What’s in the Shop Part 1

Welcome to a new series of blogs entitled What’s in the shop.

Each week we’ll bring you the pick of goods – both road and mountain bike – that you can have a look at in our lovely shop.

Don’t worry if you’re not local though as most of what we’ll be reviewing will be available online also.

So what are we talking about this week?


Tour De France

This year more than any Britain has not been able to escape the excitement of the Tour de France. To some of us it’s been even bigger than the World Cup.

So why not celebrate in style with some official TDF merchandise like these colourful tops?

You can now ride along looking like the King of the Mountains or the leader of the Tour. If you don’t fancy using it on the bike then feel free to wear it to the pub or whilst you’re propping your feet up watching the race.



Etxeondo – 60% off! (Shop only)

We have limited selection of Etxeondo clothing for sale in our shop at an amazing 60% off.  These are all samples used by the sales team and have never been worn.

Etxeondo are every bit as good as all the top end clothing manufacturers as you can tell by the RRP’s but luckily we’ve got them all in the sale.

You can of course get the none-demo stock online for a still bargainous 40-50% off.



Frog Bikes

We have recently branched out into selling a range of Children’s bikes and here’s some of the latest offerings from Frog.

Prices start at £100 for the small Tadpole (pic above) and climb to £280 for the Frog 73 aimed at 12-14 year olds. Look out for the flyers in local shops and homes in Buckshaw Village for an extra 10% off.



Crank Brothers Wheels

Save between 46% and 71% on these Crank Brothers Wheels.

Fantastic value for a very high end set of wheels that will not only perform well but also look that extra bit good.



Sidi Shoes Re-Stock

A huge drop of Sidi road shoes have landed at Merlin HQ this week.

They are available online and in our store for you to try on. Great range of colours and styles and prices with 10% – 55% off depending on the model and year.


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