Sensa 2015 road bike range highlights

Details of the three star bikes in the range – Aquila SL, Giulia and Calabria – plus a brief rundown of a few other notable models.

The big news for 2015 is the addition of two all new carbon frames, Aquila SL and Calabria, to compliment the popular Giulia at the top end of the range.

Dutch bike brand Sensa may not be a well known name in the UK but they have been designing and making bikes for 25 years with a loyal following in their native Holland.

They make bikes for practically all cycling disciplines keeping up to date with current designs, technology and materials. Not only do the bikes ride well but they are also incredible value for money.

There’s also the option to upgrade the spec of your bike at time of purchase to get the groupset, wheels and finishing kit of your choice.

The Aquila SL is the lightest carbon frame made by Sensa and the sloping geometry frame has been designed for long days in the saddle with plenty of climbing.

The Calabria is an all-new aero tubed frameset with bladed seatpin (as opposed to the previous integrated versions).

The Giulia remains unchanged with both the standard and lighter Supremo versions requiring a cosmetic change only. Tried and tested. Proven.

All three frames feature monocoque construction with 1.5 headtube and matching full carbon fork unique to each model. All are Shimano Di2 electronic-shifting compatible. There’s full internal cable routing whether running mechanical or electronic shifting. A PF86 bottom bracket. Optimised geometry and tubing dimensions for each size.

sensa aquila sl


Sensa Aquila SL

Lightweight Gran Fondo

The Sensa Aquila SL is the lightest frame in the Sensa road range making it ideal for any long rides-  especially if it’s hilly. The frame has been developed for European Gran Fondo type events with lots of climbing and lots of miles where light weight, as well as comfort, is a must.


The sloping geometry frame is a combination of Generation 6 Carbon with Zero Void Curing technology resulting in a lightweight frame which is stiff, durable and reliable. Extra comfort comes from the Flexy Stays and slim seat post. Geometry and tubing dimensions are optimized for each frame size.

The Aquila SL is Di2 ready and has full internal cable routing whether using mechanical or electronic shifting. Its big PF86 bottom bracket is compatible with double, compact and triple cranksets depending on your needs.

A whole new Supra Full Carbon Monocoque Gen6 Salita SL fork with 1.5 headset complements the frame perfectly with its sleek profile.

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sensa calabria

Sensa Calabria

The Aero Bike

The Sensa Calabria is the all new aero frame in the range which has been designed for speed with many aerodynamic features.

Differing from previous incarnations, it now has an aero seatpin as opposed to an integrated one making it much more adjustable.

The frame uses Monocoque Generation5 – UD Carbon Fibre – Aero tubes for stiffness and lighter weight and is Di2 ready with internal cabling regardless of mechanical or electronic shifting. The large PF86 bottom bracket is compatible with double, compact and triple cranksets making it a versatile as well as fast bike.

The Supra Full Carbon Monocoque Gen5 Aero STR8 1.5 fork is also custom designed to complement the frame making this a fast package.

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sensa giulia supremo

Sensa Giulia

The perfect all rounder

The Sensa Giulia is the perfect all-round carbon framed road bike bringing you the best in what’s currently available in road racing. It remains unchanged for 2015 and there’s a good reason for this – it doesn’t need changing!

Rave reviews in the UK and across Europe and many satisfied owners make this the most popular bike in the carbon range.

The frame is again available in two versions; the standard Giulia and the Supremo. The main difference is that the Supremo uses a different carbon (Gen6 as opposed to Gn5) so is lighter than the standard but apart from that the geometry and design is identical. Both frames are a monocoque– Zero Void Curing – UD Carbon Fibre – SL lay-up packed with features, from the areo-style headtube to the full carbon dropouts, making them light, stiff, durable and reliable.

Geometry and tubing dimensions are optimized for each frame size on both models. Each model also features a matching Supra Full Carbon Monocoque Gen6 or Gen5 (depending on model) 1.5 – SL Lay-up fork specific to the frame.

All Giulia’s are Di2 compatible with full internal cable routing for either electronic or mechanical shifting. The massive press fit PF86 bottom bracket is compatible with double, compact or triple chainsets making this the most versatile bike in the carbon range.

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Other notable 2015 models

Two highlights from the rest of the vast range include the Trentino – a completely new lighter alloy frame and carbon fork version – and the Lombardia – a new lighter carbon frame and fork.

sensa lombardia

There have been price drops across the rest of the range with existing models given new colour schemes and many also getting groupset upgrades at no extra cost.

The chance to upgrade groupsets at time of purchase is still available on most models while the ‘Custom’ options are versions built to a keenly priced spec.

sensa logo 2015

Have a delve around the 2015 range of road bikes from Sensa

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