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Pair Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX II Folding Road Tyre - 700c x 23mm

Black / Blue / 700c / 23mm
RRP: $122.12
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Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX Tyre, 700 x 23, Top of the range folding Vittoria tyre.
Special offer for 2 tyres.
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Code: VIT111.301.15.23
  • Corsa Evo CX is the world`s best-known and most-used Servizio Corse tyre, the choice of champions: exclusive to Vittoria, the 320 TPI polycotton/Kevlar casing confers a uniquely supple ride and exquisite handling.
  • Handmade, like all our Servizio Corse family.
  • Special tread compound for supreme grip in corners.
  • Clincher version of the world's best-known and most-used Servizio Corse tubular provenly the fastest all-round racing tyre available.
  • 700 x 23.
  • Folding bead
  • Special offer for a pair ( 2 Tyres)
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**** on 10/03/2015

Awesome tires at an unbelievable price. I love the fact that I can run these up to 145psi. The only reason for four stars is that they were difficult to mount initially. This was a concern since repairing a flat might be just as difficult. A friend of mine suggested using "tire shine" on the bead, inside the rim, and coating the inner tube. I did, and it works great. But I had to be careful not to get the tire shine on the tread as it would make it slick. Hope this helps someone with the same problem. Great tires!

***** on 23/02/2015

I never thought a tyre would make such difference. New enough to cycling and was unwilling to spend big on tyres with the belief that they were all the same. I couldn't have been more wrong, when you get over the pain of putting them on (tough) these are a brilliant tyre. They roll effortlessly, definitely made my race a little easier to handle. 10/10. Great price as well on Merlin as usual.

***** on 23/01/2015

Awesome tyres. Speed is fantastic on these and no punctures so very happy. Also comfortable.

**** on 30/12/2014

Stylish and has a good grip.

***** on 16/12/2014

Based on several years experience with Vittoria Corsa tyres I would not ride any other for fast rolling rubber.

***** on 07/12/2014

Without doubt open corsa's are the fastest, smoothest rolling tyres I've had. I feel ultra safe when cornering even in the wet, I never feel like they'll fail me or slip under me. 10/10, & Merlin are unbeatable on price for a pair.

***** on 27/11/2014

As a cyclist of 45 years plus I have over the years purchased many many tyres and in my opinion these are the best on the market. To get them as a pair from Merlin at their sale price is just icing on the cake. And I have a sweet tooth. Ride safe.

***** on 16/07/2014

These are great summer tyres. They grip well in the dry and smooth out the road. What you will notice immediately is the low rolling resistance compared to most other tyres. They are thin so I'm not sure how many miles I will get out of the rear. Time will tell

***** on 17/06/2014

Great lightweight tyre with excellent rolling resistance. Surprisingly puncture proof too being so lightweight

***** on 25/05/2014

This is the second pair I have bought for my road bike from Merlin, I planned to use for racing and TT's only but now leave on bike full time, these are so much better than any other tyre I have used. They wear and cut a bit, but no worse than most popular performance tyres I have used, and I am prepared to put up with slightly faster wear for a big change in speed and grip. Fit latex tubes with them for best effect. I rotate the tyres as soon as the rear smooths up a bit as I notice a slight drop in grip on steep and wet scottish roads. I wouldn't use anything else as a summer tyre.

***** on 21/05/2014

I have racing on the Open Corsa series of Vittoria tyres for the last 20 years. I have tried other brands such as Continental and Schwalbe but always return to Vittoria as they are very fast rolling and responsive and grip well in the corners. I usually only get one season out of a pair of tyres before they need replaced but I think its worth it for the ride quality.

***** on 22/02/2014

The Vittoria Open Corsa comes very close to the same feel you get only from riding a fine set of tubular tyres. These are as round and responsive as a tubular, but without the cement! The two package offer from Merlin is a sweet deal.

***** on 15/02/2014

Excellent tyres at a great price, fitted with latex tubes to give the feel of a tubular tyre - very fast, they wear a bit quicker than michelin or conti race tyres but these are a different league - needed a bit of persuading onto campag zonda wheels but well worth it

***** on 21/12/2013

A classic and in the market of clincher tyres, a reputation of one of the best racing clinchers available. I have been using these for the last 5 years, same construction and casing of the tubular, they won`t last as long as other brands but the performance and comfort is unique

**** on 09/10/2013

Only used once since I bought them. Managed my first Cat 3/4 Road Race win, so must be great tyres!!

Seriously, obviously the tyre didn't get me the win, but they did seem to roll nicely and seemed to grip well on cornering. They were reasonably easy to fit (bare hands mainly). Long term review will have to wait until next summer now.

***** on 24/09/2013

Always used these for the summer & Pave for the winter. Nice & light, durable, great grip & I seem to not get too many punctures
A very reasuring tyre to use
Merlin customer service & pricing is 2nd to none as usual

***** on 05/09/2013

Very good grip....reasonbly good on wet roads. Tricky to put on as it's a folding tire. It looks good and is a little harder at 110psi compared to a touring tire. It seems reasonably cut resistant and hasn't shown any sign of wear over a few hundred kilometers.

**** on 27/08/2013

Great ride but questionable in the wet!

***** on 13/08/2013

Good quality, fast rolling tyre that's perfect for racing or roads in good condition. The only downside is the higher wear rate, but to be expected with the high cotton thread count.

***** on 29/07/2013

One of the best Pro tyres, awesome performance. Very comfortable (Shock Absorption). Faster then others (Continental. Michelin, Hutchinson). Great bargain for a good price.

***** on 14/06/2013

One of the best tyres available today, not the most durable, but regarding performance and speed is one of a kind. You will see this tyre on pro team.

***** on 05/06/2013

As always brilliant service from Merlin. Excellent tyres that definitely improve the overall speed of my bike plus the quiality of the ride. I would rate these tyres at least 4 out of 5.

***** on 17/05/2013

A great tyre for Race or summer season Light and fast rolling , Swap back and front after a while to get longer use, excellent service as all ways from Merlin,

***** on 16/05/2013

Super grippy tyre. Great for confident fast descents. Just raced in Majorca and very pleased I made the upgrade.

***** on 11/05/2013

Very pleased with these tyres, comfortable, light and very good traction. You have to try them to understand why they are part of the worlds best tyres.

***** on 08/05/2013

I've had a few punctures and damaged a couple of tyres this year. I saw these tyres being praised on a cycling forum and decided I had nothing to lose by switching. Very good so far, no punctures, no cuts and plenty grip.

***** on 08/05/2013

Great tyres for both racing and social riding. Have used many other brands but find these to be superior for rolling, all round riding qualities and when used with a tyre liner, puncture free.

***** on 05/05/2013

Have been using these tyres for years and IMHO they are the best available. Corner well, superb low rolling resistance and last well. Have tried all the other obvious choices (Michelin, Conti, Schwalbe) and always come back to these. Outstanding.

***** on 04/05/2013

Excellent product best tire in the market good for training and racing

**** on 24/04/2013

Great set of race tyres but don't use these on a regular basis, they will wear out quickly and they do cut up quite easily but that is the trade off for super supple, fast rolling tyres.
Delivery from merlin to Northern Ireland was super quick as usual.

***** on 27/03/2013

Rolling fast and good for climbing

***** on 17/03/2013

Was looking for some new tyres to replace my trusty Bontager race lites, I chose these tyres and boy what a differance they've made. Just done a quick 30 miles with them fitted in the wet, they grip very well indeed and never stop rolling. I will be ordering another pair once these have expired. Very good price as well.

***** on 13/03/2013

This Tyre is the daddy of them all. Ultra Fast.

***** on 10/03/2013

I am just starting to ride on the Vittoria tires, however being able to ride at pressures above 125 psi and worry about the tire is amazing thus far. I really have enjoyed them thus far. I will post later on how well they hold up in comparison to other tires I have used in the past, but right now I can easily say they are the best tires I have ridden.
John P. Clark

***** on 29/01/2013

I have ridden and raced Vittoria tyres for alot of years now, I have tried other brands but always returned to Vittoria, especially the Open Corsa range with the 320 TPI casing as the tyres accelerate, corner and feel excellent, probably the closest to tubular tyres I have experienced. I run the Pave version as a winter / training tyre and these are also excellent.

***** on 26/01/2013

These definitely merit a Five Star rating. In the several years I have been riding them, they have been consistently fast and durable even during our famously hot Arizona summers.

Getting them from Merlin Cycles at a great price gilds the lily nicely.

***** on 29/11/2012

Great price on a very high end tire.

***** on 29/11/2012

***** on 17/11/2012

Absolutely love them. Low rolling resistance with fantastic grip especially in the wet. They may wear out quicker than than cheaper alternatives but are an excellent summer racing tyre.
Good price

***** on 16/10/2012

Quality tyre at a quality price, hopefully time will tell that these were a good choice

***** on 13/10/2012

Light great tyres

***** on 09/10/2012

Bought these on the recommendation of others and have not been disappointed. Roll and stick really well.

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