The Dirty Little Scrubber Chain Cleaning Tool
The Dirty Little Scrubber Chain Cleaning ToolThe Dirty Little Scrubber Chain Cleaning ToolThe Dirty Little Scrubber Chain Cleaning Tool
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Juice Lubes The Dirty Little Scrubber Chain Cleaning Tool


Cleaning your chain properly is one of those jobs that is quite simply a bit of a pain in the ass. And like all jobs that are a bit of a pain in the ass, they don’t always get done as often as they should. In the case of your filthy chain, this can mean premature drive train wear, poor shifting and not enjoying your ride as much as you should. So you need something to take the pain out of chain cleaning; and here it is! Our Dirty Little Scrubber is a hand’s free, chain cleaning tool that is happy to get to work quickly whenever required with minimum mess or fuss.
  • Hands Free
  • Helps prevent excessive drive train wear 
  • Cleans chain with ease 
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It works, to a fashion. You have to faff about a bit to get the spindly wheel going, and it'll stop when it wants. But the front one always spins ok. Use in conjunction with Dirt Juice and your chain will be sparkly clean (when the little scubber works fully)
It Does work but is a little bit fiddley. Used it once and will probably use it again but there are better options out there that are a bit more expensive
Seems to work well, not a lot of experience with other options. I suspect that it might be better designed for 7/8/9 speed chains as the front spinners doesn't easily engage on the 10 speed chain.
A chain cleaner came as a late purchase for me, should have done it sooner, easy, quick and hassle free. The only problem I had was clipping it to the rear mech, it wouldn't stay put and resulted in fenwicks spillage. However if you use a chain keeper (another should have got sooner item) it sits without a problem.