Mountain bikers have a wide array of choices when it comes to gear systems. One, two and three chainrings? 10 speed or 11 speed? Expensive and fancy or affordable and dependable? The good thing is, you're not stuck with what your bike with if you don't to be. It's easy enough to change a drivetrain - whether it's a small tweak or a wholesale switch over - and perfecting your MTB's drive train can be the key to unlocking your full potential.

  1. Bottom Brackets

    Bottom Brackets

    From modern Press Fit designs through to older square taper systems, we stock a comprehensive range of bottom brackets for all bicycles.
  2. Mountain Bike Chainsets


    Single ring setups, doubles, triples or just crank arms. If it's cranky, it's in this lot.
  3. MTB Chainrings


    Big rings, granny rings, single rings, thick-thin, narrow-wide - we've got them all from all the best manufacturers.
  4. Chains & Chain Accessories

    Chains & Chain Accessories

    Chains, powerlinks, joining pins and more for all speeds from singlespeed up to 11 speed.
  5. MTB Cassettes & Sprockets


    Full cassettes and individual sprockets for mountain bike drive trains.
  6. Front Derailleurs

    Front Derailleurs

    Clamp band, direct mount, E-type, top swing, conventional swing, double ring, triple ring - a vast range of front mechs to choose from.
  7. MTB Rear Derailleurs

    Rear Derailleurs

    Traditional mechs, clutch mechs, low profile mechs, long cages, mid-length cages, short cages. For Shimano and Sram systems.
  8. MTB Gear Levers

    Gear Levers

    Shimano Rapidfire shifters. Sram triggers and Gripshift units.
  9. MTB Gear Cables

    Gear Cables

    Inner cables, outer cabling, ferrules, end caps and cable accessories.
  10. Groupsets


    Groupsets from Shimano. Deore, SLX, XT and XTR. Single, double or triple chainring set ups. 9,10 and 11 speed options. With disc brakes and without disc brakes,
  11. Chain Guides

    Chain Guides

    Despite the move to narrow-wide chain rings there are still some aggressive riders who appreciate the security of a proper chain guide device.
  12. Chainset Bash Guards

    Chainset Bash Guards

    Protect your chainring from losing its teeth or getting bent out of shape with a good quality bash guard.
  13. MTB Jockey Wheels

    Jockey Wheels

    When your rear mech jockeys look like ninja throwing stars it's time to replace them. Standard, CNC alloy, ceramic and others.