Fiets Magazine Review of 2015 Sensa Calabria

Renowned Dutch cycling magazine ‘Fiets‘ has reviewed the 2015 Sensa Calabria. Here’s what they thought.

“What a nice thing the Calabria is! It is a feast to turn, to drive past a shop window and change gear. The “zzzt!” of the Di2 is accompanied by carbon-echo sound of “Klak!” This is part and parcel of it┬ábeing such a racer’s bike.

“The Calabria may not be super comfortable, because the frame is super stiff. The Supra saddle dampens road shocks a lot though. And the Supra SSL wheelset is a nice mix between compact and classic.

“The Calabria has a natural race geometry with no extreme sitting position.

“A fast frame with the look of a time trial bike – but optimised for everyday use. With close-fitting front forks, aero stem and flat side profile. There is as much as possible concealed from air drag.”

fiets magazine review sensa calabria

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