Continental have been making bicycle tyres and inner tubes at their factory in Germany for over 115 years. Read our in-depth blog about Continental here. With an enviable reputation for quality and excellence thanks to their in-depth research and development which takes place in the same facility in Germany. Continental continually innovate products, they also produce a wide range of accessories from rim cement to valve extenders. All Continental products are designed to enhance your road cycling, gravel biking or mountain biking experience.  With options to suit all cycling disciplines, tyre fitments, terrains and all conditions,

We stock everything from top-end handmade tubular and tubeless race tyres, such as the GP5000 used by some of the best World Tour Pro Cycling teams, to durable, puncture-proof commuter tyres, such as the Gatorskin, designed to reliably cope with the demands of every day riding. Continental tubeless tyres and accessories are recognised as high performance, reliable options for Road, Gravel amd MTB riding.