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Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Lube 120ml - This pack comes with one wet lube and one dry lube. Buy the dry lube and get the wet lube for free
C3 Wet Ceramic Lube
The secret to the C3 Ceramic Wet Chain Lube is its unique ceramic coating that provides incredible durability and long distance performance on all bicycle chains. The innovative formulation in our chain oil also uses Boron Nitride and Fluoro Polymers to ensure ultra low friction for ultimate drive chain efficiency, high performance and durability. The waterproof qualities of Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Wet Chain Lube also means that your drive chain will excel in the harshest of riding conditions.
Looking for long chain oil service intervals and precision gear changes with super low friction reduction? Look no further. C3 Ceramic Wet Lube is packaged in an ergonomic bottle complete with pipette system for easy use and application. It’s also 95% biodegradable and is ideal for Road, Cyclocross and MTB.
C3 Dry Ceramic Lube
C3 Dry Ceramic Chain Lube raises the bar when it comes to providing the ultimate lubrication. It provides total corrosion protection and unparalleled performance in dry, dusty and damp conditions. With added nano ceramic particles and synthetic polymers, C3 Dry Ceramic Chain Lube maximises your power output by reducing metal to metal contact to a ground breaking, low level and provides up to 10 times the performance of conventional chain oils and lubes. The Muc-Off R&D team definitely didn’t cut corners when they brought the future of bike lubes to the masses.
In fact, our team made sure the C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is safe by creating a biodegradable, petroleum free formula so you don’t have to worry about yourself, your bike or the planet. The new C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is available in 50ml and 120ml so whether you’re in the workshop, on the road or hitting the trails, we’ve got you covered.
  • Ideal for Road Cycling, Cyclocross & MTB
  • Provides the ultimate performance in damp, dry & dusty conditions
  • Petroleum free formula for eco protection
  • Ceramic coating for increased drive chain protection
  • Synthetic polymers for long distance performance
  • Incredible durability
  • Pipette system for easy application
  • Dry Lube Includes UV torch to check for 100% coverage
Awesome value and product. Recommend the dry lube.
A little expensive and a little more efficient than ordinary lubes. Muc off claims all their prouducts are biodegradable. Sounds like scientific but who knows
Great lubricant. Great deal also. Lubricant is smooth and quiet. Nothing to complain about.
Amazing deal, would normally pay this for just one. Dry lube makes the chain absolutely silent, clean and relubed every 100 to 200 miles. Wet lube last really well through all weathers.
Works great, unfortunately seal was broken on the dry lube causing it to leak but still happy with the product
Works as advertised :) Smells funny, nice pink color. Used in rainy day, and chain was silent :) Also very good value in this double pack, for wet & dry condition.
!Super value¡ Dry doesnt get messy at all even after considerable riding distance. Havent had a chance to use wet yet, but at this price these are an absolute steal!
Super value. Wet lube can get really black, but suits perfectly for commute bike. Dry lube keeps drivetrain very clean and seem to last 2~3 rides without problem (50~100km each ride), don't use dry on wet weather though, it will wash off real quick.
Have always used these 2 for my chain lube needs. Now that it comes with 1-for-1 offer, it's a no-brainer.
Good value pack for high quality chain lube. Quick shipping to Sweden.
The best lube in the market!
Muc-Off have great products and 2 for the price of one was irresistable! As usual, impeccable service from Merlin- Just Fast!!
Maybe the best lube I have used, especially the wet one
Nice lube. Lasts long in dry condition and stays clean
Very good quality chain oil.. combination is very cost-effective!
Long-lasting, simple application, nice UV light included. Highly recommended!
Awesome value for money the only expensive part is the shipping cost to my country but other then that the price is 10/10. The dry lube has very good penetration power to fit into the chain rollers but I would recommend to wipe off excess lube from the crankset, the lube can really take a beating in damp conditions with mild water contact. The Wet lube is one of the best I have seen, its a bit thick but it still has good penetration but I would recommend you clean your chain really really well before applying the wet lube.
Great Lube, never use anything else.
I have been using Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry Lube for a while; it helps to protect my bike chain and consistently gives me a smooth ride.
Superb lube, easy application, durable under heavy usage
Top Price! Really useful the uv light to see where you put the lube!
Good price for the twin pack. You get a little UV torch which my kids love as it makes glow in the dark stuff really glow!
Highly recommend. I have dry weather and wet weather bikes set up all year. The wet weather lube works well all year round but can attract dust and dirt so I prefer to use the dry weather lube when it's dry. Be careful using the dry one in the rain though as it washes out rapidly
Great lube, stocking up for summer, as always great service from Merlin
The ceramic dry lube is my go-to chain lube. The wet one is a bit too thick for me though.
Best lube I`ve used so far. Doesn`t fade too fast when you ride and sticks to the chain in tough conditions. I used it for road and MTB applications.
Awesome, easy to apply, doesn't come off when you wash the bike, and great price
The chain seemed smoother and quieter after applying .
Best lube and best price hands down
Really good package, everything you need for all year
What can I say - does what it's supposed to. Easy to dispense, no mess, cleans off easily. Nice with the UV light included - makes it easy to see if all is covered.
Works like it supposed to and leaves a nice smell on/from the chain. The UV-light I think is more of a gimmick!
One of the best chain lubes in the world, using it for over 3 years, and still think it's the best you can get.
Was using GT85 to lube chain. Read some reviews that actual chain lube was better (who knew?). Only used the dry lube so far as weather in UK has been awesome for a couple of weeks. Practically no noise from the drive train compared to GT85. Definitely worth the change.
Great product, cleaned out my chain and applied dry lube. Shifts better and sounds less noisy
This is just the ultimate chain lube
Excellent lubes. Easy to apply only where needed & cleans off easily too for a sparkly drivetrain. At this price, you can't go wrong!
I was after a tube of the C3 wet lube (having used the "vanilla" wet lube with great results) - seemed rude not to take the wet/dry mixed pack and be ready for the beautiful Scottish summer (stop laughing) next year too. Seems empirically slicker than the vanilla - time will tell how it holds up though.
What can you say. The Dry is perfect for the dusty tracks of Oz. The Wet, well we'll have to wait for some rain.