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X-Fusion Hilo Remote Seatpost is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
X-Fusion Hilo Remote Seatpost
X-Fusion Hilo Remote Seatpost

This item was discontinued 1st June 2015.

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Adjustments height seatposts are improving the way that mountain bikers ride everywhere. All riders can benefit from moving the seat down for added stability on descents or increasing the seat height for climbing. X-Fusion has been manufacturing hydraulic systems for over 10 years so it was natural for us to jump into this emerging product segment. Our goal is to create the most durable, most reliable adjustable height seatpost on the market.


  • Hydraulic design allows for smooth adjustability
  • Double key-way design prevents lateral twisting
  • Passes CEN testing for fatigue and impact
  • Wide range of seatpost angle adjustment
  • Travel: 100mm/125mm
  • Weight: 620g ish
  • OD: 27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6 mm
  • Colours: black
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Not as good as my Reverb on my other bike, but for the money is very good. A good option for 27.2mm frames.
Early days but so far impressed with this - returns quickly from compressed for first 75mm and then takes another few secs for last 25mm but still bedding in. Certainly makes climbing easier and descending is now a real blast. Fitted the remote option - the lever looks flimsy but isn't - leave a little space between this remote lever and brakes/triggers as the rounded end of the trigger catches on them. Fitting is really easy if you assemble as shown in the sparse instructions. Make sure that you use some fibre paste or like on assembly or the saddle will slip (I didn't first time out and it did slip) - I torqued clamp upto recommended limit and although it felt like it was about to strip it didn't.
A great seatpost. As others have said, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one. Much better value than most of the competition. I use the cable remote and it works well. It needs bit of force, but positive and smooth. For me this is a much better option than the lever under the saddle. As soon as the going gets tough and technical I lower. The last thing I want to do is take a hand off the bars. Take your time with the remote installation for good results. The post has some setback, which is hard to find on a 27.2mm post. I ended up with my saddle rails nicely in the middle of their range. Setting the pressure is not easy. You may only need one or two strokes on a shock pump. The needle will not move far off the stop on your gauge. Don't be tempted to check the pressure without pumping it up. The volume is so low you will have lost most of the air. I could not detect any fore/aft rock in the post. There is a little rotational play, but you don't notce this when riding. The post comes up fully very quickly. I never need to pull it up. The last 5-10mm when lowering can take a second or two. This is how I use it:- Fully up- for the road, smooth trails, climbing providing not too technical. Intermediate- rougher trails (most common position) Fully down- steep descents, very technical trails, climbing over stiles, getting on and off. (can just about get feet flat on ground) There are some minor niggles. The instructions are barely adequate, but there is more info on the X-Fusion website. When lowering quickly the post makes an annoying squawking sound. It;s probably just the oil in the damper. The saddle clamp slipped down 2 degrees at the back despite following the instructions regardig torque and Fiber Grip. I don't expect that on a full sus bike. I am nearly at max torque of 20Nm for the bolt. Could be a problem.
not as good as a reverb i have on another bike. even with high air pressure seems reluctant to return. does the job just about.