Schwalbe Pro One Microskin TL-Easy Folding Road Bike Tyre
Schwalbe Pro One Microskin TL-Easy Folding Road Bike Tyre
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Schwalbe Pro One Microskin TL-Easy Folding Road Bike Tyre
A truly thrilling ride. It's fast. It’s reliable. It’s light. The patented MicroSkin construction makes this all possible. - 70 g less weight, 15% less rolling resistance and improved cut resistance all around. This is the absolute top model from Schwalbe!
You can also use the Schwalbe Pro One with a normal tube, but its true strengths are experienced only in tubeless form
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The best tubeless tyre. Fast light and very easy to install.
I love these tires so far. I've been running tubeless tires on my road bikes since 2014 ( my wife's bikes too ). I've had good luck with IRC tires, but these Pro One tires are ( so far ) even better. They hold air better, mount easier and seem faster. Sealant doesn't seem to dry out as fast. I'm slowly switching all my bikes to these, including my wife's HED Jet 6 wheels on her tri bike. Great tires !
So far seem very good, 25mm measure up at 27+ on my Hunt wheels (17mm internal), great grip but only done 1 decent ride on them so far. Good comfort with the size and volume. Mounted up tubeless fairly easily, took out valve core and gave a quick blast from my compressor (just with an air jet nozzle) then finished it with a track pump.
Fast rolling, super grippy, comfortable with tubeless set up at 80psi, but seems to pick up cuts easily.
Excellent tire. Noticeable reduction in rolling resistance from Michelin Pro 4 and more compliant ride. Handling is on par the Pro 4. Works well with Orange Seal sealant - impervious to most punctures.
I wore out my One's and tried these. They're much, much, much easier to put on and are very grippy. I've already bought a second pair for replacement when the current Pro One's wear out or if there's a catastrophic failure. I wouldn't go back unless they wear very quickly.
Fast rolling tyre that I can run at lower pressure than with tubes. 70psi gives a nice smooth ride. Went on easily with some washing up liquid to help the seating on the rim. Early days but hoping for less punctures.
I've not install these yet but have used the Pro One in both 23c & 28c on other bikes and they are great. The 28s I've used off-road with great success. They install easily by hand, no tire levers, and inflated using only a floor pump. Highly recommended.
These tyres are the new easy fit tubeless variety and they are! Used a little soap and water and only needed a track type pump and they seated nicely. First use and they appear to roll well and appear fast.
After wearing out a set of 23mm Pro One's I wanted to try the 25's and found a great deal on them here at Merlin. I was a bit hesitant to order parts overseas to have shipped to the US but everything went smoothly. I received my order in 7 days with free shipping and the tires are great, I doubt there's a better tubeless road tire offered today. The 25's help smooth things out on the rougher roads I find myself on lately so I'm very pleased. I ride a 2013 Caad10 Black Inc with the Schwalbe Pro One's tubeless on a set of 38mm deep/28mm wide Easton ec90sl tubeless carbon clinchers. The ride is amazing running 85F/90R psi, I'm 225lbs.
This is my favorite tubeless tire, but can be a little fragile relative to heavier/thicker tires. Makes up for that with far easier mounting. Takes a few tries to learn the tricks but tubless is the future of cycling.
For a tubeless these tyres were real easy to mount without any tools. The grip is amazing
Great grip, great puncture resistance.... we'll see how long they last though!
I've been running these tyres tubeless with Stans fluid on Reynolds attack rims for 3000+ miles and I've bought this one to replace the rear as it was starting to look a bit thin. They roll well and grip well . To my knowledge I've only had one puncture , but when I pulled the thorn out the Stans did its job.
These tires have not only improved my speed and cornering grip, I've also attracted quite a few fans too! Wherever I ride now, pretty ladies point at me and say, "Wow...did you see those tires? That guy is so awesome!" I'm married, but I have to say, the extra attention adds to my confidence not only as a cyclist, but as a man. This is what it's all about, people. The right set of tires can change our life! :D
Once you know how to maintain these tires, you will love them. Since they are light and thinner, its necessary that you take a small kit to plug the tire if you get a flat. The plug appears to be able to last the life of the tire. I have also done patching inside the tire on larger cuts.
Awesome tyres with my tubeless setup. Used them on Velocity Rims with two runs on Stans Tape and 40ml of stans sealant. Have ridden them for 350km now and they still look brand new. No flat so far, touch wood! They are also value for money, light and responsive. I can't really tell the rolling resistance thing, but they do ride beautuifully. I weigh 63kg and run the front at 65 and rear at 75psi.
Tough to fit, expensive to buy, but fantastic tyres. Well worth it.
Wow! These are just incredible. All good.. These are the best tubeless tires I've ever owned and been riding tubeless for six years.!
No wonder Schwalbe One Pro became so popular. Fast, great grip, low resistance. One downside - wearing a little faster than I would like... but still my number one tire for all my rides.
IMHO, Simply the best tubeless road tire on the market. Have been riding on the earlier versions of this tire for a couple of years now - very quick and sticky in corners. Sensational price and delivery from Merlin
I went for the popular 25mm width to mount on my Am Classic Argent wheels. Had them mounted by my LBS, but will do it myself next time. They mounted without even using levers - easier than most clinchers. They are much lighter and roll faster than the Hutch Intensive I was using. The only issue (hence 4 stars) is that they are bigger than 25 - more like 28+ as measured by the caliper at my LBS. Clearance around my brakes was an issue when putting the wheels back on, but I worked it out. I think I'll try the 23 mm next time and see if they are closer to a true 25mm.
Great tires that fit easy, found the 25mm needed more sealant than the 23mm to seal tight and took a little more time to fit. But all good with both sizes.
Greart tires, really like the road feel and handling. Still determining average longevity but so far seem to return decent mileage.
Excellent confidence inspiring tyres. Fast and appear to corner securely at speed. No issues yet. Pretty comfortable and quick even on 23s. 23-24mm on standard width rims. Not expecting massive tyre tread life which by then I hope to replace with 25s if in stock! Great prompt service from Merlin as usual. Chapeau!
Excellent tyres. Super-easy tubeless installation, grippy, light quick. Don't know yet about longevity, but they're fine after about 200km so far.
Definitely an excellent purchase at $50 a piece. Comparing the Pro One to the original One Tubeless which I have riden for over a year, the ride itself is not surprising. I rather feel that the original One has a smoother ride compared to the new Pro One. Having said that, the Pro One is definitely FASTER, as I have posted personal best Strava times just in the last two weekends.
Using these on Bontrager Aeolus 3 & 5 Wheels, even the 23mm come up at 26mm and fit great. Very easy to mount on the rim just like a normal clincher. Best tip, leave them for a couple of days out the box at room temperature & then they go on easy. As for the ride quality... simply stunning, easy rolling & are super fast. They are a really grippy tyre and I have now fitted them to every tubeless set of wheels I have. Works well with Stans Solution and I added approx 30ml to each tyre, no punctures or rips in the tyres so far after 500 miles in 2 weeks.
Fantastic price, very good service will definitely use again. These tyres are good, less rolling resistance compared to clincher. If you have the right rims definitely go for them. You can get special tape to seal your rims to stop air from leaks to use tubular tyres.
Light, feels great. Doesn't wear so well though, short life span (something like half that of a conti gp11)
So far so good. I upgraded to tubless wheels so hard to gauge. I can't comment on rolling resistance as my new wheels are so much better. I am using 30ml Doc Blue in my tyres and have had no punctures in a few hundred k`s of riding, not something I'd normally expect. I run 6 Bar pressure as I did with conventional clinchers, I weigh 72kg. I have no wet weather experience with them and I tend to avoid riding in the wet. I suspect they could be interesting in the wet! Handling in the dry on my Ultegra wheelset seems good through the twisties. Very little road noise heard from them. Tyre pressure seems to hold pretty good too, top up pressure weekly. They were easy to fit and did not need tyre levers to get them on. Initial pump up can be easy or take a while. Foot pump with some patience works ok. There is a distinctive pop when the tyre seats on the rim during the inflation process. Weighed the two tyres at 224g and 245g. I am sold on these and will buy again.
Light and very smooth rolling. Easy to mount. Will see on durability
Best tubeless road tyre currently
Easy to fit. Good rolling. Won't go back to tubes after these.
I approached this first set of tubeless tyres with a lot of fear and caution having heard all the horror stories about how tubeless are hard to fit, near impossible to inflate with a regular pump, messy sealant, heavy tyres ect ect. I shouldn't have been worried. Yes they were a bit of a stretch to put on my WH6800 Ultegra rims but only a tad more difficult than the Vittoria Pro's I have before, they also instantly blew up and seated with a regular floorpump. They seem so much more plush to ride than my previous tubed tyres and generally seem to roll very nice. So far i'm very impressed and don't think I'll be changing back to tubed tyres in the future.
Got these for summer wheels, so not used them yet. But, having used Hutchinson Fusion 3s so far, I can vouch for the fact that the TL-easy badge holds true. Not as easy to mount as a standard clincher but the easiest tubeless tyre yet! Waiting to see how well they hold air but already looking forward to using them.