SLX M675 10 Speed Shadow+ Rear Derailleur I purchased works exactly as described. Gear changes are smooth, quiet and rapid. Much better than with my two year old XT mech. I have matched this with a wide narrow front change ring and have not dropped the chain once. This item is amazing value for money, I am now purchasing another from Merlin cycles website for my Nuke Proof Mega as a spare for my trip to Moraine later in the year.
Really looking forward to the Shadow+ clutch action on the descents. I replaced an XT Shadow with this unit that used to drive me crazy with chain-chatter on bumpy downhills. The clutch on this seems a lot quieter and yet doesn't appear to have slowed the shifting much.
I bougfht this for my hardtail, which has a single/bash ring up front. What a massive difference the clutch makes. No chain slap, and not dropped the even on steps. Well worth the upgrade.
Great derailleur. Shifting is slightly harder so I had to renew my cables but the lack of chain slap on the trails is superb. I thoroughly recommend it.
Shifts better than the 2 yr old XT shadow mech it replaced. Running on 3x10 and chain slap is very much reduced.
Product is superbly built and finished, can def feel the difference with the clutch on, never take it off now, leave it on and feel the difference as you ride. Gear changes are a bit stiffer but running XT so it was super light, great bit of kit
Really smooth shifting and absolutely silent with the clutch turned on. Hardly any adjustment required when setting up and so far it hasn't skipped a beat. Great product and great price.
At first I was sceptical at how much difference the clutch system would make, but after a quick and easy installation and a quick test ride including a flight of steps I was amazed how quiet my drive train now was, a huge improvement over the Deore mech bashing the hell out of my chain stay! Also with the great service from Merlin it was win win!
Hmmmm Shadow plus, you want it, you really want it, not only does it massively reduce chain drops but it makes your bike really nice and quiet. As an added benefit I am sure that the shifting is better over rough ground.
Gear changing is so smooth now thanks to this mech. The clutch is great and makes for a much quieter ride. The benefits of the clutch makes up for the added weight.
Great mech at an outstanding price. It replaced a short cage Zee mech which I found too short for my gear range. Both shift the same, and the clutch mechanism is amazing. Silence!
Great mech at an astonishing price. Works just as well as my xtr version which snapped after a rock interface. Don't think I'll be spending the extra hundred quid for a bit of weight saving and bearing jockey wheels anymore!
Decent bomb proof rear mech, super smooth and precise shifting haven't tried the clutch feature.
Bought a new steel hardtail frame and decided that I want to keep the chainstay in as pristine condition as possible. Plus feature reduces chainslap and good shifting once tension adjusted correctly
Superb product, the clutch mechanism really works! Swapped a non clutch XT rear mech for this on my full sus bike, and total silence now as the chain never slaps the chainstay any more.
Eliminates chain slap instantly. The only downside is that the lever action is a bit heavier over a standard slx rear mech. Otherwise the usual excellent Shimano quality.
Good performance, deacent weight and no more chain spanking your frame on roots & rocks! Budgetclass - must buy!
Change to this as seemed to be breaking a lot of SRAM mechs of late. Love the clutch mechanism, it really eliminates the clatter and chain slap, and the shifting is very positive. Easy to set up and great value for money, too early to say how tough it is compared to SRAM X9 X0, but it's already survived one off that left my frame bent at the rear triangle, so hopefully looking good.
Great rear Mech, the Clutch works like a dream keeping the chain tight and stops chain slap , very good price from Merlin 5 star service
Needed a new rear much as I broke my XT. Wanted the new Shadow+ after reading good reviews, but decided to go for the SLX version as it was on offer. Amazing bit of kit. With the clutch engaged, there is hardly any noise coming from chain slap and the gear change is just as sharp as the XT. Very happy and I definitely recommend this mech.
New clutch equipped derailleur is awesome! No more chain slap and a much more positive shift.
Upgrade to my cannondale sl5. Easy set up and smooth shifting. Just need a nice off road session to test the shadow+ clutch. This derailleur is aesthetically pleasing!
Most excellent mech and the clutch system is a wet dream come true, no bounce, no chatter, well worth the money !
The cheapest way to experience the latest phenomenon that is "The Shimano Clutch derailleur". As you would expect from the fishing gear makers, it does as the same as the more expensive SAINT/ZEE/XTR/XT,just looking a little bit lower budget. However, it DOES make lumpy rides silent, lost chains a thing of the past, making you feel as if you are riding as smooth as Joe Barnes.... Buy one, you `ll be well impressed