Review of the Lemond Revolution Trainer

Our tame road racer Bex Rimmington takes the well-renowned turbo trainer for a (stationary) spin and gives us her verdict…

With the remnants of hurricane Gonzalo reaching the British Isles, it was good timing that I was asked to write up my review of the Lemond Revolution Trainer (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists). It allowed me to dodge stray branches and gale force winds.

lemond revolution trainer rider

It’s fair to say that during the winter months I spend a large amount of time on my turbo to allow me to get some quality sessions in whilst it gets darker early and the weather is not always the best.

I’ve used a mixture of indoor trainers from Tacx Galaxia Rollers and the Cyleops Fluid Trainer, so it was great to finally get on the Lemond after hearing such good reviews on them.

Full specification

  • HIGH INERTIA TECHNOLOGY (HIT) – Larger flywheel adds inertia with a wider range of resistance.
  • EASY ON, EASY OFF DESIGN – Simply remove your back wheel and attach your rear dropouts to the spindle.
  • FITS ALL ROAD BIKES – Fitted with a Shimano-11sp freehub and Compatible with all Shimano and SRAM 10 speed systems with spacer kit provided. Campagnolo adaptor available.*
  • PROGRESSIVE WIND RESISTANCE – Resistance progresses with your speed, creating a smooth pedal stroke with no lag.
  • MORE STABLE FRAME – Won’t flex and lets you ride out of the saddle.
  • GREAT FOR MOUNTAIN BIKES – Simply remove your back wheel.
  • Length: 50.8cm.
  • Height: 45.7cm.
  • Width: 61cm.
  • Weight: 14.5kg.
  • Maximum user Weight 113kg.

lemond revolution trainer product shotReview

I think the first thing to note is that if this is just going to be your trainer for winter nights at home, then it is an ideal bit of kit, but the first potential problem I had was that it is not folding – so if I was going to races with it, juggling space in your car to fit bike, kit bag and trainer will be needed to allow it to be strategically placed.

Having said that it now takes the hassle of swapping wheels in and out, so if you were at a race and need to put a disk in for a time trial it is most definitely a lot less faff!

Another unique selling point of the Lemond trainer is that it is a lot easier to climb on to as the saddle stays at the same height as if you were riding on the road, with other trainers and the need for riser blocks it can often leave you standing on tip toes trying to reach the saddle.

So onto the session…

lemond revolution trainer bike mounted

I now completely know why people rave about these trainers!

The best way to describe it would be to say it has the smoothness of rollers with the resistance of a turbo. I’m sure most turbo riders will agree that sometimes you can be doing a session and unexpectedly the resistance on the rear roller can suddenly change, which means a quick change in gear, and then it slackens off and you end up having to change back again – with the Lemond there was none of this and it was ‘smooth as’.

I had the trainer linked with my power metre with the data showing on my ANT+ Garmin 500 so I got a read out throughout, allowing me to concentrate on various aspects of training, e.g. power, cadence, time.

I wanted to see how the trainer would hold up to a few sprints in terms of its stability and resistance – again have to say superb.

It’s very much as if you are doing a standing start and you have to give it that initial kick to get on top of the gear, then once on top and you spin out that’s the time to change. There was no slipping, and no jerkiness that feels like you are stomping on some standard turbo trainers.

Personally I was quite surprised how smooth this trainer was compared to my fluid. It is a fair bit noisier so if you are doing early morning sessions you might need a garage or give your family ear plugs so you don’t wake them – it’s a bit like a jet engine taking off (either that or it was just my immense power right?)

If you position the trainer right as well you can also get a ‘fan like’ draft which helps to keep you cool and reduce sweating during those tough efforts.

lemond revolution trainer cat


Given the opportunity to purchase one of these trainers for the winter months – absolutely!

Like I say the only downfall was the fact it didn’t fold, but the fact it takes the stress out of juggling wheels and allows for a smooth, consistent training session it definitely outweighs the negative – looks like I’m going to have to re-arrange packing my car in future.

Lemond Revolution Trainer in the Merlin Cycles store.

Above is an ‘unboxing’ video of what’s in the box.

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