What’s in Your Clearout Box?

We always buy new stuff when there’s nothing wrong with the current item you have and kid ourselves that selling the old one will part fund the new kit.

Don’t deny it, we know you have some kit that you’ve been meaning to sell or donate to a good home but never got round to it.

But we always hold on to that old one for a bit longer than necessary just in case something happens to the new one; yeah like it’s really going to!

We all have our excuses; happy riding memories, will I get that much for it..? I’m sure it will come in handy again sometime, now that I have spare shifters, handlebars and crank I only need a few more parts and I have a bike, the list goes on…

To make you feel better I’ve chosen a few beauties from my clearout box (featured in my recent New Year’s resolutions blog) that I’m getting rid of and why they’re in the box.

See if you can empathise with some of the initial purchasing decisions and why I still have them.

Oval bars

Oval aero bars, base bar and brake levers

I started doing more time trials a few years back and like many am trying to find the best position aerodynamically without sacrificing power. I had several clip on aero bars and wanted to see if a complete aero/base bar system would be any better.

This carbon base bar with integrated carbon aero levers, alloy extensions and build in stem certainly looked cleaner but unfortunately I didn’t get on with them so after a couple of rides they were swapped back to separate base bar and clip on extensions. Definitely not free to good home!

bottle cages

Bontrager bottle cages

These Bontrager bottle cages are going to a good home for gratis. There’s nothing wrong with them, I just used them for a bit and realised I prefer alloy cages as I think they’re more reliable and grip the bottle better. Just need to find a good home.



How do you accumulate so many stems? Working in the bike trade and trying different bikes out sounds very glamorous but also means there’s constant tweaking and changing of small parts to ensure a perfect fit.

I always have a choice of stem lengths spare but it’s only when you have them all in one place that you realise there’s several duplicates to some can now go.


661 freeride shorts

Many moons ago I used to go to Morzine every summer on the downhill bike with a few mates and spend the week scaring ourselves silly on the big alpine courses. Chair lifts meant there was hardly any pedalling needed so it was full body armour, full face lid and as much travel on the bike as we could get.

Fast forward a few years and the downhill bike has gone along with most of the kit but never got round to shifting these freeride shorts. I’ve still got an Intense 6.6 if I fancy some big hit stuff but thinking about it it’s probably safer that I get rid of all those sorts of temptations now I’m older so these have to go. Very happy memories though.


Campag road shifters. mech and calipers

All my road bikes have 10 or 11 speed Shimano, before all the purists jump in my steel Reynolds 753 bike has Campag 9 speed Record and I love it, so 9 speed Campag equipment is a bit superfluous for me.

Saying that I love the shape of the hoods and the shifting buttons so coupled with old 9 speed Shimano bits in the garage could be used for the winter bike and upgrade the stuff on the cross bike. Very little use so in excellent working order.

Needs to go before I change my mind and use it on the winter bike….

Le Col top

Le Col long sleeve white top

This is a happy sale. I bought some stuff during the winter a few years ago and by the time summer came round I’d lost weight so this top is too big for me. Suppose that’s what you get for buying a white top in the winter time, not the best idea when the roads are covered in all sorts of muck.

I should have got round to it this year but forgot when the weather was good enough for people to wear white without it getting ruined. New in bag with tags.

Deuter pack

Deuter backpack

Okay this one is the missus’ fault. I bought her this to use on the mountain bike and for travelling but not long after she took up running so I sold the mountain bike I’d bought her as she never used it.

She also prefers a wheeled bag when travelling and I’m there to lug anything big in my backpack hand luggage so she can travel light with a handbag. Hardly used item, good as new!

BMC top

BMC rain cape

This is another one that brings back happy memories. A few years back we had a boy’s weekend away in Belgium so it was the world cup cyclo cross in Koksijde in the morning and the Ghent Six Day track meeting in the evening. Merriment started at the cyclo cross so by the time we got to the track things were well advanced. There was a stall at the track selling off old BMC kit as they were changing clothing suppliers next season so we all bought stuff in heat of the moment. We all ended up carrying bags round all night including going for beers after. I now have a surplus rain cape in BMC colours suitable for anyone who likes red and black kit. New in bag with tags.


Shimano XTR chainset

You’ll like this one: a few years ago I swapped my car for a mountain bike as both were worth the same value. My mate in a bike shop wanted a new car and I was getting rid of mine so we struck a deal much to everyone’s amusement/amazement.

His bike was actually too big for me which is why I went for it as I knew I wouldn’t keep it. I stripped the good parts of the bike and rebuilt it with cheaper spares I had.

I sold the bike pretty quickly as it was now cheaper and sold of the expensive bits individually. The only bit I have left now is the XTR chainset and BB, hardly used and a bargain compared to the new price.

Spesh sunnies

Specialized sunglasses

I’ve always used Oakley or Giro sunglasses but couldn’t resist these Specialized as they were a Billy bargain. Unfortunately I never got round to using them and having more than enough other glasses am shifting these on. Good present for someone.



Me and a few mates have been talking about a touring weekend, we’re all at that age now, for ages now. Lightweight tent, sleeping bag etc and away we go wherever the road takes us.

I bought this Thermarest inflatable sleeping mat at a military vehicle show without realising it’s a short one so only 75% of my body is on the mat. Thinking about how much I’ll probably moan about this when I’m using it in anger its best, for my mates’ sake, that I shift this on.

I’ve already bought an even lighter full length version so selling this will help fund that. Bought new and never been used apart from trying it out on the living room floor.

Pro aero bars

Pro aero bars

Finding the right aero position, see Oval aero bars elsewhere on this post, can be difficult and there’s quite a bit of trial an error before you find a comfortable and efficient aero position.

I got these bars but couldn’t get on with the wrist position so after a few rides these got changed for another set of flat clip on bars which are surprisingly more comfortable for me. Very good condition.

So… what’s in your clearout box?

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