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    Mountain bike (MTB) pedals

    Do you ride spuds or flatties? If you don't know what we mean then let us explain. Spuds is a nickname given to clipless pedals. The name is derived from Shimano SPD pedals. Flatties simply mean flat pedals. There are few variations of clipless pedal. Not only do different companies make different designs, but even within the same brand there are different pedal designs. At the XC end of the spectrum there are minimalist pared-down designs. At the trail and DH end of thigns there are pedals with support cages around the mechanism. Flat pedals can be thick or thin. With all pedals the type of bearings used is important. Good bearings cost money. We stock pedals from Shimano, Crank Brothers, Time, Hope, Wellgo, e.Thirteen and many more.